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16th Feb, 2021 09:26:10 AM

I can't find anything that exactly fits, but I've definitely seen this a few times.

For example, in Doom House, there is Ominous Latin Chanting whenever there's a close-up of The Doll, but it stops as soon as the camera cuts to anything else.

I've also been watching Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart lately; one episode had a fight going on with intense music, then with a brief cut to some spectators watching the fight, the music continued much more quietly as though it were originating from the distant fight.

16th Feb, 2021 11:23:05 AM

Rule of Perception in general maybe? Or a non-visual variant of Behind the Black? (We the audience can't see the scary thing, so it stops playing scary music.)

Edited by Bootlebat
17th Feb, 2021 08:49:45 AM

Rule of Perception could apply in a broad sense, but this might warrant a TLP entry… Like "PoV-Dependent Soundtrack" or something?


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