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23rd Nov, 2019 11:18:13 PM

Not in the slightest. To continue the metaphor, give it the bacon-at-a-bat-mitzvah treatment.

24th Nov, 2019 01:19:25 AM

Can you show us some examples?

24th Nov, 2019 01:54:34 AM

Remove negative comments. They belong into reviews, not on the recommendation page.

24th Nov, 2019 07:12:01 AM

Question, how does one add an review for a fanfic recommendation?

24th Nov, 2019 07:38:16 AM

Use the button "add review" at the fanfic page. All pages about works have it, fanfics included.

If there is no page, just leave it. Fanfics are not recomended by TV Tropes itself but by specific users, it goes without saying that YMMV on every such recomendation.

24th Nov, 2019 08:54:47 AM

Pokémon General has an example like that with more de-recommendations than actual recommendations for "Unoriginality 1 An Original Trainer Story."

Edited by lalalei2001
24th Nov, 2019 11:55:26 PM

@AegisP: For example, in FanficRecs.Durarara, there was a comment that reads "YMMV. This troper found the story dreadfully predictable (except the last part, maybe, because I was hoping for the author to come through with some kind of unforeseen stroke of genius and save Izaya) and the writing rather bland."

I've removed that additional criticism, but I think some people mistake the "Comment" section to mean that they can add whatever remark they feel about the fic in question.

Edited by Adept
25th Nov, 2019 12:32:43 AM

This Troper is trash that should be removed.

25th Nov, 2019 12:59:43 AM

Once upon a time a special markup allowed one to add reviews through the fanfic recommendation page.

1st Dec, 2019 11:41:15 PM

So do we actually have a guideline on what's allowed on the Comments tag? I mean, outright derecommendations should be cut, but what about multiple recommendations from tropers who don't quite agree on what's recommend-worthy about the fic? Should they be merged into one entry, or do each contributor get their own say?

I'm also a bit iffy about the excessive gushiness of some of the Comments, which may or may not attract the unwanted derecommendations.

1st Dec, 2019 11:47:35 PM

I'm personally not entirely sure why the Comments tag exists. I always thought the point of the fanfic recs section was the fics being recommended, not the particular tropers doing the recommending.

2nd Dec, 2019 12:23:19 AM

I personally don't mind removing the Comments section entirely as well. But I have to make sure, do other potential readers want/need additional reasons why a particular fic is recommended beyond just a Summary?

2nd Dec, 2019 04:38:01 AM

I wouldn't mind removing the comment section and instead have a mandatory review of a few sentences by whoever adds the fic. One serious problem here is that our system can't handle properly reviews in fanficrecs pages; they appear on the review index, but link back to a non-existent page in a Fanfic Recs/ namespace.

2nd Dec, 2019 11:43:37 AM

The comments tag is not supposed to exist, it is a relic from tvtropes 1.0 but past clear up efforts have always ran out of steam, for a variety of reasons and muddied policies on what to do with the comments. The template still says not to use them, but they still crop up anyway.

At one point we were supposed to transition them to reviews, but then there were complaints that tropers on clean up were somehow spoofing reviews or cluttering review pages with one liner reviews, it was suggested that they just be deleted and that was policy for a while before some people complained that it wasn't right that the comments were just deleted and tropers who were no longer troping had their comments deleted outright, and I don't know what the policy ended up after that.

FWIW, I still support the proposition that they just be mass deleted if the mods are prepared to back that policy. It would need mod unanimity though for that to happen though.

2nd Dec, 2019 06:00:08 PM

I think a broader discussion about comments on fanfic recommendations pages would be best suited to the forums. To answer the OP question, negative comments that argue against the initial recommendation should be zapped on sight.

If someone will create the thread, and post it here, this query will be locked.


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