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11th Jul, 2019 03:57:56 PM

Uggggh, this guy again?

Even without factoring in the complaining, speculating about the success or failure of merchandising, and the creators' motives in regards to it, seems totally inappropriate for not only a YMMV page but really the wiki in general.

11th Jul, 2019 04:11:43 PM

The language he uses is not necessarily the most offensive, but he has a history of trying to couch what are extremely specific and personal opinions as widely held when as someone who also is in that fandom, I can confirm they're really not. And as an extremely vocal member of the show's Hatedomnote  he's made cases for other entries such as this one as well as various unsourced speculation about the admitted-to-be-troubled without specifics how production within the forum threads that I've had to shoot down for this reason.

Edited by AlleyOop
11th Jul, 2019 04:42:29 PM

Wait, so there's actual homophobia instead of just shipping drama? That's even more totally inappropriate for the wiki.

11th Jul, 2019 04:51:00 PM

It's more in the vein of multiple forum comments about not wanting the show (or others) to have gay characters because it promotes toxic masculinity, which has gotten other people to report him for it, but doesn't affect wiki entries aside from some very incensed entries complaining about fans headcanoning certain characters as queer.

In fairness one of the cases is legitimately iffy as it's mostly spread by other shippers being fanatical, and that particular character is only ever shown as strictly being interested in women, and barely paying attention to any men (aside from one Ho Yay scene with a totally different character from the one he's usually shipped with, and one whom they hate), but the other character is not strongly indicated to have a sexual orientation of any kind, so to single out gay headcanons as particularly delusional is hypocritical, considering his anger at the show for not going with the Recurring Element of pairing him and the princess together.

Edited by AlleyOop
11th Jul, 2019 05:38:24 PM

Hmm. We'll have a chat.


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