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16th Jan, 2021 05:05:23 AM

I have seen these cases filed off under the umbrella trope Driven to Suicide. There is also Self-Punishment Over Failure which notes suicide in rare cases.

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MetaFour MOD
16th Jan, 2021 06:34:34 AM

For versions that don't involve suicide: Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work?

Could also be Deus ex Machina if the cause of the problem-solving death isn't foreshadowed enough.

16th Jan, 2021 12:11:59 PM

I'm not sure I completely understand the question or example, but I wanted to point out Self-Disposing Villain, which could include a villain killing himself (accidentally or on purpose) in a way that neatly avoids any moral quandary on the part of a Thou Shalt Not Kill type of protagonist.


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