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29th Jun, 2020 09:42:59 AM

Well, at a quick skim, you've avoided one of the most egregious character page errors (listing characters without tropes), so good job there.

You are going to want to go over our spoiler policy and context requirements. I did see that you had some spoiler tags hiding the entire example including what trope it is — that's not allowed.

Edited by wingedcatgirl
29th Jun, 2020 10:05:01 AM

Thanks! I'm updating it now to match the guidelines. I know this is kind of an obscure game but I was definitely erring on the side of too many spoiler tags when I wrote it. Hopefully when I'm done it will be easier to read.

29th Jun, 2020 02:54:45 PM

The biggest problem is some "stealth" Zero-Context Examples, where you do give SOME explanation, but it doesn't actually tell us anything about what the trope is, or how it happens. For example:

If you don't know who these characters are, then this tells you nothing. It's especially worthless if you don't know what the Red Oni, Blue Oni trope is about.

A Blue Oni has many traits associated with him, like, being rational, calm, intellectual, introverted, compared to the more dynamic, impulsive, and physical Red Oni. So you should list which Red/Blue Oni traits apply to each character, as well as a few examples of scenes where they demonstrate those traits.

And, there are other tropes like this all over the page. EVERY trope needs to be written in a way where anyone can understand the example, regardless of whether or not they're familiar with the work OR the trope's definition.

29th Jun, 2020 08:40:17 PM

Thanks for this! I will work on rewriting it to fit the context rules.


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