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How providential when you find
The face an index to the mind,
And evil men compelled to call
Themselves by names like Gideon Crawle!
—from the original opening to Act II of Ruddigore

I got known around New Year's Day 2013, although I was browsing here for a year or so before that.

At 60 years of age, I am probably the world's oldest writer of Total Drama fanfiction. My wife, 53, may well be the world's second-oldest. Although I got known mainly to trope my own fics, including a Season 1 remake for which I have identified over 1,000 tropes to date that don't duplicate canon trope examples, I also do some "targets of opportunity" editing on other things. One of these days, I also intend to launch a works page for Bambi—the novel, not the movie—and its sequel, Bambi's Children.


I have launched works pages for four of my fanfics:

Other work pages I have launched:

Trope pages I created:

Other notable media interests of mine include Star Trek, Monty Python and the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, the last of which my handle refers to. My taste in music leans heavily to the symphonic—so much so that, the first time I saw the original Star Wars movie, I realized halfway through the climactic battle over the Death Star that I was paying more attention to the score than to the action.


I don't watch much TV anymore, because most of the time I used to spend in front of the telly I now spend on a computer. For the same reason, I no longer read all that much for entertainment, although I continue to read heavily for information.


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