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Apr 30th 2014 at 12:19:41 AM •••

The main page examples list had this:

  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: How it managed to be called this despite the fact that it literally assigned one female character to each male is weird
    • Slightly justified in the case of Trowa and Quatre, since Catherine "Cathy" Bloom can be easily seen as Trowa's Cool Big Sis and Dorothy not only is introduced quite later, but shows more "interest" in people like Relena, Treize and/or Zechs, rather than Quatre himself. Though Quatre and Dorothy do seem to have some sort of bizarre telepathic link in the final battle... which almost everyone has, to some degree.
    • Also, Dorothy does try to kill him.
    • In the Episode Zero manga, Trowa is implied to be Cathy's long lost brother Triton, so...
    • When Catherine finds Trowa after he loses his memories, she doesn't say she's his girlfriend or even a close acquaintance - she tells him she's his sister. If she'd wanted a romantic relationship... after that, she'd have some explaining to do.

First line has personal-voice commentary and adds nothing to the description of the Cast Full of Pretty Boys. Next bullet "slightly justifies" the trope by pointing out the existence of characters that don't like the main cast — but the existence of these characters doesn't justify the trope at all. Justifying this trope would be explaining why they're all pretty (e.g. the pilots were chosen from a database of young models). Anyway, from there it gets more and more tangential, and the whole thing is swiss cheese from gratuitous spoiler markup.

I changed the entry (and my example text could use some love). I'm leaving this here in case anyone wants to salvage it for other tropes, or maybe I'm way off base in not seeing how all of that made sense.

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