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11/22/2019 23:30:52 •••

The Best Star Wars Film

I think Revenge of the Sith is the best of the six films. It powerfully ends the prequel trilogy and segues beautifully into the original trilogy. That does not make it without flaws, however. Some of the action is overextended (Grievous' fight with Obi-Wan), there are a few narmish scenes (Palpatine's face when fights Windu), and Padmé has little to do (although, given that she's pregnant and Palpatine is seizing political control, this is somewhat understandable). Padmé's situation could have been rectified by including the formation of the Rebellion deleted scenes, although I do understand why they were cut for pacing issues. That said, Revenge of the Sith manages to combine sweeping, exciting action, a stupendous score, plentiful visual symbolism, and a wonderful story together to depict Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader and the fall of the Old Republic.

At its core, ROTS demonstrates the external factors that induced Anakin's fall. Whereas AOTC really highlighted his weaknesses as a person (his need for control, his arrogance, his fear of loss which can precipitate anger) and TPM laid the foundations which made him susceptible (such as his history as a slave, initial rejection by the Jedi Order, and early relationship with Palpatine), ROTS shows that crumbling trust between the Jedi and Anakin along with the visions of Padmé's death propelled him to seek out alternatives and trap himself completely in Palpatine's web.

The film was also emotionally devastating (at least, as much as a mere film can be) — watching Anakin lose his way so thoroughly, watching the Jedi be brutally cut down, watching Padmé wither away helplessly, and watching Obi-Wan struggling so painfully to do the right thing. Because this is a film that, very clearly, illustrates the true nature of evil — its childishness, its selfishness, its cowardice, and its wretchedness. Those who fall are not strong or powerful or commanding, but weak and desperate. They're figures whose actions inspire hate and disgust and their deficiencies inspire pity.

This is the film that solidified my love of the Star Wars films and it remains among the most shocking I've ever watched. Going in not knowing the conclusion, I was gobsmacked as I watched the lives of characters I know and love disintegrate, thus ripping to shreds every cliché I had expected.

11/22/2019 00:00:00

Thank you for this review, mate (along with your reviews of the other Prequels). I feel really vindicated.

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