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10th Jan, 2019 06:33:43 AM

That doesn't really apply because that trope deals mostly with prototypes that could not be mass produced for one reason or another while my examples are of things that were mass produced or at least had multiple copies already.

10th Jan, 2019 12:26:05 PM

I think it's just a common side-effect of Lost Technology, coupled with Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond.

Would likely be able to be its own trope if we don't have it, though.

Edited by Larkmarn
10th Jan, 2019 12:59:48 PM

I think No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup still applies. You are making it sound more narrow than it actually is.

This trope also applies to creations that, through some fluke of their creation, cannot be replicated for a variety of reasons.

Edited by Asherinka