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2nd Jul, 2019 12:01:50 AM

Because the appeal of these remixes is that you're not supposed to know what's coming or what songs will play as a surprise. Although notes will probably make the page look better and cleaner.

2nd Jul, 2019 12:20:41 AM

It doesn't matter why they're there, they shouldn't be there at all. Moments pages are Spoilers Off. No exceptions. To quote Spoilers Off itself:

  • Fridge, Headscratchers, and the various Moments subpages (Tear Jerker, Moment of Awesome, etc.) are for post-viewing discussions of the work in question. Spoiler tagging there defeats the purpose of the articles. You shouldn't be going there if you are worried about them. It's good practice to put a warning at the header as a courtesy to your fellow tropers who may be unaware that they are wandering into unmarked territory.

2nd Jul, 2019 12:39:06 AM

Is that so? Huh, well there's actually plenty of pages that have spoilers all over the place so looks like we got some work to do, hooray...

2nd Jul, 2019 12:43:38 AM

It hasn't really been until recently that the rule that "Moments" pages are Spoilers Off has been particularly strictly enforced. Short version: zap 'em where you find 'em, and put a big "unmarked spoilers ahead" warning in boldface at the top of the page.

2nd Jul, 2019 01:10:14 AM

It's a music channel, it doesn't need spoiler tags or a spoiler warning.

2nd Jul, 2019 01:43:42 AM

I think notes would be the best action like the meme pages.

2nd Jul, 2019 04:43:52 AM

Yeah, putting them as notes instead of spoilers could work

Willbyr MOD
2nd Jul, 2019 08:26:20 AM

Agreed, that would be an acceptable compromise.

2nd Jul, 2019 04:22:58 PM

It's definitely shorter, sweeter, and makes the page look cleaner.

11th Jul, 2019 07:13:54 PM

Welp lol the page has been completely revamped now and it's gonna take forever to put them in notes, do people still care or leave the page as is?

11th Jul, 2019 07:15:13 PM

I think it's fine to leave it as is.


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