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Apr 4th 2016 at 12:51:59 PM •••

(SPOILER ALERT!!) (just in case)

(Reading and thinking about digimon tamers)

Hmmm.... The digimon tamers originally thought their devices were only designed and meant to work on real digimon trading crads instead of drawings and fanart. But until takato tried scanning his drawing of his own digimon (including with the info) named guilmon then he did it again with the drawing of the blue card.

The same thing that happened on both bleach and transformers the 2nd movie.

Bleach: Rukia and the soul reapers originally thought the mod souls only work on human bodies until ichigo tried it out on a stuffed animal.

Transformers: Jetfire and the transformers originally thought the matrix was only designed to work on the machine in the pyramid until Sam tried it on optimus prime in order to bring him back to life.

I'm not sure if this counts a similar concept/trope though, but i thought it's worth a shot.

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Dec 20th 2016 at 3:26:17 PM •••

(Adding info about the Digivice on the list where it talks about Deus ex Machina)

There we go.

May 9th 2013 at 7:30:38 PM •••

Okay, here's something I think needs addressing - Konaka never says on his website that Adventure and 02 aren't the Show Within a Show, he just says he refused to add any more fanservice about Adventure/02 any more than giving Takato goggles (and even refers to it as the manifesto of Adventure/02). Is there any other source that says, explicitly, that it's not Adventure/02?

The reason I ask is because apparently the Adventure PSP game has Takato fanboying over Taichi being a major character in the Digimon anime he knows, and while I know that the game may not be accurate to Konaka's vision, I'm thinking that maybe the dub is being Mis-blamed for having made the Show Within a Show as Adventure/02 and that I should fix all the examples on the page unless there's another source.

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Jun 30th 2013 at 8:55:36 PM •••

Well from what I understand it was actually the staff from Bandai working on the show itself that decided this. The original Digimon Tamers also makes zero mention of the previous two series being a show within its universe (FYI the goggles were a franchise reference not only belonging to the Adventure series but also to the digimon manga and games at the time). There is also the problem with Ryo. Ryo is also a digimon adventure/02 character and yet the others don't recognize him as a character from the digimon adventure/02, instead mentioning that he's a famous digimon card player. Also in Konaka's website, he just has the idea of it being within the early ideas section, he also pointed out that quite a few of these ideas were dropped.

To be brutally honest, the Adventure PSP game isn't canon to Tamers. It was made by totally different team, who didn't go back to check up on their info before making the game itself. In other words its just like the cameo from Xros Wars (which contained so many mistakes you wondered if they really did any sort of research into any of the seasons that appeared), that you wondered if they check it beyond the brief description. Konaka had nothing to do with Adventure and it was just a non canon cameo appearance, so the team working on the Adventure game had zero reason to actually contact him. Heck, they may have just made that reference simply because Xros Wars made the reference, not because they actually researched it.

I other words it was an assumption, based off of the bare minimum facts. Also both the Japanese wikipedia and the official website makes no mention of Digimon Adventure being a tv show within the Tamers verse (it actually says that it has nothing to do with the Adventure verse b/c the anime division wanted to have a fresh start). They only say that the Digimon franchise exists there. Also the English dubbers just assumed that it Adventure verse was a tv show within the Tamers universe,and the writers for Xros Wars, and the Advenure PSP made the same assumption.

So I would actually take that game's reference with a grain of salt, becuase its also not uncommon for a cameo appearance to make mistakes with the character, story, or world the character hails from. Hope that helps.

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Jan 26th 2013 at 1:26:53 PM •••

Can i add Creepy Awesome on the YMMV page,y"know for Beelzemon?

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Jan 26th 2013 at 3:31:36 PM •••

As long as you watch your SPaG, I don't see why not.

Jan 26th 2013 at 11:38:15 PM •••

Yeah sorry about the spelling,didn't notice

Jun 22nd 2012 at 3:01:42 AM •••

I'm thinking of adding something that shows Neon Genesis Evangelion 's inspiration on the show. Would that go on the Analysis page?

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