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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

8th Jul, 2018 10:14:41 AM

Bump, as I think this deserves at least an ip check to verify.

Fighteer MOD
9th Jul, 2018 09:54:06 AM

The problem is that they're located in Australia, which doesn't assign semi-static IPs to consumers. We're looking at thousands of potential IP addresses in the pool for any given user, so blocking by IP is basically useless. All we can look at is behavior and general geolocation. This account is also a match, and it was created about a month after the last one was banned, so I guess I'll take the same action.

9th Jul, 2018 02:32:44 PM

Would I be troubling you if I asked you to revert their edits on BigBrotherInstinct.Anime And Manga? If you don't want to, I can do it myself (once I'm at a computer); I just figured it'd be easier for a moderator to do it via system.

10th Jul, 2018 09:05:06 PM

Bump. Could any moderator revert those edits, please? It wasn't just one short edit; it was several examples worth.

Fighteer MOD
11th Jul, 2018 04:25:01 AM

I reverted their latest, but I can't go back any farther without crushing other users' edits.

16th Jul, 2018 06:30:19 PM

Ah, right, this person didn't get caught until months after they created this new one. I understand. Once I find the time to look through that page (new job, 'nuff said), I plan to revert them myself.

Hey, @Fighteer, or any other moderator, I know I'm a bit late in getting back to this (again, new job, 'nuff said; that's also why I haven't gotten back to my other recent ATT posts), but the latest, most recent 4 edits in Longing Look are from Maxwell 99 — Jun 18th 2018 at 3:58:49 AM, Jun 18th 2018 at 3:55:36 AM, Jun 18th 2018 at 3:53:35 AM, and Jun 18th 2018 at 1:54:49 AM. And once again, they edited way too much in just those 4 edits. If I'm not troubling you too much by asking this, can you revert the edits in Longing Look too, please? If it were just one small edit, I'd do it myself, but this person did 4 long edits (as you can see in Longing Look's edit history that I provided), so I figured it'd be easier for a moderator to revert it via the system.


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