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Writing Game: Write a plot from this piece of music.

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MorningStar1337 Diamond Princess from 🤔 Relationship Status: -not set
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Aug 29th 2022 at 7:22:58 PM

Alright I decided to make an exercise of deriving inspiration from music. The idea is simple, the poster writes a plot based on or inspired by a piece of music link in the post above them, then links one of their own for the next person to derive their plot from.

As for the guidelines:

  • Official music videos/PVs are fair game as part of the music. So if you want to use that as inspiration, you can do so.
  • The lyrics are also an inherent part of songs. This means that bringing an English translation of the lyrics is very recommended if you want foreign language songs to be used.
    • an exception will be made if the song is in a Conlang (even Esperanto) and no translation is available.
  • for formatting purposes I'd advise "[[linktomusic Musicname]] - Artist"
    • Linking to the artist's work page if it exist is preferred but optional.
  • lastly try to have fun.

Now then I'll kick things off with...

Apollo - TJ.hangneil

As above, so below.
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