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Apr 11th 2012 at 10:30:01 PM •••

Why is this under WesternAnimation.Yellow Submarine, instead of Film.Yellow Submarine? (Film.Yellow Submarine is only a redirect.) I thought the rule was that if it's a full-length film it's a Film. WA is for stuff like short subjects & tv shows. Or have I missed another policy change?

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Mar 19th 2012 at 8:04:44 PM •••

I'd like to put into the Shout Out section the extended and very funny reference to "Yellow Submarine" in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Traveller's Almanac". I'm a bit hesitant to do so right now, though...just wanted to run it by the rest of you.

Feb 28th 2011 at 7:02:10 PM •••

I've just watched the "Hey Bulldog" sequence again, and noticed that the "pack of dogs" is in fact just one dog — a Kerberos, but with four heads instead of three.

Is there a trope for that? There should be...

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Dec 29th 2014 at 4:07:36 AM •••

It's got 3 heads in front and 1 on its butt!

Feb 24th 2011 at 5:40:36 AM •••

Just removed the following:

The reason being that people were abusing the above-named trope to mean "this work is full of symbolism" when what it actually means is "this work is full of what looks like symbolism, but is actually just random stuff". Hence it was renamed (some months ago as I type) to Faux Symbolism.

I suspect this may be one of the misuses of the trope; if it isn't, and hence is put back, it should be edited to the current name and put in the F section of the list.

Feb 19th 2011 at 3:28:36 PM •••

The Beatles also improvise the harmony from "Think for yourself" by George Harrison.

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Jul 9th 2019 at 5:58:54 PM •••

The following Natter that violated Example Indentation and Repair Dont Respond was deleted:from Space Jews:

it could also be argued that the fact that Blue Meanies being more fun to say could have tipped the decision in its favor. Making them \"Blue Meanies\" could also be considered a Take That against the police. Then there\'s the subgenus of magic mushrooms called Blue Meanies, although the name might just postdate the film.

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