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Feb 12th 2019 at 4:25:36 PM

With a mighty shout of "Fo... Krah Diin!", Viserys unleashes a burst of Frost Breath at the Batter.

   "Well, if you really wanna pointlessly strike out for Coach Galeem's sake, then I'll show you to the bench!"   

Pietro conjures up a Chaos Sniper Rifle, lines up a shot, and fires upon the Batter.

Thor flashes a smile at Lucina and Laurent, then looks towards the Batter. Sighing, he just hurls Mjolnir towards his foe. Regardless of whether the hammer manages to strike the Batter or not, it returns to the god of thunder's grasp afterwards.

"Just not the kind of standards that puny mortals would understand, yes? And despite the... animosity between us, know that I really do appreciate your appraisal for me and Pietro's choice to defy Ultron."

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DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Feb 12th 2019 at 4:42:22 PM

   "No, I think you'd understand them with ease. Accepting them, however, I don't see happening. These are very different times we live in now."   , she says, chuckling once more.

   "Not many people would. They believe my praise is taunting. However, I suppose that, if there's      any      part of me that's genuine, it's the part of me that praises my enemies. If you've lived as long as I have, you come to appreciate these sorts of things, and you develop an eye for them."   

Bismark is pulled back on, looking grateful and terrified at Hit and Rumia.

"T-thank you!"

He then just looks at the end of the fight as the Masked Man gets back up as well. The latter doesn't intervene either, but this is likely more to save on energy than anything else.

The Batter, meanwhile, bats the final beams away, breaking his bat in the process, then gets struck by Frost Breath, freezing a part of his arm, after which Mjolnir hits, sending the Batter back as the arm that was partly frozen outright snaps off of his body. Still, even after that, he continues to stand. He tries a single swing with his broken, useless weapon against Godworld!Thor, but gets caught in the pummeling before his swing is even close to done.

Once the intense beatdown is finished, the Batter just stands still, about to fall over at any second. And then he is shot, after which he's set ablaze, which provides the finishing blow. There's no flails or screams though, only calm, cold words.

   "... Your words... mean nothing..."   , he says with the last of his strength.    "I am a purifier. I exist to purify. You exist to corrupt."   

The light leaves his eyes.

   "Escaping from your purpose... is impossible."   

Still ablaze, he collapses, his body burning away.

Purification failed

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KiriK The Great Spirit from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
The Great Spirit
Feb 12th 2019 at 4:42:46 PM

The moment the light leaves the Batter's eyes, so too does it leave his body - quite literally, as the pair of wings Galeem had given him as a boon erupts from his mouth, returning to its full size as it ascends into the void.

And as it phases through the dimensional boundaries out of Final Destination, the entire pocket dimension collapses around them, dumping all the fighters, regardless of where they started, back at the Floating City, in front of Sanctuary.

In the distant sky above, Galeem's wings return to their original position around his core, in formation with the other three pairs.

The stairs rebuild themselves, this time only a single flight of steps, leading straight up to Galeem's Domain from the Floating City...

Now is the time for the wounded to trade places and spirits with those in the second group.

Hit puts his hands in his pockets and smiles warmly.

Callis stands up from a spread-out deck of cards at her feet. By the looks of things, she was playing solitaire.

Awkeff throws her arms up in the air and whoops in delight. "FINALLY, THE TIME HAS TRULY COME!"

She releases Topaz's spirit from herself. "You should find someone else now. I'm going to rest back here, possibly join the fight later on if the chance remains open."

"What happened to the puffball? And..." Callis looks over the returning fighters. "... a large number of you?"

Hit's smile fades quickly. "First of all, it was a trap. We were forced to fight Galeem's final enforcer - a man wielding a baseball bat, obsessed with his twisted view of purity."

The same man Narktus had ordered Daroach to shadow some time ago, Hit thinks to himself.

"So, instead of Thanos' original intention, Wave 1 fought this 'Batter', and now it falls upon the rest of us to take the fight to Galeem?"

"Precisely. And... a number of us fell in combat. The void in which we were forced to fight contained strange immaterial boundaries that atomized everyone who crossed them, and the Batter's final attack sent a large number of the warriors fighting him flying into those boundaries."


"Concede. [...] For all to hear!"
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Mangaka Extrordinare
Feb 12th 2019 at 4:44:04 PM

Shulk and ringabel would stare... then give eachother a high five.

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Art for the sake of art.
Rbade AIYAYAYA Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Feb 12th 2019 at 4:51:35 PM

Sporacles winces at Hit's description of things.

"You know… maybe my skills aren't really up for this."

   "Nonsense, hunter. I saw those images of you taking down that kaiju with your bare hands. Every one is a help."   

Xeru finally wakes up from his concussion and looks around drowsily.

Nagato is stoic, though she deigns to pick up the blue puffball and explain the situation to him tersely.

Feb 12th 2019 at 5:15:20 PM

When the remaining fighters reappeared, Miles rushed over to them with the others in tow, "Guys, let's do what we can to heal them..." The sisters nodded and went to work, either using chunks of ice to soothe the pain of their injuries or Healing Pulse and Ki-based healing to try and at least revitalize them with Zero using his scanners to help pinpoint what needed aid most.

As he worked, Miles listened to what was being said...and he gnarled his teeth as he glared up the staircase, "That Galeem...something tells me he knew he'd benefit regardless of what happened. Either his final guardian would win and he'd be free to do whatever...or our numbers would be thinned out so it be easier for him to kill us all..."

"...Then that's all the more reason for us to give 110%," Miles turned to Nebula, a determined look on her face as she worked, "...We can't let this go on, Miles...there's been enough suffering and sadness..."

"Nebula..." Miles closed his eyes as her words sunk in. She was right...heck, Zero was right. He couldn't afford to be held back by his fears anymore. He knew what to do...

He would accept the power of the Mazin...and extinguish the World Of Light.

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Great Axe
Feb 12th 2019 at 5:20:29 PM

Floating City

Retcon: Oswald and Lea got pulled back to Yen Sid's Tower so Oswald could train Lea with a Keyblade. Vegeta EX died in battle, respawning at Capsule Corp and being greeted by Adelheid's Spirit, alongside his loving wife.

Defense, Pinkamena, Segata, Asura, Bowser, and Bonnie stood where everyone else is.

Bonnie: "time to kick some ass"

Pinkamena:    "Yeah, let's go!"   

Defense and Segata nod.

Bowser roars indiscriminately alongside Asura.

After training with an Undyne not from her world, she begins to question just how large the Arena is.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Feb 12th 2019 at 6:09:44 PM

Once everyone's been returned to the Floating City and notice the stairs changing, Viserys proceeds to release Rathalos' spirit from himself.

"I'm going to regain my strength here, then join the battle against Galeem later, should the opportunity present itself. If you want my advice, locate another fighter to bond with."

He walks over to Awkeff, then lays a hand upon her shoulder.

"That lunatic might not have been our primary target, but... you fought valiantly nonetheless, Fahliil Fahdon."

Pietro drops his Chaos Form before plopping down onto the nearest bench.

"Okay... looks like you're up next, Wanda. Make me proud."

Thor, meanwhile, seems raring to continue the battle alongside the second wave.

"Worry not, I'm still capable of fighting! It will take far more than a stick-brandishing madman to keep me from taking vengeance on Galeem!"

Cue a sigh from Loki, who walks over to his brother's side.

"And here I was beginning to worry that my moment to strike at Galeem would drift away."

"Well, if there's one thing I hope you've learned from this conversation, it's that I'm not exactly like most people."

Then those from the first wave return, prompting Wanda to complete her meditation and listen to Hit's debriefing... as well as notice that not everyone had made it back. Sighing deeply, she rises to her feet.

"Damn... On a more positive note, Mara, our chance to destroy Galeem has come at last. Before you say anything, don't worry, I'm not going to waste your power."

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DefRevenge24601 Great Axe from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Great Axe
Feb 12th 2019 at 6:21:27 PM


BEN looks up in awe; So this is the power of the Fierce Deity...

He smirks, rushing in in such a way where he would be under the arrow Link was aiming, using the Fierce Deity Sword to perform a surprisingly quick flurry of slashes.

After training with an Undyne not from her world, she begins to question just how large the Arena is.
KiriK The Great Spirit from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
The Great Spirit
Feb 12th 2019 at 6:48:35 PM

Link drops his bow as he takes the slashes across the chest, staggering back.

They may both be the Fierce Deity reborn, but it seems like Link is not quite as big as BEN. Must be a generation-gap thing.

He draws his sword again and goes for a lunging thrust.

"Concede. [...] For all to hear!"
DefRevenge24601 Great Axe from Offices of J.NotWoodman Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Great Axe
Feb 12th 2019 at 7:16:08 PM


BEN charges into it with his shield the sword making a small impact but ultimately moot. Link's gonna have to find another way to get past this gap in strength.

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After training with an Undyne not from her world, she begins to question just how large the Arena is.
KiriK The Great Spirit from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
The Great Spirit
Feb 12th 2019 at 7:24:38 PM

Link plants his feet and pulls out...

An Assist Trophy.

The casing around the trophy explodes, unleashing Skull Kid. Skull Kid laughs evilly before sending out a wave of dark magic from his body, causing both combatants' actions to become the reverse motion of whatever they intend to do. Trying to walk forward will make you turn around and go the other way, for instance.

"Concede. [...] For all to hear!"
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Feb 12th 2019 at 11:39:34 PM

Prime looks saddened at his troops's loss but his army is quick to surround and praise him anyway, attempting to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Goku engages in... rock paper scissors, which Goku win !

Yes !

Tsk !

Laurent releases his spirit and Ryoma, Emmeryn, Oboro and Takumi step forth this time, though Samsara and Lucina seemingly intend to stay as the rest of the group get healed by Emmeryn. Xander also attempt to do so, since he will temporarily be sitting out.

Well, time to show the world what Hoshido can do. says Takumi, noticing how the team features the three Hoshidians. Noire raises her hand and stay with the group.

I-I'll stay. I want to prove myself.

Thor is already rushing back to the stairs, and Neuff accompany him, while the sisters look on, seems like they also lost their own little game of "who goes"

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DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Feb 13th 2019 at 10:22:40 AM

Bismark freaks out for a moment when Final Destination collapses, but pauses when he realizes he ended up back in the city.

"Wow... o-okay, that was... a little much for me. I'm gonna stay here for a little bit..."

The Masked Man remained pretty calm throughout it all, and once they're back in the city, he approaches Porky, who's sitting off somewhere on his own.

   "You're back already? Galeem is still there, so what happened?"   

"The Batter stood in our way, but he was eliminated."

Porky grins.

   "So the information you found was right after all. After the barrier shattered, I became a little worried for my safety."   

"Why, Master Porky?"

Now Porky grimaces.

   "I'm on thin ice with the Great Light right now. Any sort of mistake on my end and it's over for me."   

"Do they threaten you? Should I eliminate the Great Light?"

   "NO!"   , Porky suddenly yells, actually startling the Masked Man.    "No, under no circumstances will I allow you to attack them! Dare suggest it again and there will be consequences!"   

"O-oh. Apologies, Master Porky. I wouldn't want to endanger you."

   "Nothing would happen to me if the Great Light suddenly got a little 'accident'."   , Porky snarls.

"... then... I don't understand."

   "You don't need to understand anything. Besides, if I explained this to you, I'm sure Claus would learn too if you ever end up as one person again. So you will just follow my orders and not harm them. In fact, protect them if need be."   

"... yes... Master Porky.", the Masked Man says, still looking and sounding confused. But his master's word is law, even if he doesn't understand it. Picky, who was close by enough to listen in, appears confused at Porky's reaction.

Des returns as well, floating over to the Great Light immediately.

"How did it go?"

"Tough around the end of it. There was another guardian that gave us some trouble, but I did figure out what this Spirit does."

"A guardian? Did he have a bat?"

"Yes. Looks like Porky was speaking the truth after all."

"I see... perhaps I shouldn't be as harsh on him as I have been. Still, I'm not foolish enough to actually trust him. ... So, are you going to challenge Galeem?"

"Nah. If I can't cut his thread I won't be of much use. And this Spirit is pretty situational. I'll remain here as potential backup."

After everyone has made it back, the Spirits of those who fought the Batter, save for the Smash Ball that the Masked Man has, and Selena and Laslow, as their fighters stay to fight, de-equip themselves, a few of them looking a little tired.

Odin, after being deequipped, turns to Emmeryn.

"Perhaps you could make good use of me, Aun-um, Lady Emmeryn.", he says. "My boost should power up your healing prowess."

Topaz turns to Awkeff.

"I'm actually somewhat tired from that last battle. I think I'll remain here in case I'm needed later. You should all still have enough Spirits left to fight, I think."

Naesala now descends from the building, pondering to himself.

"Sounds like they had to deal with an obstacle first... there's no doubt at least a few of them have already spotted me. Should I go directly fight Galeem alongside them..."

   "Indeed. Perhaps I was wrong to have simply dismissed you."   , she admits. She then suddenly sounds confused.

   "Wait, what happened to my undeads? They're incredibly tough to kill, there's no possible way one guardian could've killed all five of them in this little time. Something must've gone wrong. Damn it all, I'll have to retrieve them later. The Arena should revive them anyway."   

She sighs, then starts sounding more serious, similarly to when they were preparing to fight Count Kevin.

   "Good. Let's make him writhe."   

Botar returns to the battlefield, angrily holding a claw over his mask.

"Finally, the blindness has almost worn off. Damn that guardian, I'll make Galeem suffer for recruiting him..."

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KiriK The Great Spirit from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
The Great Spirit
Feb 13th 2019 at 10:51:01 AM

Awkeff nods to Topaz. "Very well. I can rest here with you. Perhaps we could trade stories?"

The Dogi separate from Bismark. They sniff the air until they figure out where he is, then bow to him.

Vegito's spirit separates from Pietro. He seems to be coursing with intensified power from that battle, even if his status as a still image (that's the thing about 'naturally formed' spirits) means he can't convey a change in disposition.

Rathalos looks back at Viserys with uncertainty, then slowly drifts to group up with the other spirits that are still well enough to fight.

Callis and Hit look at each other. They get a head start up the stairs, neither one taking a spirit with them.

As the fighters ascend the stairs, something eerie begins to happen. The higher and higher they climb, the less and less they are able to hear. By the time they’re halfway up, there is no sound save for their footsteps, prompting those at the head of the pack to stop.

As creepy as the silence may be, Hit points out that "This didn’t happen on the way up to the Batter, so hopefully this means the path to Galeem is truly open."

Even the voice of someone right there with them sounds like it’s coming from back down at the bottom of the stairs...

If you are so inclined, split your post into two parts with !! as the divider, the part above being stuff before they go up the stairs - like the exchanging of Spirits.

"Concede. [...] For all to hear!"
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Feb 13th 2019 at 10:53:12 AM

Emmeryn stares at Odin, for a few moments, and then smiles.


Do not forget to protect Emmeryn. Her healing will be of little use if she is... hit. warns Miriel.

We shall defend her, of course ! says Ryoma. Lady Emmeryn, we may need to stay on the move as a result.

Lord Ryoma, perhaps you'd need to get close, though.

Worry not, I can attack from afar with my blade.

Xander ponders in the distance, noticing the tired spirits, so does Noire.

Huh, Severa ? Oh, dont get angry, huh, Selena, are you alright ?

I trust that you are doing well, Laslow ? Do warn me if anything happens. says Xander, heading out. Goku waits for everyone at the bottom of the stairs while Thor is still running up.

Samsara looks up and notice the raven king, pointing.

You shouldn't feel forced to fight, but if you want to help, anyone's welcome !

Thanos observes his team and chuckles, sinisterly.

Bah, it merely gave me the time to further empower my attack. he says, reality warping around his fist, creating a small power singularity. As soon as I fire this, you will all spring into action, my soldiers.

Neuff walk along, hand in her pockets, at a brisk pack.



By the gods ! We told you to stop telling that, Barbarian !


Hm ? But I can... not really clearly at that.

The fighters walk up the stairs, with Thor and Goku being in front of the others. Goku runs up to Callis and Hit, meanwhile.


Emmeryn scratch her ears, barely hearing Goku, the Sheperds looks confused.

Stick close, alright ?

Neuff sighs and approach them.

Means that we're getting closer, in my opinion.

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Feb 13th 2019 at 11:17:16 AM

Miles and the gang marched up the staircase, heading towards a battle that would determine the fate of this world and possibly many others.

"You know, when this is over and we put everything back the way it was, we can see about getting you back to your world, Shyna." Corona offered with a smile.

Shyna actually seemed to recoil a little at this, before scratching the back of her neck nervously, "Well, um...ah geez...listen, I appreciate the thought but..."

"...And just when I started to think there wasn't a place in the world I had fixed, I woke up here, got hit by that beam of light and..." The witch made a dismissive gesture with her hand, "You guys know the rest."

Both sisters winced in sympathy, and they had thought they had it hard. "We're sorry...but at least with us you're not alone anymore." Nebula offered a warm smile before patting their friend on the head, causing her to giggle.

As Miles walked on though, he started to notice "Guys? Is there something wrong with our footsteps?" They didn't seem to notice what he said as they kept going onwards. He took a deep breath, "GUYS!! DO YOU NOTICE ANYTHING WRONG WITH OUR FOOTSTEPS??!"

Hmm? Zero stopped and scanned the area, Sensors indicate a type of...disturbance...and it seems we are nearing the source...

Arachnos End Of The Road from Montreal Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
End Of The Road
Feb 13th 2019 at 11:20:38 AM

Both Sombra and Rumia are heading up the stairs with the others, far from satisfied with just taking down Galeem's enforcer. The holy abomination itself must be destroyed.

Ahuizotl: tough on criminals. Because he's probably Mother Theresa. And Batman.
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Great Axe
Feb 13th 2019 at 11:24:12 AM


Team Good Dads (Bowser and Asura) leads the group, with Bonnie looking to see which guitar he should use first.

Bowser: "Galeem is so dead!"

Asura: "Right behind you!"

Defense whistles the tune of "Love Shack"... mixed with "Nero's Theme"? Whatever.

Pinkamena bounces along to the rhythm.

And Segata is just there.

After training with an Undyne not from her world, she begins to question just how large the Arena is.
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Feb 13th 2019 at 11:39:08 AM

"I'm always happy to exchange stories with you, Awkeff. Perhaps my first visit to Blackreach would be a good place to start..." Viserys replies to Awkeff.

Thor and Loki wordlessly begin ascending the stairway leading towards Galeem.

Wanda actually smirks when Mara admits that she might've been wrong about her.

"Trust me, Mara, Galeem has no idea what retribution awaits him..."

With that, she hurries up the stairs after the group.

"That lad who possessed a surprising amount of information on Galeem didn't mention this... sound issue," Thor muses, as he and his brother walk at the front of the pack. "I hope he knows just as much about Dharkon..."

"I beg your pardon, were you... saying something?" Loki asks Myth!Thor, his expression one of utter confusion. "If I didn't know better, I'd assume that this venture must've somehow drained you of your usual bombast..."

"At the very least, this is a sign that we're definitely not wandering into a second trap," Wanda says to Mara. "I could be mistaken, however, so alert me the moment you notice anything suspicious."

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DevilPsyco from The Underworld (pretty deep down in the ground) Relationship Status: In another castle
Feb 13th 2019 at 11:45:13 AM

"I unfortunately don't have many stories to tell. I died when I was merely 14. However, I'm interested in hearing about yours.", she says.

Odin, meanwhile, equips himself to Emmeryn, trying not to think about how weird this situation really is, seeing as she's his aunt.

"I'm fine. I can take way more than what we just went through.", Selena mentally says to Noire, though sounds a little tired. Still, she's using that tone of voice that makes it clear that her mind is made up. There's no point in arguing with her.

"Don't worry, my liege. I'll manage.", Laslow mentally says to Xander. He too sounds tired, but still as devoted as ever.

Naesala turns to look at Samsara, not having noticed her until she spoke up. He smirks.

"Didn't think anyone would hear me talking to myself. ... Well, I might as well give it a shot."

Spreading his wings, he flies towards the stairs.

Bismark turns to the Dogi and, showing a little smile, waves to them as they seperate.

   "Now go destroy Galeem. Do not return until he's down! Make him pay for this humiliation!"   , Porky says.

"Yes, Master Porky.", the Masked Man says, then starts heading off. Picky goes after him, but the Masked Man motions for him to stay.

"If I fall, Master Porky will need someone to fight on his behalf. I know your relationship with him isn't that good, but I know that, in this situation, you would comply with the idea. Am I correct?"

Picky remains silent, though sighs, and then nods.

"Just... try to be careful, alright? I don't want you to die, Claus or not."

The Masked Man looks a little surprised, but then nods.

"I will be."

He then heads off towards the stairs.

Botar, looking furious, also heads over to the stairs. Marx peeks at him from behind a corner.

"So they ran into trouble... maybe I should go with them, in case something else happens and I won't be able to get to Galeem anymore when it matters.", he thinks to himself, then hops after Botar.

   "Let's get to it then."   , Mara says as Wanda follows everyone else.

The Masked Man looks hilariously annoyed. He's walking somewhat close to Godworld!Thor and has heard more things about eating goats than he ever needed or wanted to hear. The only reason he hasn't just shot at him at this point is because how important defeating Galeem is to his master, and he can't afford to do anything that could put that at risk.

"Why can't this weird lack of sound also work on voices!?", he thinks to himself, his visible eye glowing red. He'd put his helmet back on sometime during the climb to let it block out some of the noise, so only his right eye is visible.

"-and that is why sharing everything equally amongst everyone sounds like the superior way to live in my eyes.", Marx says to Botar, who isn't really listening at all. Naesala is walking up somewhere by himself, a hint of worry on his face that's not easy to make out at first glance. This situation feels somewhat familiar to him, and he doesn't like it one bit.

   "Don't worry, I'm keeping my eyes open at all times. We may be merged, but I can still look in directions you're not looking in. He will not catch us off guard."   , Mara replies to Wanda.

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Rbade AIYAYAYA Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Feb 13th 2019 at 11:47:43 AM

Sporacles lunges for the Vegito spirit.

   "I see you're eager."   

"Man, this feels… weird."

Sporacles appears to be lagging behind. Looks like months of swimming don't directly contribute to stair-climbing muscles.

   "Want some help?"   


Nagato continues to hold Xerulean as they ascend; he appears to have gotten comfortable in her arms. She mutters in SQL under her breath, and the puffball flickers subtly.

KiriK The Great Spirit from across time and space Relationship Status: Non-Canon
The Great Spirit
Feb 13th 2019 at 12:29:00 PM

Awkeff is startled by Topaz's rather short backstory. "O-oh. Viserys, tell us the Blackreach story."

"I'll go up ahead in case this is another trap." Hit vanishes with Time-Skip.

"That seems like a really bad idea!" Callis books it to catch up.

Galeem's Domain

Even their footsteps or the wind rushing through those flying fades into complete silence as the fighters breach the cloud layer. They are completely deaf and mute to the world, themselves and each other.

And a new sound fills their ears.

An ethereal choir, holding a single sustained note.

Galeem is... tempting them. Trying to make them lower themselves before him, with visions of what could be possible under his utopia.

The New World

Hit sees himself killing Goku, both warriors heavily battle-damaged by the time the final blow is dealt.

Callis sees herself holding hands with Fu and watching an unnaturally iridescent sunrise together with him.

Goku sees himself shirtless and bloodied against a foe with a burning aura as fierce as a sun.

Godworld!Thor sees the rebirth of humanity After the End of Ragnarok.

Samsara sees herself, old and graying, on a peaceful farm.

Lucina sees everyone from the past she visited, including her alternate self, grown-up and living peacefully instead of fighting against Grima's tyranny.

Ryoma sees himself wandering through a field of Hoshido, Corrin by his side.

Takumi sees the same thing as Ryoma, but sitting on a throne instead of wandering through a field.

Oboro sees Hoshido's final conquest, in which the Nohrians are brought down once and for all.

Noire sees a future without Tharja.

Emmeryn sees world peace, true harmony.

Neuff sees... Sarah.

MCU!Thor and Loki share a vision in which they embrace their mother Frigga, seemingly back from the dead.

Wanda sees a similar vision, her and Pietro reuniting with their long-dead family seemingly restored.

Marx sees himself in his true form, wings unfurled, looming over all of Planet Popstar as its inhabitants kneel to him in reverence.

Naesala sees a group of white-winged people standing before him.

Botar sees the BIONICLE universe with Mata Nui alive and well again, watching over all his subjects.

The Masked Man should instead receive a brief numbing shock, like some sort of bad psychic feedback that soon subsides.

Sombra sees himself nuzzling snout-to-snout with Celestia, both smiling warmly.

Rumia sees her alternate ultra-evil self, EX!Rumia, being obliterated in a mighty wave of light.

Xerulean sees a big family gathering with the other X clones and Keeby.

Nagato sees a similar reunion with the SOS Brigade and her friends.

Sporacles sees the hand of a diving suit bursting out of a literal mountain of leviathan corpses.

Arachnolocanth sees a world ruled by spiders.

Miles and the Sisters have a shared vision. Nothing glamorous or over-the-top. Just them doing what they've always done. Traveling the world, making friends, changing people's fates, etc. In the end, Miles would become old and grey in a better world after a long, fulfilling life, surrounded by his family and extended family.

Shyna sees herself reunited with her friends and "family".

Zero sees a world where he is once more a global phenomenon, and the only mecha series in existence. His legacy to last... as long as existence itself.

The True World

Callis blinks a few times, stammering in shock. Then she closes her eyes tightly and shakes her head. "No... No! IT'S A LIE!"

Her voice is returned to her, and she immediately turns Super Saiyan Blue, roaring in primal fury as she charges straight at Galeem fist-first.

The visions end, and they all hear one last tone that sounds like the Black Speech equivalent of THEN DIE.

Callis finds out all too late that there is quite the gap between the hard-light platform at the top of the stairs and Galeem himself, and ends up taking a dive into the void - as will anyone else who approaches Galeem, flight capabilities or not.

Her yelling snaps Hit out of it, and presumably Galeem cutting off the visions snapped everyone else out too. After watching Callis' blunder, Hit reluctantly charges down after her.

Final Destination

Callis falls through several dimensions and lands on Final Destination, soon followed by Hit.

"Damn it, this place again... wait."

The visuals are different this time. Instead of a psychedelic voyage through an acid-trip dimension, Final Destination drifts calmly through a world of light.

Vs. Galeem

Condition: Bring your strongest team into this no-frills battle

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"Concede. [...] For all to hear!"
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They all look lost within their own dreams... well, except for Godworld Thor, who kickstart a huge lightning aura !


This is quite the agreeable dream... but, see, I'm about to get one such right now by fighting ya ! he says, floating down on the platform.

...An agreeable vision. says Lucina, though hurt by the Black Speech. But, likewise, I know for sure that it will happen. You cannot tempt me with it, for I've earned it !

.. That was nice but... well, it'll come in 70 or 80 years anyway, so I just have to wait...

Likewise. I know better than to accept a fake world offered to me by a mass murderer !

I'll make that happen with my own hands ! No one's gonna tempt me, be it here or back in Hoshido !

That was... agreeable but yeah. I'll seize that dream myself !

The key to my dream... involves defeating you... apologies...

O-oh no, did everyone else see it ?! B-BLOOD AND THUNDER ! HOW DARE YOU INVADE MY THOUGHTS ?!

I must agree with the Hoshidians. I do not seek shelter in an incomplete reality : my dream is to make it happen.

WON'T HAPPEN TILL YOU GET FUCKING DEAD ! says Neuff, leaping down, along with the Sheperds.

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Defense sees himself stepping out front of his house, in a peaceful town, nothing but pajama pants and a bathrobe, one arm holding coffee and the other waving to a friend.

Bonnie sees him and his friends back in the Storage Room, having a smoke with Cranky.

Bowser sees himself playing tennis with King Dedede, Junior and Bandana Dee frolicing in the background.

Segata sees himself peacefully sitting over the city, the entire city playing the Sega Saturn.

Pinkamena sees her bakery shop, where she's selling a cupcake visually based off Galeem.

Asura sees himself, playing with Mithra, Durga and Ryu watching in the background.

Pinkamena had woken up alongside Callis, as for her, this wasn't a dream world as much as a "premonition of the future".

Pinkamena:    "Thanks, that was nice. NOW TIME TO MAKE IT A REALITY!"   

That breaks through to Asura, who awakens very shortly before everyone else, roaring as he and Pinkamena charge Galeem, falling into the void first.

Bonnie takes out something that Corpus metalworkers had made for him before his entry to the Arena: Axe Unbreakable, and unbreakable guitar with similar stats to the Real Guitar.

After these events transpire, Bonnie, Defense, and Segata jump into the void.

Bowser slightly lags behind, a single tear streaming down his cheek before he jumps in, roaring the entire way down.

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After training with an Undyne not from her world, she begins to question just how large the Arena is.

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