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8th Nov, 2019 02:43:43 AM

Note that why they're punished is important.

Galileo was arrested because people thought he was crazy. The One Piece one is because the Void Century contains info that the WG doesn't want people to know.

8th Nov, 2019 09:03:18 AM

Government Conspiracy for One Piece (With hints that there's an Ancient Conspiracy behind that related to why the Void Century exists in the first place.)

Galileo was a case of Open Secret - by his time, most at-least-semi-educated people knew that the Earth was probably round, and at least were willing to entertain the heliocentric model as a theory. What you weren't allowed to do is talk about it, because on the religion side it ran into the Protestant/Catholic conflict (IE "The next person who asks me where the Bible says {unsupported statement} meets the inquisitors.") and on the science side you ran into a scientism-esque cult that held Tycho as infalliable.note 

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