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22nd Feb, 2021 11:39:27 AM

I thought it was going to be a Useful Notes/ page. The TLP says as much.

22nd Feb, 2021 12:05:06 PM

Still Useful Notes, indexed under Abrahamic, maybe.

If enough Public Domain Artifacts get their own page they can be grouped together later on.

22nd Feb, 2021 01:42:17 PM

Still, I wanted to be sure. I, um... Wasn't aware that there was a "myth" namespace at the time I made the draft.

Speaking of such public domain artifacts, my thought is to do the same for the Necronomicon next.

23rd Feb, 2021 08:34:55 AM

^ I think Useful Notes/ should be chosen over Myth/ in this case, simply because the various Holy Lances are real objects. This distinguishes them from other Public Domain Artifacts which only exist in the realm of legend. A page for the Holy Grail, for example, would go to Myth.The Holy Grail in my book.

25th Feb, 2021 12:07:36 AM

^ Alright, thanks. That helped clear it up.


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