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Nov 29th 2014 at 3:56:10 AM •••

Can we get a special page image that is a tiling stair that goes on for the entire page?

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Nov 29th 2014 at 5:01:25 AM •••

Might want to propose one in Image Picking. Be warned, the Star Scraper one encountered some resistance.

Nov 18th 2014 at 8:09:28 PM •••

  • A short story (the title forgotten) where a woman finds herself being chased by a street gang. She ducks into an abandoned building and starts climbing the stairs to get away from them. She keeps climbing and climbing, but it seems like the stairs never end. At one point, she hears one of the gang members have a nasty fall. (At the end, we find out he died on the way to the hospital.) Once she's certain she's safe, the woman goes back down and goes home. When she returns to the building with a friend, she's surprised to see the stairs only go up to the second floor. Something strange (implied to be supernatural) happened.

Examples should not be listed without saying where they're from. If someone knows the title of this story, it can be moved back to the trope list.

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