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12th Mar, 2017 10:16:24 PM

It wouldn't be the first time. Pokemon's Music page has a section for fan remixes as well, as well as Kingdom Hearts.

12th Mar, 2017 10:27:20 PM

Considering the Non-Canon page purge, I don't think that's kosher.

12th Mar, 2017 11:09:18 PM

I'm curious as to why fan-made music shouldn't be allowed. Is that actually policy?

13th Mar, 2017 01:21:40 AM

...because it's not part of the work?

13th Mar, 2017 03:04:54 AM

There's no such thing as notability for the music.

But the ruling is clear and repeated the fan works and their tropes go on their own pages, not on the pages of the works they're inspired by.

13th Mar, 2017 04:14:23 AM

It's fair game to put them on Fanfic Recs for the work, right?

Fighteer MOD
13th Mar, 2017 06:17:27 AM

Fanfic Recs is fair game. But derivative and fan-made works go on their own articles, not on subpages of the main work. That's a universal rule.