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4th Mar, 2021 06:06:25 PM

Is it actually a stock phrase? Also, I googled, and "disco sucks" got more hits.

4th Mar, 2021 06:12:09 PM

Yes. Just read the examples on the draft. And Stock Phrases are phrases commonly uttered in fiction, and I'm pretty sure "Disco Sucks" isn't commonly uttered in fiction. Just because "Disco Sucks" shows up a lot when you google it doesn't mean it's a commonly uttered phrase in fiction.

Edited by Kevjro7
4th Mar, 2021 06:12:39 PM

^^ Same.

Also, am I missing something regarding crowners? Disco Sucks seems to me to be in the lead, at 15:3 vs Disco Is Dead at 6:2?

Edited by underCoverSailsman
4th Mar, 2021 06:13:44 PM

(Edited a part out) IMO, "Disco Sucks" is more descriptive of the trope than "Disco Is Dead". I'll give the latter a down arrow.

Edited by Tabs
4th Mar, 2021 06:13:45 PM

^^ Read my edit in the first post. Someone downvoted Disco Is Dead after I made this query, so it's not in the lead anymore.

Edited by Kevjro7

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