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1st Mar, 2018 07:23:09 PM

Yes, it should be namespaced as VideoGame/.

See Eversion for a good example of a video game page with SW/DW subpages.

Edited by bwburke94
1st Mar, 2018 08:53:07 PM

It's been that way for a long-ass time and I'm not actually sure why it was even done.

Maybe a mod that remembers the logic behind it can weight in?

1st Mar, 2018 09:07:47 PM

Before my time, but since it was pre-crash it's hard to tell. Most likely it was namespaced to sugar wiki as a joke regarding its content.

1st Mar, 2018 10:47:53 PM

Moved the Sugar Wiki page including wicks, will probably do the Darth Wiki move tomorrow :)

3rd Mar, 2018 05:56:36 PM

That'd be odd logic.

Only time I've seen work pages done on the Sugar and Darth wikis is when we did the Candle Cove joke.

The one where SugarWiki.Candle Cove is a joke treating it like a real show and DarthWiki.Candle Cove is a factual page about the Creepypasta

Edited by shoboni
4th Mar, 2018 06:17:19 PM

The Candle Cove stuff really should have gone in JFF, anyway.

5th Mar, 2018 12:43:07 AM

But aren't Sugar Wiki and Darth Wiki also part of Just For Fun?

5th Mar, 2018 05:47:47 PM


Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki contain the pages were complaining and gushing respectively are given a lot more headway so they're o extensions of the JFF category.

Darthwiki.Candle Cove also works better there since not drawing attention to the fact it's a fictional show and pretending it's real is part of the meta of it. Having it in the JFF namespace would defeat that a bit.

Edited by shoboni
8th Mar, 2018 05:38:03 PM

Originally Sugar Wiki hosted the Robot Unicorn Attack page, and Darth Wiki a horrific take on what the backstory of the Unicorn was. Now the Darth Wiki hosts the heavy metal version. Since both should be one article, maybe with Darth and Sugar articles that show up the lighter and darker versions of the setting, like with Eversion.