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05/10/2014 11:38:51 •••

Part Dos

And Araki has one hell of an imagination. We get a lot of...Interesting scenarios, ranging from sniper duels with rats, fights with sentient plankton in prison, life-or-death catch in prison, hell, even a life or death game of rock-paper-scissors. With the hero stands usually being more direct, and the villanous scum usually attacking indirectly, it all leads to delicious chess matches, that leave you both on the edge of your seat, and on the Thinker's pose.

With fights and powers this varied, and colorful, you might forgive the series a little, for having bland, and uninteresting characters as a result. Luckily, they're not. For the most part, these are just great characters. Barring the first Jojo, Jonathan, a lot of the main heroes, and their companions, are gigantic jerks in their own right. Even if some of them can kill without batting an eye, or snark with tounges sharper than blades, the heroes, at their core, are just so good. When you see the sheer willpower they exert, or how much they value the ones they love, it's hard not to admire them, even when they have their fair share of flaws. Araki wanted to celebrate the human spirit, and his heroes are living testament to the undying determination of man. The villains are similarly entertaning, yet in a completely different way; yes, a lot of them have rather cruel backstories, but a few redeeming traits do not change the fact that they're complete and utter assholes, you look forward to see getting pummeled into a juicy pulp. Even the side villains are surprisingly interesting characters, with deep backstories, and different flavors of assholeness.

Jojo is kind of a mess. Not even longtime fans can deny that it can get hard to follow. However, you can easily look over that, because of how fun it all is. Everything is (literally) bursting with color and creativity, and there's just so much heart put into it, that you can't help but look past it all. It's the kind of mess that you want to immerse yourself in; you want to see how far ol' Araki will go, and at times, you'll go all the way to the beginning just to see how much things have changed. I can talk more about it, but I think I've said all that needs to be said, Incredible to look at, even more fun to read, JoJo is an experience you can't find in many places. Check it, if you have the time.

05/09/2014 00:00:00

I don't think these kinds of multi-part reviews are allowed. If there's more to add, I think it's supposed to go in the comments.

05/09/2014 00:00:00

Continuing reviews in the comments is also against the reviews, though you're allowed to elaborate on things if someone asks

05/09/2014 00:00:00

*against the rules. Argh

05/09/2014 00:00:00


Is it possible to remove this one, then?

05/10/2014 00:00:00

I don't think people really care that much about multi part reviews or continuing in the comments, considering all the complains aobut the 400 word limit.

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