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11th Sep, 2019 07:44:32 AM

Wouldn't that be chairs? Do you have an interesting example of avertion in mind?

11th Sep, 2019 07:51:44 AM

Would an animal character having various names be chairs?

11th Sep, 2019 08:15:03 AM

I misunderstood how you meant to avert this trope. There must be a trope about characters changing names over a story.

Some interesting ideas can be found in Rite Of Passage Name Change or simply Meaningful Rename.

Edited by gropcbf
11th Sep, 2019 08:59:00 AM

Some examples lifted from the page:

  • In Ratatouille, this is averted. While Remy's real name is, well, Remy, Linguini names him Little Chef.
  • Averted in the original literary version of The Jungle Book. The protagonist is named Mowgli by his wolf foster parents (though he is usually called "little brother" by the other animals, at least until he gets bigger) but the humans who adopt him when he returns to the world of Men call him Nathoo, after their long-lost son. (His new mother believes that he really is Nathoo returned at first, but it is clear that Nathoo was lost at a later age than Mowgli was - she recalls giving Nathoo shoes, but Mowgli was lost before he could walk, and she sees from how his toes are splayed that he has never worn shoes.)
  • Averted in the novelization of Annie (1982), which narrates Annie's adoption of Sandy from Sandy's point-of-view. In his mind he calls himself "Scram," because that's what most humans "call" him, until Annie gives him his new name.
  • Averted with dolphins in The Penguins of Madagascar. People called Doris "Dotty" and Dr. Blowhole "Flippy".

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