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Jan 3rd 2019 at 3:48:27 AM •••

Should Tai Chi Chasers added in the list since the 4Kids\' English dub was cancelled after the first 26 episodes due to 4Kids\' bankruptcy, low ratings during the original U.S. run on The CW\'s Saturday Morning Cartoon block Toonzai, no reruns on cable TV outside of Toonzai block not even Vortexx couldn\'t pick-up Tai Chi Chasers to aired it the remaining episodes since the license was owned by 4Licensing Corporation at the time until February 7th, 2017 when the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection once again, lack of merchandise and home video releases at least outside of Asia (especially South Korea for the former and Thailand for the latter) at least its on Hulu until its expired till May 11th, 2016. Yeah, nobody bothered to fansubbed the anime series into English and/or Japanese since Tai Chi Chasers was never released in Japan despite the Japanese-South Korean animated series.

Beside the original Korean version Tai Chi Chasers was translated into couple languages like Cantonese, Tagalog and Thai, the latter language was dubbed twice, the 4Kids\' adaptation of the series was translated into three languages like Latin Spanish which is recorded at Colombia, European French which is recorded in Belgium, Turkish, Hebrew and there\'s a Brazilian Portuguese dub was in the works before it cancelled let it Televix\'s license went expire. Also, despite 4Kids\' licensed the worldwide rights (excluding Asia) to Tai Chi Chasers other than the United States, France, Turkey, Israel, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico, the series was never released in the rest of Latin America, Canadanote , Europe that isn\'t France, The Middle East (except Israel and Turkey), Africa and Oceania at all due to aforementioned bankruptcy and let 4Licensing Corporation license for the show went expire.

If unknown it aired in Belgium Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Chad and other French-speaking countries and territories in Europe and Africa that carried Canal J who pick-up Tai Chi Chasers at the time? Likewise, Tai Chi Chasers never aired in English-speaking territories such as aforementioned Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa due to 4Kids unable to get TV deal in other countries.

Good luck for finding TV rips of Tai Chi Chasers on The CW, KBS 1TV, KBS World, JEI TV, Daekyo Kids TV, Cartoon Network, TVB Jade, Modernine TV, AZN Television and Arutz HaYeladimnote  on the internet.

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Sep 25th 2015 at 10:30:16 AM •••

Shouldn't Lyrical Nanoha and Higurashi: When They Cry be notable enough to get their own bullet points under the Geneon entry? They were license-rescued by FU Nimation, but the licenses have since expired with the DV Ds now being freakishly expensive (thankfully, fansubs seem to be widely available, though I'm not sure how well the English dubs have been circulating). I recall Funi even stated outright that they wouldn't be getting Higurashi Kai, and for reasons unknown, any Nanoha media past A's has never been touched in North America. Interestingly enough, the Japanese home releases for the movies include an English subtitle option.

Jun 17th 2011 at 6:30:45 AM •••

I don't know how David the Gnome counts as "anime" but I'm surprised that Unico's movies and some other things weren't mentioned. Water Child and Fire Child (or Water Child and Fire Prince....something like that) The Last Unicorn

Stuff like Noozles (I thought it was Noozles not "The Noozles") if you're lucky you can find episodes on youtube and same goes for Unico

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Feb 29th 2012 at 3:38:45 PM •••

Wouldn't David the Gnome count as Western Animation, being a Spanish cartoon? If The Last Unicorn you're talking about is the Rankin/Bass one, I'm pretty sure it's also Western Animation.

Incidentally, does di[e]ce really count? Just being lesser-known doesn't make it an example of this trope, and it was never licensed outside of Japan; unless it's hard to find in Japan, it could probable just go in the 'Japanese releases have only one print run' example further up the page, maybe amending it to specifically note manga qualifies as well. I'm pretty sure di[e]ce technically had two runs, since it had the original magazine run and then the collected volume.

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