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Mar 18th 2015 at 7:41:50 PM •••

There's several things that are wrong here. "Force Field: The monster generators are typically protected by ones and cannot be damaged until you shut off the device generating them. Said device is usually located on an altogether different floor, and often in a locked room with the key placed somewhere else."

Incorrect: The way the game works is that you find a bomb, often located in a different room on a different floor, and then use that to destroy the otherwise indestructible monster generator.

"Kleptomaniac Hero: Baron will take his time to search for any hidden gold in the towers to buy more advanced staffs and spells in between the towers."

Incorrect: You cannot buy advanced staffs and spells between towers. You can find vending machines *inside* towers, but the only staff upgrade you get is after completing the apprentice towers when you get to add the Doomstone to your staff - and even then, I suspect it's purely plot-based and doesn't actually increase your damage. Any money you're carrying disappears after each tower.

"The Unfought: Baron Lazarus, who is meant to be responsible for all the monster generators, ends up killed by the Rosie monster in one of the final towers."

This one just confuses me. This is never mentioned in the game at any point. Is this to do with Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure? Admittedly I haven't played that one. The problem is that Baron Baldric doesn't take place in towers, it takes place under the castle.

From what I understand, Lazarus is already dead (or rather, dead again) at the beginning of Mystic Towers, so you're pretty much just cleaning up his mess.

I'm going to remove the first entry and edit the second entry to be more factual. I'll leave the third entry alone, for now. Unless someone can tell me where it might have come from?

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Mar 19th 2015 at 5:33:17 AM •••

Don't worry, just fix all three of them. You've obviously played the game fairly recently, while I've done so a LONG time ago, no longer have the game, and just wrote what I could remember. Obviously, I've stuffed up on those three examples, and if you find any more errors or things to add, feel free to fix them right away.

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