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02/19/2021 13:10:13 •••

Nice visuals, poor plot

It is amazingly clear that love has been put in the art. The action is well-paced, the colours are nice and especially the opening sequence (in good old 2D) and the bad guy's prison breakout are eyecandy. I think this movie is worth a watch just to see how fast and dynamic the action scenes are and how much fun the animators have with composition.

But there is a story. A story about a panda named Po who idolizes five legendary kung fu fighters and joins them because he is The Chosen One (sort of) and is to master the secret technique on the dragon scroll. I'm going to spoil some things that are only spoilers if you spent your childhood asleep, because by God is this movie predictable.

He seems to be completely useless, but when his master finds out the way to train him is through his stomach it suddenly goes at top speed. Meanwhile the five great kung fu fighters have their asses handed to them by the antagonist. He gets three action sequences to show us how totally Badass he is, including beating the living daylight out of his teacher. Oh boy.

I sure do hope that dragon scroll isn't a reflective surface with an "it was in you all along" message attached to it and that this eventually leads to the panda single-handly defeating the antagonist (smiling) even though he has barely had any training. Po is funny at times, but I got the feeling someone was walking around with a plot for a semi-serious movie in their head and was told it needed more whackiness. The relationship between Master Shifu and his protégée-turned-evil is the most interesting thing in the movie and Tigress', who was probably an interesting character in earlier versions, gets some hints of a history that get pushed aside to deliver An Aesop about how you just have to believe in yourself.

But hey, whoever came up with the idea to make a panda (second only to sad puppies on nature's scale of woobieness) the loser protagonist was onto something, and at least we can expect more nice visuals from the sequel.

11/25/2010 00:00:00

Given how much the film refers to the Furious FIVE, not four, I have to wonder if you didn't just watch the trailer and read a quick plot summary before writing this review.

Plus, it's a kung fu movie. They're kinda supposed to be predictable, the focus is on the fighting, which is amazingly well-done in this film. Note how just about every animal that fights uses the style named after them. Overall, I think you completely missed the Rule Of Fun point of the film.

12/01/2010 00:00:00

I'd thank you for pointing out my mistake if it wasn't followed by the implication that I didn't watch the thing. Why I would write this without watching the movie is beyond me, it makes much more sense that I don't have the best memory for numbers.

Anyway, bits of the story really worked for me and that backfired in that I was let down by the ending and since I wrote this review right after, it shows. I thought the movie was fun when it wasn't actively trying to convince me of it.

12/07/2010 00:00:00

The fact that you can clearly remember the names of the characters suggests that you have a better memory than you claim. And besides, the name of the group is said at least once every five minutes or so (and it's in the title of one of the bonus materials), it's really not that hard to remember unless you didn't watch it or weren't paying attention. It's a major part of the plot, I can't understand why someone would forget.

As to why you'd write it without watching it, well, people do that for a lot of things, as much as I dislike Twilight I wouldn't write a review for it personally but plenty of people have. It just didn't seem like that much of a leap.

I feel that this film is to the kung fu genre what Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is to the giant robot genre- simultaneously a parody and a love letter, hence the overall light tone. Given that there's at least one sequel planned, I have a feeling that the other characters will be expanded upon there in ways that should have been in the first but got relegated to being in the metaphorical manual.

12/08/2010 00:00:00

Why would you write a review without watching the movie? I don't know, ask those people who complain about Pokemon and D&D being satanic.

If they actually took the story seriously, then you'd just end up with cliched Kung Fu story #982.

12/09/2010 00:00:00

I tried to be rhetorical but I guess this is the internet.

Also misremembering a number doesn't prove anything other than that I had a conversation about the 'Fantastic Four' not too long before writing this. You can disagree with my opinion, but trying to prove me wrong isn't much use considering it's an opinion.

12/09/2010 00:00:00

Not all opinions are equal.

You post your opinion of something on the internet, we post our opinions about your review. Those who review things should be prepared to be reviewed.

12/09/2010 00:00:00

I would recommend Tv Tropes to allow people to remove their reviews, since I didn't intend to tick people off as much as I apparently do :/ I'm just saying that trying to make my opinion invalid by implying I didn't watch it or mistyped one thing is kind of silly, while you're free to disagree with what I'm saying.

12/09/2010 00:00:00

You'll get a lot more enjoyment from the internet if you learn not to take criticism personally.

I wasn't really implying that you didn't watch the movie; only stating that there really are a lot of people out there who complain about shows they don't watch. I can understand why you'd forget if you wrote the review some long time after you watched the movie.

12/09/2010 00:00:00

"I wasn't really implying that you didn't watch the movie" I was referencing to the other poster on that (:

"You'll get a lot more enjoyment from the internet if you learn not to take criticism personally." I figured this review was pretty harmless, but I know low ratings attract more readings and I just don't feel like getting sucked into lengthy discussions about Kung Fu Panda xD (It's not taking it personal as much as feeling the need to reasonably explain my opinion... though I guess I'd enjoy the internet more without that, too.)

02/19/2021 00:00:00

I actually love Kung Fu Panda but I think responding to the OP’s review by posting comments attempting to debunk it is an overreaction.

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