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Mar 6th 2010 at 1:48:16 PM •••

Sukeban: "In one of Anthony Boucher's short stories in "The Compleat Werewolf," the trope is subverted when a human is shown not only unable to understand the Martian's most highly esteemed artistic genre, but is horrified by it. This is not surprising as most humans would probably agree that ritualistic animal mutilation might be in poor taste."

Dunno, people all over the world have rejoiced in bull baiting, bear baiting, cock fights, dog fights, rat catching competitions, bullfighting, a panoply of gladiatorial games, and that Mayan ball game where the losing team gets sacrificed after the match (could've been the winning team just as easily, mind you). Not to underestimate the entertainment appeal of public executions. Humans Are Bastards.

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