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Aug 14th 2016 at 12:21:46 PM

Hotel Room - size discrepancy

Cole just really wanted to come up with all sorts of excuses to make things harder on himself didn't he? Sans has had times where he slept on the floor himself but that was just him being lazy instead of it just being how he usually slept and now that Cole had the opportunity to have a good night of sleep he wasn't taking it, great.

"that other bed is way too big for just fried, just lie down on the bed cole," said Sans, rolling his eyes slightly.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 12:30:54 PM

Cole still just looked genuinely confused at the notion, but after picking up his daggers, shoes, and the walkie-talkie he'd been told to keep with him, he carefully scooted across the floor and climbed onto the bed, sitting on the end of it for a moment, as though testing it out. "I stayed in a bed with Sawyer when she was still here," he said softly, kind of pushing at the mattress here and there. "She wanted me to be comfortable. The floor isn't uncomfortable. That's where I sleep at Skyhold. This floor is even better than mine. It doesn't bother me."

He crawled up the bed a bit, apparently still just testing out the feeling of it under him, leaving his things at the end of it. "You're...sure this is all right? I-I don't want to be in the way. I..."

Cole looked over to Sans, sitting up in the middle of the bed, watching what he was doing for a moment. "...d-do you need help?"

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Aug 14th 2016 at 12:50:02 PM

Hotel Room - restless

"just sleep cole, you're not getting in anyone's way, we got a room with three beds precisely for you to sleep on it," said Sans, not even looking at Cole's direction as he worked on his project, "and i can do this myself, just sleep."

ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I just want to help!
Aug 14th 2016 at 1:03:03 PM

Cole tilted his head to one side, watching Sans another moment, looking a little uncertain, but he finally shifted a bit to scoot up the bed, looking over at how Caro had arranged herself, then moving the blankets down a bit. "Under the sheet we go," he said in a low voice, an odd one that sounded somewhat feminine, but that Sans wouldn't recognize otherwise.

The spirit did however, seem to find it necessary to kick at the bed even as he got under the sheets, taking a moment to crawl completely under them, scrabbling a minute at the way this tangled up around his hat. He finally took the hat off, setting it on the pillow next to him, and ducked back under the covers, patting around as though searching for something, before he seemed satisfied, finally poking his head out and laying down on the pillow.

"...this is...nice. Soft, warm, wrapped up and close, like someone holding onto you to keep you safe..." he said in a quiet tone. "...thank you for letting me stay. I'm...I'm glad to be here."

Sans might be aware of the spirit laying there for a little while in silence afterwards, just watching him working, but it wouldn't be too much longer before a check would reveal that not even Cole could keep his watch unbroken for too long, dozing off with his face more or less buried into the pillow.

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Aug 14th 2016 at 2:37:31 PM

Hotel Room - what have i gotten myself into?

Sans just kept working, noticing that Cole was watching for some time before falling prey to fatigue and sleeping. It didn't take too long, eventually Sans managed to figure out how to configure his phone so that it would work as a walkie-talkie as well, to make a test run he tried to tune in to the music channel and it worked perfectly. With that done, he let out a tired sigh and was about to lie down and get some rest of his own but he then glanced at Caro and then he phone next to her.

He kept staring for a minute before letting out another sigh and taking her phone and beginning to work on it as well, there wasn't much of a need to switch parts around, just making a few changes to her phone would be enough to get the same result and so after some more time working on it, he finished it, doing the exact same test for confirmation and then placing the phone back on the table.

With that done he just left the mess that was left of the walkie-talkie on his table and stored the toolbox in the dimensional box, looking through it, he saw the second bracelet he had been carrying with him, it was meant to go to Zelda, but further talking to Cole and seeing how the kid was just so unused to almost any type of kindness towards him made him think that maybe he needed it more than her. Who knows if anybody had ever given that kid a present before, at least something meant to be just a gift instead of just giving him something to use for whatever work he had to do.

That would be for later though, Sans took off his hoodie and slippers before lying down on his bed, it was such a cozy bed to lie on that just being able to properly rest on it that it made him feel at peace despite everything that had been going on since that layered day, problems just kept piling down on him, some of which were all because of him, that finding a moment to just lie down in comfort and sleep, just that was enough to let Sans put everything aside and just enjoy a moment of peace.

It didn't take long for him to pass out in bed, finally being able to take a proper break during that day so that he could let his mind rest for the ordeal that was going to be the next day, even without considering whatever the boss decide to throw at them, there was still the matter of the ghost and the demon's possible revival to deal with. He didn't want to take part in any of it, he would rather just leave other people to deal with it and offer help from afar, but he just knew Caro would be throwing herself into danger regardless and since by that point he had made it his mission to keep the girl safe, he knew he would have to get involved anyway, he didn't have much of a choice but that was just the way it was, thinking about it, Sans couldn't even remember the last time he felt like he really had control over his life.

As Sans drifted into sleep, he left those thoughts aside and just enjoy what little peace he would probably get before things became all chaotic once more.

Aug 14th 2016 at 2:50:42 PM

Outside the Cinema - Questions and answers

"Really?" The question was almost rhetorical. Surprising as the new information was, there didn't seem to be any reason for the Librarian to lie about that. But that meant there was a way to find out if the mission succeeded!
Just as she was processing this information, and internally debating what she'd do if she knew how the final battle had turned out without her help, Jack came out of the theater to ask what the movie had inspired the Librarian to do.

"Huh? I'm not wearing any... Oh" Curly put a hand to her antennae in confusion and was immediately reminded why he might ask that. "Actually, those are my ears" She said with a sheepish smile. There wasn't much point hiding it, especially seeing as Jack himself wasn't exactly human.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 2:58:59 PM


"Are you certain that all in the city would see a cross as a symbol of protection?" Sir Redring asked, somewhat rhetorically as he grabbed a few more of the art supplies and started sketching a few things simultaneously with multiple tentacles.

"This could be your personal one then, with what I'm suggesting" Sir Redring continued, showing Ben the sketch again; now the symbol of the omnitrix was drawn in the middle of the silver triangle; there was also a second silver triangle next to it, with the little pattern of pink and white stars that was Twilight's cutie mark in the middle of it. "And that one could be hers" he added, motioning a tentacle to Twilight.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 3:52:02 PM


"Princess of Friendship? That's an odd thing to be royalty of," Plague Knight responded to Twilight.

Then he turned to Ben. "This again?" he said in a groan. "If I join this group, I will try my hardest to not use lethal force despite the fact my main form of weaponry are explosives and the secondary one is a shotgun," he said with the slightest hint of irritation. "Also remember that I still have my own studies," the knight said with more seriousness. "I will certainly come to help if you beckon and need it, and I will certainly help those whenever I see an innocent in danger, but I will not actively go looking for trouble.

He then approached the pile of drawing paper while putting his soberity potion on top of the central desk. "Quite honestly, I actually like the basic template for us to on our own crests," Plague Knight said in response to Sir Redring. He then proceeded to draw a basic black triangle and then drew something similar in design to a skull and crossbones, but with his mask, two copies of his staff making the cross, and one of his bomb above the mask. "I think it makes quite a statement, don't you think?" he asked around.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 3:56:42 PM


Eve had passed the time listening to Ben and Sir Redring's conversation, while absentmindedly drawing tessellating patterns. When he showed the shield symbol, she nodded in agreement, listening to Sir Redring's idea of different symbols.

"It's a very good symbol, but...maybe, instead of different symbols for different people, we use the symbol in the middle for communication? Different symbols mean different locations, or different people, etc?"

Maybe if Ben stuck to recruiting people he knew, it would be possible to keep spies out of... the City Knights? It wasn't a bad name, as names go. But rather aggressive. Still, better than the Apostles of the Stars.

Aug 14th 2016 at 4:28:55 PM

Outside Cinema

"You can do that?" Jack blinked, then shook his head. He sounded exasperated next he spoke. "Wait, of course you can."

What powers could she be talking about? Well, it didn't really take more than a moment to figure it out. It was already dark, and he was pretty sure Tairee didn't want to give the people In the city presents or eggs, and she didn't have their baby teeth. "I'm guessing you're going to use something like Sandy's powers, then?"

Jack could approve of that. And he was sure Sandy would feel the same.

When Curly replied sheepishly that her headphones were, in fact, her ears; The immortal teen blinked in confusion. "Your- your ears?"

He leaned closer, tilting his head to get a better look at them. "Uh, ok. Can I ask how?"

Aug 14th 2016 at 4:52:16 PM

Outside the Cinema - Beep beep

"Yeah, not like I can stop you from asking" Curly said with a chuckle "I'm a scouting robot, so it's built in, for communication and stuff" The real question was whether or not anyone here had bad experiences with robots, though from what she'd seen of Jacks world, they probably didn't have any in the first place. Maybe now was the time to make a good impression.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 5:11:56 PM

The library

Ben furrowed his eyebrows. "Whatever. I just want it to look like a shield and I can't draw, whatever," Ben muttered, yawning. "Now, I really need to go to sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day, as if today wasn't long enough. Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna think more about it tomorrow." With that, he turned around, walked towards the other side of the library from Viola, and curled up onto a couch in the lobby.

He tried to close his eyes and drift off, but he kept one eye open, nervously, in case Ghostfreak showed up somehow.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 5:52:18 PM

Outside Cinema

Jack opened his mouth to say something, then froze halfway as what Curly said seemed to register. His mouth twitched slightly, then closed. "Huh. So, like a machine? Can't say I expected that one. Cool."

He squints at her, looking the apparent robot up and down. "You look pretty human, as well. Who, uh, built you?"

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Aug 14th 2016 at 6:21:20 PM

Sophie kept quiet while Miss Tairee explained the multiversal bleeding effect, her explanation giving the lilac-haired girl something to think about. Does that mean that there might be a movie about our journey, too?... Sophie wondered how someone would be able to fit everything they went through into a two-hour show; it didn't seem like enough time, in comparison.

Then something familiar from Curly caught her ear, and she looked up at the blonde. "...You're an android?" she asked out loud, now connecting the familiar-looking 'headphones' with the blonde's rather pale complexion. The lilac-haired girl proceeded to look up and down Curly's body, noting that other than those two discrepancies, the blonde was otherwise indistinguishable from a human.

So she's like...... Sophie glanced down and stared intently at her own hand for a while.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 7:10:04 PM

Outside the Cinema

"Actually, I've got no clue'': Curly said, then lightly tapped the side of her head with her knuckles "Took a blow to the head a while ago, amnesia. Can't remember a thing from before I woke up in some cave"

She then noticed Sophie was also looking at her, all of her. Not terribly surprising, but it still felt slightly awkward since she could tell she was comparing her to a normal human. "I guess you could call me an android? I dunno, I am what I am" Curly chuckled lightly "Unless there's a problem with that?"

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Aug 14th 2016 at 7:23:22 PM

Cinema - Alas, All Good Liveblogs Must Come to an End

He didn't really catch whatever Garrett said, being that he was already making a beeline for the door, but it sounded annoyed and he figured it was probably about him setting his seat on fire. The librarian, in a similar vein, commented that they'd have to make the place fireproof. He muttered an apology. "Sorry about that."

He needed to look if there was a plushy of Bunny as a normal-sized bunny. That'd make for a very squeezable stuffed animal, he thought.

It seemed there was no tension breaker like a magical snowball to the face. Well, so would being beaned in the face during a dramatic speech, he supposed. Imagine that in a horror movie. How ridiculous would the whole thing become? The thought was enough to elicit an audible chuckle.

It ended up turning the tides, even, first metaphorically as the party grew by rounding up a party of all of Jamie's buddies from earlier and then literally as the boy restored a tidal wave of nightmare sand with a single touch.

Jack remarked that he had no idea what would have happened if he'd been sliced by Pitch's scythe. Well, it was probably for the best that he never found out.

And the rest of the movie went by in a rush of magic and wonder and unassimilation. Someone put a lot of love into rendering these effects, marvels of imagination that towered over everyone below, bright as a lantern in the darkness, like night giving way to day. Which indeed happened, in time for the master of fear himself to be dragged away by his own nightmares.

And then with some final parting words, the movie ended, and Jack thanked him for convincing the group to watch it.

"No problem," he said after a few moments, admittedly not paying a great deal of attention to his surroundings. Still, in some corner of his mind he thought to himself how much it meant for Jack that not only did his experiences have impact even in other universes, but he was able to reexperience his most unforgettable moments from another angle.

Though it was mostly drowned out by his bemused reactions to The Stinger.

Which eventually ended, leading him to note that everyone had left the theater and it was about time he did the same. There was already a short burgundy girl(?) in a...square afro?...examining the control panel as if it were a foreign object. Maybe it was for her, he didn't know.

Outside the Cinema

He found upon returning outside that the rest of the group had lingered and were now discussing various matters. Apparently the current matter seemed to be that apparently Curly was a robot.

She looked so much like an actual human, and acted indistinguishably from one. Whoever had made her clearly invested heavily in emulating a homo sapiens, for whatever reason they did it. Which apparently involved destroying an object, based on Curly's earlier statements. Perhaps she was some sort of infiltration unit.

"Well, I'm back. I was watching the credits, excuse me. Huh, so Curly's a robot."

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Aug 14th 2016 at 7:31:40 PM

Sophie looked back up at Curly and shook her head. "No," she replied simply. "It's just......" She paused for a few seconds. "......It's nothing." She then returned to her palm-gazing, slowly opening and closing her hand every so often.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 7:49:41 PM


Plague Knight watched Ben walk off to sleep. "I think I better get back to my laboratory as well," he said. He turned to Q10. "You can stay here if want," he told the robot. And lastly, "Miss Tairee? Can I have a lid for this cup?" he asked, holding up the cup along with the potion within.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 9:24:52 PM

Beach -> Library - Night of the Tenth Day - 0 Hours of Relaxation Remain; Not That They Ever Existed to Begin With

Zelda stood back up after removing her boots before looking down at Sadness again.

"Up until its death yesterday, its presence had been getting more and more notable. I guess it's not surprising people are still talking about it even after its demise." She sighed. "In any event...just be really careful, all right?"

Then she looked out to sea again. "Anyway, I think I'm going to go get my feet wet a little."

At that, she waded out into the shallows. She didn't go out too far, only up to around her ankles or so out of a desire to not get her dress wet. The water felt warm and pleasant, still retaining its heat even at this late hour. She wiggled her toes a little, feeling how the sand felt between them. Then she started walking around a little. As much as she wanted to start running, splashing water everywhere didn't seem like the best idea. Not only would it get her clothes wet, it might get Sadness wet too, and the emotion probably wouldn't appreciate that.

In a lot of ways, she felt a like a little girl again. Properly this time, not like when she first got here and actually was a little girl for a while. After everything that had happened, it was nice to just focus on having a little bit of fun and forget her issues for a while. If only she could had done this when there was actually time left in the day, and only if she could have gone with Sans and Caro like they had promised. For being a day meant for relaxation, this had been anything other than a relaxing day.

Provided Sadness didn't have anything else to say to her, she'd splash around for a little while, trying to make the most of what little of the day remained. Eventually, however, she started to get tired. As much as she didn't want to stop, she should probably sleep. She'd need the rest for what she was tackling tomorrow, and if nothing else she didn't want to be caught out here when the city changed. So she walked out, shook her feet a little to get them dry, then went to get her boots.

"That was fun," she commented with a smile, "Even if you didn't join me, it was nice to have you around, Sadness." Then she looked towards the library. "We should probably get some rest now. We don't know what tomorrow's going to be like."

She opted to just carry her boots as opposed to put them back on right that instant, and then would lead the way back to the library. If Sadness insisted on finding a hotel to sleep in instead, Zelda would help her find one and stay with her until she fell asleep, but then go back to the library on her own.

Either way, once she returned to the library she found where she left her belongings and then found the book on the Lord of Change's world. She'd spend the rest of the night reading it over again, up until she finally got too tired to stay awake. At that, she'd find a couch, put her belongings and the book up against it, before lying down and drifting off to sleep.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 10:08:51 PM

Outside the cinema

"You could say that" Miss Tairee answered Jack, then glanced at the holographic screen again. "I really have to get going soon, so I'd better get started. You should all find somewhere to rest quickly" the librarian added to them, typing away on the holographic keyboard. She suddenly blurred for a moment, then was gone.


She reappeared standing on the center of the glass dome at the top of the library, so those inside and near the center would actually be able to see her if they glanced up.

"One moment" Miss Tairee's voice answered Plague Knight, and a few moments later a lid for the cup appeared with a blur. The sign on the desk then blurred to say that the librarian was now out for the night. "You should get somewhere to rest as soon as you can" her voice added, while up above on top of the dome she kept typing quickly. After almost a minute of typing, she stopped and blurred for a moment again, but did not disappear. She did however slowly levitate upwards a few feet off the dome, as that signature glowing, golden sand started to drift down from her hair and collect around her in floating, amorphous forms.

Miss Tairee started moving her arms about in fluid motions, and the shapes started to take more coherent forms. Miss Tairee may not have had the centuries upon centuries of experience that Sandy did, but when she could simply give herself any knowledge, she could make anything look easy. Additionally, given her body and the bikini she was wearing, she thought she looked damn good doing it if she dared say so herself, as she danced about up there. Finally after a bit of preparation, the shapes started to move out into the city along with sweeping tendrils of sand, seeking out those in the city. Some of the few still awake seemed alarmed at first, though fewer still realized that they couldn't get hurt on this day and relaxed on their own before they even found out the substance was harmless. It moved around the buildings and found ways in through little nooks and crannies, eventually reaching everyone.

As they were exposed, they'd find themselves getting very tired and would soon calmly fall asleep to nice, pleasant dreams; even those who normally couldn't have dreams or even sleep were affected the same way. Once it was done, Miss Tairee brought back her holographic screen, typed a few commands, then blurred and disappeared. With everyone asleep happily, none would be awake to see the sky start to turn orange and everything stop with another blur.


Miss Tairee appeared back in her normal outfit, including her lensless glasses, and let out a breath of relief. "Well, I think that was a rather nice day, all things considered. At least it got to end on a high note" Miss Tairee said, more to herself than to her boss. The sound of writing came back.

"Indeed. That was a very clever idea Sekreh. Although, you didn't tell them about the plot thread that I had told you you could."

Miss Tairee gave a shrug. "None of them ever asked. I think they're too used to me giving vague answers and, 'I can't tell you yet' responses. Honestly I bet they think that talking to me is mostly a waste of time" Miss Tairee responded. Once more, the scribbling of a pen on paper sounded out.

"In any case, I already have the next day prepared."

A piece of paper floated over to Miss Tairee for her to read. "Seems like a natural progression... Wait, boss you can't be serious about this challenge!" Miss Tairee exclaimed, her eyes widening a bit. As usual, there was the sound of a pen scratching on paper.

"One of them specifically asked for more interesting things in the water next time."

Miss Tairee was silent for a few moments, then sighed in slight irritation. "Goodness. If it weren't for the respawning, I think most of them would be dead by their own stupidity by now" Miss Tairee muttered, shaking her head. "Well, alright I guess I'm ready whenever you are" she added, adjusting her glasses lens. And she once more heard the sound of a pen writing on paper.

"Then let us begin."

Day eleven, the guaranteed adventure

With the transitions now happening at dawn, the sky was already a rich orange and the stars no longer visible when the world came back into focus. For some, the view out the windows of where they had been sleeping revealed a open expanse of water which extended out into a horizon which seemed a little closer than it should be. A cool, salty breeze and the strange flapping of pages accompanied most places up on the surface.

But for many others, and those who had fallen asleep outside, the view was of metal bulkheads and view ports that showed a deep, seemingly bottomless ocean. The occasional groaning and clinking of metal along with running machinery was the sound of the morning for them.

Back up inside the library, another change of the transitions now being at dawn was that Miss Tairee reappeared mere moments after the world had refocused. With most in the library still asleep, she sat down at her computer and typed for a bit, then with a blur a cup of steaming coffee appeared on the desk in front of her. Miss Tairee took the coffee in hand and sipped from it, then leaned back and glanced up at the bubble still suspended in the air. "I guess I'll have to let him out soon" Miss Tairee muttered to herself.

On the radio frequencies, channel 11 was filled with chatter among the anti-humans who were trying to figure out what the theme of the day was about. Channel 5 likewise had the militia chatting about figuring out the day theme, but there was also chatter about their ship project.

"Seems to be a large metal room underwater. Kind of like a warehouse or dry dock. Got two small doors at each end; not enough room to get the ship out, but it's not like it's gonna be done by today anyway. Wells is having us seal the doors for now; we heard some clanking down one that sounded real suspicious" went Rachel's voice, who seemed to be reporting off to the members who were not in said structure.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 10:55:41 PM

Sophie looked up as Miss Tairee gave them her warning before vanishing. Moments later, the lilac-haired girl saw - and recognized - the tendrils of golden sand slowly stretching out from the Library that was suddenly several blocks away in the distance.

"We should find places to lay down," she told the others as she herself looked around. She soon spotted a nearby row of benches, all lining a small park area. She ran over to one and sat down on it, squirming a bit to try and get herself into a decently-comfortable position. She settled with slouching down, arms in her lap, just as one of the tendrils of sand reached her, faintly striking the top of her head; immediately she felt drowsy, and soon her eyes closed and her head lulled forward as she fell asleep.

The skies of Ephinea were rippling blue and clear, as they often were, with part of the massive Foselos ring that surrounded the planet visible to one side, dutifully turning slowly. The warm rays of the sun beamed down upon Lhant Hill, a beautiful cliffside meadow filled with flowers from all corners of the world - a state made possible by the large amounts of eleth that permeated the area. Sitting at the edge of the cliff, connected to the little meadow by a natural land bridge, was a large, lush tree, its roots coiling through and around the outcropping it had grown on.

"Once, there was a young boy who discovered a lost seed."

In the middle of the meadow, two people played. One was a young redheaded boy of no more than ten years, the other a long-haired woman in a white sun dress. The boy would rush at her, laughing as he reached out to tag her... only for her to deftly move to the side with a smile of her own, the little game continuing on.

"He planted it in his yard, and he took care of it every day."

Soon, the boy began to tire; sensing this, the woman prompted him to sit down on the lush grass with her. She took a book out of the basket they had with them, and opened it to a bookmarked page, her right hand resting on said page. She began to read out loud to the boy, and with his hands in his lap, he listened intently.

"Over time, the lost seed grew up and blossomed into a beautiful flower."

The woman looked at the boy. "What do you think happened to the seed after that?" she asked him. He seemed to ponder this for a moment, before tilting his head to one side, his brown eyes wide with curiosity.

"It turned into a bright, shining star that watched over everyone," she finally answered, the smile never leaving her lips. "This was its way of thanking the boy who had been so very kind to it."

The woman looked up at the sky, and the boy followed suit. "Which star was it? Well...... It's the one we all know best." She looked back at the boy.

"Our favorite star of all........."

A boardwalk, somewhere.

The sound of flowing water and waves lightly crashing against something stirred Sophie. Slowly, she straightened up where she sat and rubbed her eyes before opening them. What greeted her was a horizon of water, seemingly stretching out every which way, with a few buildings dotting the distance. The lilac-haired girl stretched her arms and legs while she shook off the rest of her sleepiness. A dream...... but what did it mean? That woman looked familiar......

She stood up and looked around some more, finding that her the bag containing the swimsuit provided to her was now gone. Oh... I didn't get to wear it to a beach again. She also saw that the row of benches they had stopped at now sat on what appeared to be a stone-laid boardwalk. The benches themselves were positioned near the railing, allowing anyone to sit down there and get a nice view of the transformed horizon. She walked over to the railing, her hands resting on them as she gazed off into the distance, the wind lightly carrying her pigtails behind her. It's like we're at a port now.

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Aug 14th 2016 at 11:07:45 PM

A Dream

Zelda found herself on the surface below Skyloft, or at least what she thought was the surface. The real sun was shining down on everything, including the great statue of the goddess that was normally at the center of Skyloft. Link was at her side, his hand wrapped around hers, looking just as amazed as she herself was, dressed in the signature outfit of the Knights of Skyloft in green tones. She herself now wore a simple white dress, with sandals instead.

Before them stood the entire population of Skyloft, standing next to their Loftwings. They all seemed to be cheering them on, proud of them for achieving such a grand accomplishment of freeing the surface world from whatever had been plaguing it. Zelda wasn't sure what they did, but seeing them all so happy filled her with happiness of her own. Link clearly felt the same way.

Now they had a brand new world to explore. Somehow, Zelda didn't think she'd want to return to Skyloft, when down here was so much more exciting. It had been locked off to them for years after all; she wanted to see everything that it had to offer now that there was no more to worry about for the time being.

Then a certain skeleton and his summoner friend flew by, the former on a Red Loftwing of his own and the latter on her dragon. As they passed, they turned to her with big grins on their faces, not that the former was ever not wearing a grin. Sans gave her a wink, and Caro waved. Zelda smiled and waved back to them, pleased that they got a happy ending of their own at last.

To top everything off, Sadness appeared just by Zelda's feet. Somehow, the overall atmosphere was enough to make even her look happy. Zelda knelt down to her and gave her a hug, immune to her usual sadness inducing effects. Once that was done, she stood up and exchanged a knowing glance between the three of them present.

It was finally time to explore a brand new world....

Library - Dawn of the Eleventh Day - Lots of Wetness Remains

...Sadly, as Zelda found out as she woke up, it wasn't the one she'd been hoping for.

The first thing she noticed was a salty scent drifting through her nose. As she woke up properly and sat up, the second thing she noticed was that she hadn't changed into some weird form overnight and was still her normal self. The third thing she noticed as she looked around was that the library looked considerably less advanced than she was used to. If anything, it reminded her of some of the older structures in Skyloft. At least it didn't look anywhere near as bad as it did two days ago.

Once she'd taken everything in, she let out a painful sigh before going to put her boots back on. It was nice to have a pleasant dream for once after night after night of vaguely prophetic nightmares, but it reminded her of just how much she missed everyone back home. Furthermore, it also reminded her of everything that had transpired yesterday, not the least of which was everything involving giving Sans a happy ending. Her options for that were either to do nothing and leave all those people to their fates or do something that could possibly be worse than what she did to Sadness. Neither sounded really good to her. Furthermore, what were Sans and Caro going to think? Given how easily the former figured out her lies yesterday, she seriously doubted either of them believed her about the Loftwings (even though she did ask about those).

Once her boots were back on, she picked up her belongings and the book. Then she looked around a little more for an explanation for the salty, finally looking out one of the windows. That was a lot of water, even more than at the beach yesterday. She briefly thought about trying to make up for lost time from yesterday, but decided that probably wasn't such a good idea. She had more important things to worry about right now, anyway.

At that, she moved over to one of the tables. Maybe she could get some more research done while trying to figure out what she should do from here. Just as she went to sit down herself, however, she noticed Miss Tairee already at her desk. From there, a thought came to her. Something that could maybe help decide how best to move on from here. With that, she walked up to the desk.

"Miss Tairee," she said, "I'd like to ask you something."

While she waited for a response, she looked over the challenge and reward plaques. She remembered Caro going on about a prison yesterday in response to that man from the supermarket, so she imagined the reward would probably be worthwhile for her. The challenge required, however, looked pretty hefty to say the least. Given what happened the last time Zelda tried helping with a challenge, she decided that it'd be for the best if she sat out this one.

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Caro found herself in the meadow close to the old base of Section Six. The trials at the strange city appeared to be finally over and it must have taken some convincing, but she seemed to have been able to fully explain what had happened and everyone was cheering her on and congratulating her for her actions. What was more, it seemed that she had somehow had gotten to contact the worlds of the friends she had made in the City and even managed to have gotten them transferred here for a visit.

She took a look around, smiling warmly at the interactions between all her friends. Off in the distance, Erio and Zafira took turns sparring with Ben. The moment where Ben had turned into that big, four-armed alien of his, followed by Zafira turning from his wolf form in his human one and the two had started excitedly fighting had been priceless.

Likewise, on another side of the meadow, there was Lune in her Valsione form, excitedly fighting alternatedly with Subaru and Teana. And probably one of the most surprising but also best sights was seeing Vita and Signum trying to teach Zelda to fight.

More quietly, Cole was at the middle of the meadow, sitting together with Nanoha and Vivio. The spirit seemed to be having fun playing with them, although at times, Nanoha ended up having to taking of both of them.

Fate and Hayate were a bit off in the distance, discussing something, but also obviously smiling at the whole scene.

And of course, Sans was laid on the grass, resting peacefully. She didn't know how it had happened, specially after her plan had horribly failed and she hadn't tried anything else like afterwards, but thankfully, her skeleton friend and his world had been somehow saved in the end.

She kneeled and then gently nudged Sans, softly saying, "Come on, Sans. Wake up. Everyone is here. You don't wanna miss on meeting them all, do you?"

I took a few moments, but the skeleton finally arose and with same casual grin as usual and a chuckle, he said, " yeah, I guess I had better quit lawning around all day, huh?"

She naturally giggled a bit at his awful pun and then took his hand, starting to lead him towards everyone else.

On the way, both of their glances ended up seemingly simultaneously on Erio and the skeleton chuckled a bit and with a way too excited grin, "So that's the guy, huh?"

He didn't even need to do any actual teasing this time. Just the memories of the many times he had done so in the city after she had made the mistake of accidently revealing her crush was enough to started making her blush already. "S-Sans ... you said that you wouldn't say anything about this anymore ... A-And that you wouldn't say anything to h-him either"

The skeleton snickered a bit and then said, "I also said that it was also not like I could meet him, but that's no longer true, is it?"

She blushed even more and she simply uttered, "S-Sans, please d-don't ... "

The skeleton couldn't help snickering a little more before donning a more casual grin and adding, "relax, kid. i actually said that I wouldn't tell even if I could meet him and I meant it. but you really should do something about it. you guys must be perfect for each other. i mean, even your face right now is just like his hair. face it, you are just fated for each other," he couldn't help snickering a bit more at this.

But even as she turned her face away to try to hide her bright blush, Caro knew that she wouldn't have it any other way. She couldn't wait to see what these wonderful times would bring ...

Strange Room - Dawn of Day 11 - A sinking feeling

... But it wasn't to last. She suddenly woke up to a rather horrible noise. It sounded like whirling metal and machines and it was rather grating. Not to mention confusing. Why would there be sounds like in a hotel room like the one they were in?

The noises were constant and there no escaping it, so she might as well get up and try to locate the source. When she sat up and opened her eyes, the sight was just as strange and unfamiliar as those noises. The three beds and the few more pieces of furniture present in the room were still mostly the same, but as for everything else ... The walls were now metallic, with rivets holding them together. The floor also appeared much harder and colder than the soft carpet from before. And when looked the wall where the window was located, there no curtains and said window was completely different. It was now much smaller and rounder.

After getting up, with Fried quickly following after and taking flight beside her, and picking up the items from the bedside table next to her and stowing them away, she slipped on her shoes, noticing that the floor was indeed much colder when her feet touched it immediately before doing so. She then walked over to the strange window and peered through it.

The first thing she noticed was that the glass seemed much more thicker than usual. But that quickly gave away to the sight beyond. It was clear that was looking at what seemed to below an ocean. There was water everywhere and countless creatures swimming through it. There were small and vibrantly colored fish, as well as larger and more menacing ones, such as sharks. There were even a couple even larger aquatic creatures, with very long bodies, unlke anything she had seen or heard of before. If she had to draw a comparison, she would say that they almost looked like aquatic versions of dragons. Of in the distance, she could spot a few decrepit, metallic structures.

It was all as much alarming as it was awe-inspiring, to say the least. She supposed it figured that the storyteller god would thrown them into a presumably very dangerous day underwater after giving them a harmless one at the beach.

She looked back at the beds and saw that her two other companions still seemed to be sleeping despite the constant noises. They couldn't know if this room was safe anymore or if would stay that way for long even if was, so it was best to try to warn them. So she got closer to their beds and called out, "Um, guys, I think you had better wake up. Something very strange is going on. Suffice to say, this building seems to completely underwater now!"

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The library

Soon, Ben couldn't keep his eyes open as a haze spread over him, and he soon collapsed into a deep, pleasant sleep....

Ben's dream

Four Arms and Vilgax, locked in combat, arms trying to shove the other out of the way. Neither one budging an inch. Gwen and Max looked upon the sight in horror and anticipation. Four Arms winced, he felt like he was going to give.... it seemed all over.....

"hey squidface. you keep this up, you'll be sleepin' with the fishes," a voice came from the sidelines. The galactic conqueror turned his head to see, Sans standing on a nearby platform. His eye glowed a brilliant blue and he gestured his hand towards a building. Vilgax was tossed to the side and smacked face-first into a wall. Four Arms grinned when he saw the skeleton come to his aid. Gwen cheered while Max smiled triumphantly.

A metallic pair of arms grabbed Vilgax and pulled him off the building. Vilgax opened his eyes to see a teenager with goggles and a red jacket, as well as giant mechanical arms, carrying the dictator and holding him with a smirk. "Oh, you think you're done, hombre? Well the party's just getting started!" Rex taunted, tossing Vilgax in the direction of another building. Vilgax, growling in fury, was caught by another pair of mechanical hands, this one attached to a green and black robot roughly Four Arms' size.

"And you know what?" Grimlock asked. "The best kinda party is one that keeps on goin' on!" He tossed Vilgax into the air a couple feet, then kicked him in another directon. "TENNYSON!!!" Vilgax snarled, as he flew again. This time, he was caught not by robot hands, but by the gentle hands of a young blonde woman, angelic wings flapping softly as she hovered in midair. "You may be able to conquer worlds..." Eve told him, now tossing him to a purple winged pony who somehow caught him.

"...but you'll never conquer the power of our Friendship with Ben!" Twilight Sparkle exclaimed, "tossing" him down and slamming him into the ground. There was a loud boom and a crater. After a moment or two, Vilgax, visibly struggling, yanked himself out of the crater. He found himself face to face with a scrawny young blonde man with a wide-brimmed straw hat. They made eye contact for a few moments. Then the blonde man furrowed his brow. "You... are not a nice person," Cole stated simply. Vilgax growled, then attempted to reach out and throttle Cole, before he was again yanked away, this time by a force he could not see.

Floating in midair, Vilgax now looked down at the redheaded young woman holding him in place. The librarian, Miss Tairee, eyes glowing green, outstretched her arm to keep Vilgax still. Then she typed in a few commands on her wrist computer. A rocket ship formed around Vilgax. "NO! You fools! I will return! You will see! You will all see!" Vilgax snarled. Four Arms flashed red and shifted back into Ben. "Plague Knight, you can do the honors," he stated. The robed, bird-faced knight pulled out a special red bomb, and with a high-pitched cackle, he tossed it at the fuse of the rocket. "TALLY-HO! EEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!" Plague Knight cackled. The bomb exploded into fire, lighting the fuse, and then the rocket lifted off, carrying the conqueror with it. "CURSE YOU, TENNYSON! CURSE YOU ALL!" Vilgax yelled as the rocket flew away.

Ben's friends, including Gwen and Max, cheered and circled around Ben. "That was awesome, guys! Good job!" Lune exclaimed. ALL RIGHT! HECK YES! YOU GUYS KICKED THAT JERKFACE'S BUTT!! Karkat yelled, grinning a toothy Troll grin from ear to ear. Ben smirked, being hugged by Eve, then Lune, then Caro, and then oddly Yoshika. "It was nothing, really," Ben told the group.

The library, Day 11

Ben awoke to hear the sound of ocean waves. Ben jolted up, surprised, and looking around the library confused. It must have shifted while he was asleep. And why did he have to wake up now? He was having such a great dream...

With Ghostfreak on Day 10

"At last, my revenge upon the Tennyson boy will be realized!" Ghostfreak hissed, as darkness finally settled into the City. He shed his outer coating letting his grotesque true form bask in the darkness as he felt better than he ever had before. His strength was returning to him, and Ghostfreak flew into the now pitch-black library, snickering evilly to himself.

"What? Who's there?" Ben asked, sounding nervous and scared. "Your worst nightmare, Tennyson. Now! My strength has returned! And you shall suffer as I have in your Omnitrix!" Ghostfreak hissed, lunging towards Ben. Ben screamed, first in fear as Ghostfreak attacked him, then his screaming turned torturous as waves of burning, searing pain erupted through his body. The screaming echoed through the City, then gave way to maniacal laughter. Ben's eyes looked sunken in, pitch black with purple irises and cracked black lines underneath his eyes, and Ghostfreak-in-Ben's body cackled. "At last, my revenge is complete! Ben shall suffer for all eternity!"

Somewhere in the City, Day 11

Of course, in reality, Ghostfreak had fallen asleep thanks to Miss Tairee's sleeping sand, and he was having a "good" dream, curled up on the floor of a dark, underground tunnel. After hearing the hiss of steam and the creaking of pipes, Ghostfreak's single eye shot open. He looked around, confused, then snarled in fury. "CURSE YOU, LIBRARIAN!" Ghostfreak yelled once he realized what had happened. He would now have to find Ben, and now that he could fight back, getting his vengance would not be as easy as he once thought.

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The Former Rick's Party, Surprise Tentacle Attack
It took a great amount of time, but after riding that alien for so long, never so much as thinking of letting go of the bladderhorn's bladder horns, Yoshika did it. She had proven the superiority of Jiangshi over extraterrestrial life.

The poor creature had, after desperately spending all of this time trying to shake her off and combined with the stresses of the day, simply dropped on the ground and given up. It lay there, weakly bleating and panting in its own exotic way. Yoshika finally relented and gotten off of it, raising her arms into the air and saying, "I did it! No beast stands before a servant of the mighty Seiga!" in the most hammy voice she could manage. She looked to the mighty Seiga, only to find her comfortably passed out on the sand, and a golden tentacle of dust about to hit her face.

Like often, she shouted "Seiga!" and tried to get to her, ignoring the motes as they passed into her. Suddenly, each step quickly became harder than the last, like her feet were getting heavier. There was something hidden deep within her mind, a fracture of a memory from long ago, reminding her what this feeling was: Tiredness. She hadn't felt it since...some time. It must've been a very, very long time ago, now...

Yoshika tried to drag herself forward, the sand not making for the best gripping material, as she desperately tried to reach her master. Before she knew it, though, it became impossible to keep her eyes open. This tiredness felt...nice...

A Very, Very Long Time Ago
It was a nice day outside. The estate of the Miyako family was bustling, as usual, the many servants underneath them moving to and fro, doing their individual daily routines. Some chopped wood, some tended the gardens, a few were hauling things from a trip to the market, and they did it all diligently. They all ignored the heat of the summer, because they didn't owe their lives to just anyone. The Miyako clan were all important people.

Even little Yoshika, the youngest in the entire family. She sat on the edge of the property, wiping the sweat off her brow as the wind blew, providing a little respite for the girl as she overlooked the fields. Yoshika had always loved the summer, but in these hottest days she wished it could get a little cooler. She was out here, just about oblivious to the toil of her family's workers because she wanted to get some ideas for poetry. Her mother had just shown her the basic idea, and she found all of it very pretty and nice sounding. She was just 10 at the time, so she didn't really understand any of the rules, but she knew you had to rhyme.

Out in the fields, you can see the wind blow, and the birds in the sky...row...their wings? Like boats, moving over the moats of a castle, seeking from nature their yields. Man, she had come up with a few today, but that one sounded especially nice. She had to do her best to remember it, because she had to go put it to paper. Her mother would like it a lot!

She got up and ran down the pathway to where she knew her mother was, waving at the weary workers, most bowing to her in return. As she got partway there, she slowed down and stopped, putting an ear out. There was something that sounded different from the usual noise. The sounds of labor and the wind rustling the trees faded out, and somewhere in the forest the sound of a biwa being played made itself known.

Yoshika paused. Why would someone be playing one of those out there? Those were indoor kinds of things, for bards and performers. She hesitated a little bit, before cautiously moving off the path and into the deep emerald woods.

After walking for a minute, pushing past branches and ducking under spider webs, she made it to a little clearing. In the middle was the source of the song, a woman. She was dressed in immaculately elegant robes, the fabric spread around her like a saucer. The sun played on the golden fibers within the blue threads, making her whole being sparkle. Her face was like a statue, her skin as white as snow. Her hair was tied in an odd loop, a long and golden hair pin keeping it in place. The song she was playing was calm, and entrancing in how delicate it sounded. Whoever she was, she must've been practicing for a long time.

The player kept her eyes closed, feeling the deep strumming, and not noticing Yoshika at all. The young girl decided to sit down and listen for a while, because it sounded so enchanting. As her song continued, she slowly edged closer, quietly scooting across the grass. Before she knew it, the song was over, and the player opened her eyes with a contented sigh - finding she had an audience.

Yoshika looked into her eyes, expecting her to start another song. The player smiled, and said, "It seems at least one person wants to hear an old woman play. Do you have a name?" Yoshika nodded, replying "Miyako Yoshika. Do you have a name?"

"Of course I do. I am Kaku Seiga." Yoshika's heart started racing, and she leaped forward to her master's embrace. Pushing aside the talisman draped across her face, she shouted, "Seiga! Seiga, oh, how I love you!" She had always known Seiga, as long as she had ever lived. To be this close to her, rubbing her cold cheek on hers, was to feel her comforting warmth and radiant beauty. Her master laughed her noble laugh, and hugged her back, enveloping her in her eternal love.

Seiga's kindness knew no bounds. Every moment in her existence was blessed, knowing that her humble self could serve a divine being like her. There was some hint in her mind that she had forgotten something, but she could only find herself screaming her master's name in ecstasy, over and over, for as long as time continued.

An Even Longer Time Ago
It was home. An old, old home, but not the first one she remembered. Wu Qing'e looked to her husband, who was snoring softly at her side. Huan always fell asleep pretty quickly after these kind of things. She herself found that she never seemed to go to bed in a timely fashion, no matter the circumstance.

She looked to her left, and she could see that a window had been left open. Qing'e thought of closing it, but surely it would stir him if she got up. Come to think of it, that was the window that he had used to get into this room the very first time they had met, right? That must explain it. The latch was faulty.

Considering how its breaking had led to this happiness, wasn't its imperfection its greatest quality? Huh, that sounded like something a scholar would come up with. How pleasant was this, Qing'e thought. Even if the breeze was cold on her bare skin, she always liked it a little nippy. Huan didn't seem to protest either, so she left it open. She turned back over, draped her arm over him, and found herself falling asleep very quickly.

???, Wake Her Up Inside (Of What?)
Yoshika groaned, trying her best to open up her eyes, and finding it a difficult task. Something made her feel nicer than usual, but she couldn't remember what. Yoshika then remembered, for the second time in two days, that she doesn't sleep. She forced herself to get up, her arms sticking out in front of her as she bent up.

Well, it was dark. And damp. And the only source of light was a little window, oddly circular. She couldn't see much of anything else without more light, aside from the Seiga sprawled out in front of her, looking happy in her dreams.

Right now, there were a few things she wanted to do, like wake up Seiga, but most importantly she needed to fix her rigor mortis with some vigorous stretching. Her master could sleep a few minutes more, she wanted to be prepared to deal with...whatever was going on right now.

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