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Apr 20th 2013 at 6:06:13 AM •••

Removed a ton of non-examples, or at the very least questionable and vague ones.

  • Fans of Doctor Who often complain that the Chase Scene music continues after the Chase Scene is over, particularly in the last few seasons of the old show, and all of the new one.

Incredibly broad and vague.

  • Almost all episodes of the revived series rely heavily on this trope; season-ending episodes routinely bury Dei Ex Machina and related flaws under mountains of insistence from the writers, actors and the score that whatever is occurring is Awesome. What's especially weird is how often this actually works.

Complaining about flaws. The season finales are NOT mundane, regardless of if they count as dei ex machina.

  • One of the 2009 hour-long specials, "Planet of the Dead", tries to make the act of stepping on a bus tense and dramatic. Granted, it's a Classy Cat-Burglar escaping the police, but she's not even running. It's just a few shots of the police looking bewildered, her approaching the bus and the bus driver noticing her, set to some painfully over-the-top music.

Criminal escaping capture. No.

  • In the liner notes for Series 3's soundtrack, Murray Gold is quoted as saying "I always write as if it would be unthinkable for anyone not to love the episode." By his own admission, the whole soundtrack is Mundane Made Awesome.

Too broad and vague. Doctor Who is rarely a mundane show.

  • Series 5. "The Lodger." The Eleventh Doctor plays football. Enough said.
  • No it's not 'enough said'; he played football bloody well!. Turns out Matt Smith once considered a football career.

If he overshadows the rest of the teams, is it that mundane?

  • In a more conventional form of this trope, we have this exchange from the Fourth Doctor serial Warrior's Gate:
    Doctor: Biroc? What are you doing here?
    Biroc: Nothing.
    Doctor: It's all right for you.
    Biroc: And for you, too. Do nothing.
    Doctor: Do nothing?
    Romana: Of course, Doctor. Don't you see?
    Doctor: Yes, that's right. Do nothing, if it's the right sort of nothing.

This one I'm not so sure about, as I always find Warriors' Gate enjoyable, but also "what on Earth happened?".

  • Amy's epic pause button press in "The Time of Angels".

Wasn't she being threatened by a deadly Angel?

  • Just the Weeping Angels themselves. For all their newfound reputation as The Dreaded in and out of universe, they're basically playing a winner-takes-all version of Grandmother's Footsteps.

I have nothing to even say about this. Does this have anything to do with anything?

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