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Dec 11th 2015 at 4:47:49 PM •••

Re: The Strawman Political entry on the show's treatment of social justice movements, since there seems to be some confusion.

Edit by Professor Grimm 13th Nov '15 11:04:06 PM: Changing Strawman Political to Strawman Has a Point: Averted, In-Universe.

Strawman Has a Point is a YMMV item, and whether it can be used for In-Universe examples at all is doubtful given that In-Universe a character would not be considered a strawman of a position.

Edit by starjammer05 26th Nov '15 10:49:04 AM: Added following sub-bullet:
  • Given that Potter is an Expy of Al Sharpton who was a key player in the Tawana Brawley hoax and that there have been several documented incidents of left-wing activists on campuses faking hate crimes to gain publicity for social justice causes, this is more Truth in Television.

First off, that's Conversation In The Main Page and misuses Expy, which is a fictional character who is clearly based on another, also fictional character. Secondly, it misuses Truth in Television. By definition, a strawman is an exaggeration of a position into one that is easier to attack, therefore it inherently cannot be Truth in Television. Furthermore, by using these types of incidents and an asshole like Rev. Potter as the only acknowledged-in-show examples of social justice movements, they are, indeed, strawmanning the overall movement (which is rather highlighted by the Potter v. Jamie Reagan episode with the bike crash, where they essentially used him to attack Black Lives Matter with only a brief acknowledgement of there being a grain of truth in the protesters' message).
And before you accuse me of bias, yes, I'm a leftist and a believer in social justice causes, but I also noted on Madam Secretary's page that that show, in turn, has a bit of an ax to grind with Congressional Republicans.

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