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Jun 30th 2014 at 8:30:17 PM •••

  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • The only good male character in the movie is an animal given human form. The others are either villainous (Stefan) or useless (Phillip). Angelina Jolie claimed that Maleficent 'was a feminist movie without demonizing men'. Apparently she hasn't read the script.
    • Making Stefan the reason for Maleficent's villainy also plays to the old stereotype of 'women cannot be evil for evil's sake, they HAVE to be wronged by a man'.
    • Maleficent is downgraded from a very powerful and badass female villain into a Woman Scorned, only she doesn't try and hurt the Queen, but her daughter, Aurora.

Pulled this, as Unfortunate Implications require citation.

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Aug 10th 2014 at 7:10:51 AM •••

Since when they do? So far people have been pointing them out in the YMMV pages of works, and since these UI above are perfectly valid, they should be put back on the YMMV page.

Aug 10th 2014 at 7:17:26 AM •••

Since two years ago. They aren't valid unless you can validate them with citations.

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