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Have a question about how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away! Ask the Tropers is the page you come to when you have a question burning in your brain and the support pages didn't help. It's not for everything, though. For a list of all the resources for your questions, click here.

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8th Feb, 2018 03:33:39 AM

It would probably be best to ask this on Trope Talk Conversations (which includes discussions about the nature of tropes) or specifically Is this an example?.

Edited by Arivne
8th Feb, 2018 05:57:27 PM

Why can't you? If you have a forum suspension, which is the only reason that readily suggests itself, I don't think it's considered kosher to use ATT to circumvent that.

Edited by Gideoncrawle
8th Feb, 2018 09:23:49 PM

I'm not trying to do that. This place has been used plenty of times for minor questions about tropes, that don't require a full thread. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

Edited by DragonQuestZ
10th Feb, 2018 07:26:38 PM

Asking the question isn't circumventing the forum; this kind of thing gets asked here all the time.

If you want to know the history, read Edit banned/suspended or send a PM. Asking publicly isn't very polite.

11th Feb, 2018 08:14:43 AM

Ya, no particular objection to your posts here but appealing the forum ban may be a better move.

11th Feb, 2018 11:15:20 AM

Ok, but that's a side matter (would want to establish a few more months of good behavior first anyway). I just made this thread to ask about the trope.

Edited by DragonQuestZ