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16th Aug, 2019 12:04:57 PM

I've asked about it before and was told that deleted scenes don't count as being tropeable.

16th Aug, 2019 12:18:25 PM

But deleted scenes are often included on home media, yeah? If other things about DVD releases can be troped, why not deleted scenes?

Unless the reasoning is that because Deleted Scenes is trivia, info about them shouldn't go on the main page?

Have a section for it on the trivia page, then? If the work is classified as trivia, then any tropes that apply to it should also go on trivia?

16th Aug, 2019 12:25:11 PM

^Where were you told that?

There's a lot of other times I've seen stuff from deleted scene mentioned, as long as it fits. It's a larger problem if so.

16th Aug, 2019 03:25:07 PM

I couldn't find my ATT's on the matter but I found a similar one from 2014.

16th Aug, 2019 03:30:01 PM

The general answer at the time is Trivia under What Could Have Been. It fits the trope perfectly, after all.

16th Aug, 2019 03:41:07 PM

The example in question though is on the trope page Racist Grandma, not the work page Zootopia.

16th Aug, 2019 04:18:43 PM

Many times said deleted scenes are often included as home-media bonuses or even re-instated in director's cuts.

So it would be kind of dumb to exclude to them from troping.

16th Aug, 2019 05:01:07 PM

I remember posting about a Cut Song on Lessons in Sophistication. The example was deleted and this was the edit reason: "What Could Have Been is trivia; trope examples should be from published works. Trope examples should give specific instance"

16th Aug, 2019 05:59:53 PM

That makes zero sense because deleted scenes that are on the DVD/BR ARE published works.

If you want to open that can of worms regarding deleted/alternate scenes how about movies with multiple cuts like Army of Darkness? That movie has FOUR versions (TV Cut, Theatrical Version, Director's Cut, International Cut.) that are all slightly different including the Director's Cut having a totally different ending.

So what the hell would the protocol even be for that?

Edited by CryptidProductions
24th Aug, 2019 09:28:30 AM

Since there's no consensus, I'd like to add the example back to Racist Grandma, and Lessons in Sophistication too.

24th Aug, 2019 09:43:26 AM

Deleted Scenes should be on the Trivia tab.

I don't know the exact rules on how you're supposed to mention the tropes otherwise, that would appear in those. Like if you do wicks and such. I presume so, as that'd make sense.

Maybe this topic will help a bit?

Edited by Irene

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