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06/07/2019 05:16:58 •••

"Let's Get Serious" Analysis. May contain spoilers.

Well, I made a review of the series as a whole, so I might as well do a specific episode. And what better episode than the crossover with Young Justice? When I first saw the preview clips for this episode, I dreaded it. My immediate reaction was, "Oh Lord. The writers are going to find yet another way to antagonize fans who hate the show." Now that I've seen the full episode, I don't have the same feeling now.

The episode basically goes like this: After being called out for their silliness by Young Justice, the Titans decide to get serious. While it makes them more effective heroes, the drama between the team causes them to disband. Essentially, the episode openly mocks he idea of superheroes being too serious or too silly.

Here are the episode's Pros:

  • While I'm not a big fan of Young Justice, it's quite nice to see them make an appearance. And for the show's detractors, seeing them call out the Titans on their actions is a delightful Take That, Scrappy!.
  • Both fights scenes with the HIVE are quite awesome and it is quite refreshing to see the Titans do some actual heroism for once.
  • The humor is Actually Pretty Funny for once and has no offensive jokes, gross-out gags, and whatnot.

Here are the episode's Cons:

  • The Young Justice gang was severely underused in this episode and there was potential for an awesome team up with them and the Titans.
  • The art style when the Titans "Get serious" is Uncanny Valley at best, just plain ugly at worst. It would have been better, and more nostalgic for fans of the original series, if they used the animation from the old show.
  • The drama between the Titans, though Played for Laughs, is overblown, annoyingly forced, and slightly cringeworthy.

Overall Analysis: While it has a lot of unexplored potential, this is probably one of the better episodes of the show and a good Author's Saving Throw to fans of Young Justice and the old show.

02/26/2015 00:00:00

I agree, could've been done better. I was so happy when Aqualad gave his "Reason You Suck" Speech, and the the fight scenes were really awesome for a change. I was mixed about the humor, it got a bit annoying when they kept putting "Serious" at the start of every sentence. The artwork was really disturbing as well, especially Raven who looks like an undead ghoul. But I appreciate the attempt of the Author's Saving Throw. It's a pity they'll go back to their old silliness right afterwards.

02/26/2015 00:00:00

Well, that's what happens when you have a show where Status Quo Is God.

02/26/2015 00:00:00

Yep, though it would be nice if future episodes could follow this one, so that references to the old series aren't insulting.

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