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14th Feb, 2019 11:30:10 AM

They recently added another edit to YMMV.Fullmetal Alchemist under base-breaking character calling Envy a Villain Sue. I don't believe there is a base-breaking controversy when it comes to Envy.

14th Feb, 2019 11:53:08 AM

Villain Sue is Flame Bait anyways, so it should be removed regardless

18th Feb, 2019 03:59:01 PM

I'm personally in favour of their edits to those pages being undone. It does seem to indicate that they have a grudge against the 2003 anime and thus it would fall under Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.

Edited by StardustSoldier
20th Feb, 2019 04:00:54 PM

I went through both YMMV.Full Metal Alchemist and YMMV.Fullmetal Alchemist The Conqueror Of Shamballa and cleaned up most of their edits (along with some general tidying up to the pages), although I did leave a couple entries that I thought were still valid. Let me know if anyone disagrees with any of the removals.

Edited by StardustSoldier
21st Feb, 2019 06:12:26 AM

Sorry for the inconveniencies, my sincerest apologies. Will try to avoid this happening again.

Berrenta MOD
21st Feb, 2019 06:36:06 AM

This is not the place to appeal your suspension. Please use Edit Banned.

28th Feb, 2019 08:18:14 AM

I do apologize if I was too rash in deleting some of the entries. I'm still willing to talk it over if anyone else feels that some of them should stay.


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