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14th May, 2019 07:51:53 PM

I think it would be better to make a Fan Works subpage for the game (like FanWorks.Sonic The Hedgehog) instead of clogging up the main page.

14th May, 2019 07:56:24 PM

Generally speaking, mods/hacks are not placed on the same page as the original. There are some rare cases where an exception is made (the only reason most people have even heard of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy is the Grand Dad hack.)

Edited by RallyBot2
14th May, 2019 08:19:02 PM

Ahhhh I understand now!

Also I completely forgot about Fan Works pages, so thanks for pointing that out. It'll definitely keep things clean since there are way too many games to keep track of.

Thanks guys!


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