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4th Mar, 2021 04:24:57 PM

Real Life folders have a tendency to grow to enormous size as everyone shoehorns in that one bit of trivia they remember. In this case, the Real Life folder is a misnomer as the other examples are real people. But yes, I'd be in favor of cutting alot of those more esoteric examples.

-Sutcliffe should be moved from the Trope Namer folder to B, I agree.

5th Mar, 2021 01:59:04 AM

The Stuart Sutcliffe entry was originally tacked on as a sub-bullet to Pete Best's entry, violating Example Indentation, but I'm fine with moving his entry to the B folder.

Edit: And done.

Edited by GastonRabbit
5th Mar, 2021 12:00:39 PM

^ Thanks for that. I added bolding to the band name for consistency.

Am working on deleting the bad Real Life folder entries now.

6th Mar, 2021 04:56:03 AM

There's quite a few examples on the page of people who left already successful works early on and whose replacements are now more well known- is that allowed? I'd have thought a key element is that they left an obscure work that later became a hit without them.

6th Mar, 2021 05:22:56 AM

I think there's an element of trope decay at work, where it has morphed from obscure person who left a then-project before its fame, to just anyone who contributed to a project that was famous. Probably needs cleanup, but that would be a group project.


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