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12/10/2014 22:15:55 •••

Pokemon Leaf Green

This review concerns the main adventure (beating up bad guys and becoming Champ). Contests, multiplayer, postgame and catching 'em all are irrelevant here.

Warning. I am the guy who likes to think newer is better. So opposite of Nostalgia Filter I am.

This is the remake game, so it has advantage over Pokemon Emerald, and the other DS games sans HGSS that I plan to review.

Even though I've said that I put Emerald before this I can't help but love this game over Emerald. My bias could stem from the atrocious bootleg that exposed me to Gen III or because I've been dying to see the familiar Pokemon I saw on TV. But enough rambling, here's my thoughts.

First off, NO STORAGE LIMIT! Take that Gen III. Seriously, the Bag is great despite the low number of categories it is divided into. The VS seeker is great when farming for money.

Steel and Dark did not debut until Gen II, so don't think about STAB-bing with crunch or metal claw. This is also before Physical/Special split so if your Pokemon's stats contradict its type then tough luck. For some reason all grass type are dual type with poison, so poison Pokemon here are actually useless against grass, mind blown!

Team Rocket is a gang of Mafia and does not think big. They did kill Pokemon though so I gotta give credit to 'em.

The final boss is merely a beefed up version of a boss that you beat several times. At least there's no Crippling Overspecialization, but still Poor, Predictable Rock.

Objectively, I think Emerald and many others trump this one. That's not to say you shouldn't try this out. There is some charm to this simplistic adventure.

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