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Jan 19th 2018 at 8:50:32 AM •••

Back in May of last year, High Crate removed the trope Genre Savvy from the sections for both Zidane and Kuja, citing the Genre Savvy cleanup thread in the forums as the reason.

However, I find nothing in the forum that disqualifies those two as examples. It's not brought up for discussion, and going by the redefinition of the trope, those two absolutely qualify more than most characters.

Their entire personalities revolve around a mutual familiarity and involvement with theater, with Zidane being a theater actor and Kuja being a fan of it.

Aug 5th 2014 at 1:38:57 PM •••

Does anyone else think Vivi might be an Audience Surrogate? He's a child inexperienced in the world, and he's the only character who doesn't leave Zidane's side for all of the first two discs. Like the audience, he is entering an unfamiliar world and gets confronted with horrific tragedies he is powerless to stop. And extremely important, the principal feature of his character design is the focus on his eyes. He is a witness, a blank slate who experiences everything as both an observer and participant. And at the end of the second disc, he is the one who provides space for us to digest what has happened. His first arc ends there, and he accepts death and grief for what they are, encouraging the player to do so as well. After the second disc, the player and Vivi are both more experienced in the world of Gaia, so he stops serving in this function.

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Aug 5th 2014 at 1:49:16 PM •••

Not sure, really, given his description in the work's wiki - being a mage seems like a deviation. Might want to discuss that here.

Telcontar MOD
Feb 23rd 2013 at 10:29:46 AM •••

  • Evil Is Stylish: Justified and Invoked. Kuja is desperate to assert his individuality, and chooses to do so by invoking as much style as he can manage, even if it serves no purpose or looks ridiculous. He even intentionally invokes Villain Tropes so that every encounter seeps with romanticism. This contrasts him with Garland, who is a total No-Nonsense Nemesis, and with Zidane, who is just as stylish and theatrical, but casts himself as the hero.

Pulled this from under Kuja. Evil Is Stylish was a widely misused trope now merged into Complexity Addiction, and I can't tell if this is an example of that or of some kind of Villainous Fashion Sense.

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