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4th Mar, 2018 06:15:05 PM

I don't exactly understand the question, but yes, specific-episode examples go on recap pages.

4th Mar, 2018 07:06:34 PM

According to this discussion, when I was discussing moving the story tropes out of the character sheets and moving specific-episode examples to the recap pages at the RWBY forums, everyone agreed that the story tropes from the character sheets had to go. However, Wyldchyld was concerned about the specific-episode examples in the recap pages:

"The expectation with [the recap pages] is that only people who have watched the work will be viewing them, which is why they're a Spoilers Off type of page. However, given that the main work page is something anyone is likely to view, banning plot and setting tropes from there doesn't make any sense to me. Even if they're episode-specific. That should be the first place to put them. The Recap pages (where they exist) would just be for a spoilerific version of the example."

Still, given that specific-episode examples should go into the recap episodes, do you think we should move those examples to the RWBY recap page?

Edited by gjjones
6th Mar, 2018 02:06:56 PM

Sorry, just to clarify my concern: gjjones was removing episode-specific tropes from the main work page so that they solely existed on the Recap page and placing a hidden note on the work page telling people to keep them off the main work page and only place them onto Recap pages.

My expectation for how an episode trope would normally work is as follows:

  • To appear on the main work page (if no Recap pages for the work exist)
  • To appear on both the main work page and the relevant Recap page (if Recap pages for the work exist)

What I didn't expect was the trope to be allowed only on the Recap page and not be allowed on the main work page — this is the bit I was concerned about given that not all works bother with Recap pages, and given that anyone can view the main work page but only people who have seen the relevant episode are likely to use the Recap pages.

Edited by Wyldchyld
6th Mar, 2018 02:43:55 PM

Right, so is it necessary to add a note on the main RWBY page asking others to move episode-specific tropes over to the recap pages and keep them off the main work page?

Edited by gjjones
7th Mar, 2018 05:47:03 AM

I believe they should be on the main page as well as the recap page if there is no spoilers present. Recap pages are specifically for people who have already seen the work and/or don't care about spoilers. Whereas the main page is meant to list all the tropes (Except YMMV, specific character tropes and trivia) in a work.

Edited by TheOneWhoTropes
8th Mar, 2018 03:10:37 PM

That's my understanding as well.