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11th Jul, 2019 07:10:38 PM

Linking directly to NSFW images is forbidden.

Linking to SFW images on sites that allow NSFW material is permitted, but it is recommended, yes, to add a NSFW warning.

11th Jul, 2019 11:05:56 PM

That's what I thought, I added a warning but it was removed so I was wondering if I should put it back up

12th Jul, 2019 06:12:12 AM

It would normally be edit warring to do so, but at this point it should be fine so long as you refer back to this thread in the edit reason. If it gets removed again, then it will need to be escalated to the mods.

Fighteer MOD
12th Jul, 2019 06:16:39 AM

Placing an NSFW warning for any links to DeviantArt would be overkill, as the site contains way more content than just that (and has an filter that you have to register to get through, if I remember correctly). If the specific artist has such content on their own page, though, then yes, a warning might be warranted. Note that "racy" is not necessarily NSFW; there are degrees of this sort of thing.

12th Jul, 2019 07:16:33 AM

Yes, if an image on DA is labelled as "Mature," you have to register to be able to view the actual image.

12th Jul, 2019 01:29:31 PM

That was my concern it'd be an edit war so i took it to ATT for a second opinion, maybe a simple "note " would be better than a "WARNING?!?!?! "?

Edited by ravioliluigi
12th Jul, 2019 02:25:47 PM

Just put NSFW in parentheses next to the link.


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