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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:05:52 PM

Eh, I'll give my own version of Shovel Knight:

  • Entry: Shovel Knight jumps from offscreen into the arena and raises his shovel proudly
  • Jab: Rapid fire fistcuffs with the Dust Knuckles
  • Dash Attack: Shovel Knight rides the Mobile Gear, doing a multihit strike until it stops, at which point there's a strong hit.
  • Tilts:
  • Forward Tilt: Shovel Knight's trademark shovel strike
  • Up Tilt: Shovel Knight tries hitting the opponent with the horns on his helmet
  • Down Tilt: It's similar to the forward tilt in animation, but it also sends a Ground Spark to travel across the ground, the spark deals little damage and no knockback, but is pretty fast. The shovel strike itself has no hitbox
  • Smashes:
  • Forward Smash: Shovel Knight's charged slash for high damage and knockback, but with noticeable start-up
  • Up Smash: A throwing anchor that does heavy knockback when it's going up, but only does damage and hitstun when falling. Shovel Knight is vulnerable in the brief moment where the anchor is still going up.
  • Down Smash: Shovel Knight digs deep into the ground, then pulls up a big pile of dirt. Similar to Villager's down-tilt, except more powerful with more range and more cooldown.
  • Aerials:
  • Neutral Aerial: Shovel Knight spins with his shovel like when he does one of the fancy Ornate Plate jumps
  • Forward Aerial: Shovel Knight attempts to bash the opponent with his shovel. Is a meteor smash if hit at the right spot.
  • Up Aerial: A shovel slash up
  • Down Aerial: Basically Link's own down aerial
  • Specials:
    • Neutral Special: Shovel Knight begins charging a strong punch with the Dust Knuckles, once you hit the button again, he dashes forward punching with the Dust Knuckles with the distance depending of how long he charged, the last hit of the flurry is an uppercut that send the opponent right up.
    • Forward Special: Shovel Knight uses the Flare Wand to shoot a fireball at the opponent, can be charged like Megaman's forward Smash.
    • Up Special: Propeller Dagger, basically Shovel Knight's version of Quick Attack/Hydro Pump, only this one can deal knockback and stops if it crashes into someone, however Shovel Knight can use it again immediatelly after crashing into somebody.
    • Down Special: Shovel Knight throws the Alchemy Coin on the ground and it travels alongside it until it falls offstage. Opponents hit by it are going to trip and it goes slowly, giving Shovel Knight an opportunity to strike. If the opponent hits the coin, it'll go back to Shovel Knight and make him trip if he's hit by it, of course he could just hit it back again.
  • Final Smash: Shovel Knight blows the War Horn three times, sending powerful soundwaves that can't be shielded and must be spot-dodged, pretty much exactly like Tabuu's Off-Waves, but with less range and power.
  • Throws:
    • Pummel:' Shovel Knight hits the opponent with the handle of his shovel
    • Forward Throw: He smacks the opponent away with his shovel
    • Back Throw: He just flings the opponent away
    • Up Throw: Shovel Knight pretty much hits the opponet with a shovel uppercut
    • Down Throw: Buries the opponent in place.
  • Taunts:
  • Up Taunt: Shovel Knight raises his shovel up in victory
  • Side Taunt: Shovel Knight uses the Phase Locket
  • Down Taunt: Shovel Knight digs a pile of treasure, the treasure can hit the opponent for 1% damage and hitstun
  • Victory Celebrations:
    • Shovel Knight falls asleep by a campfire
    • Shovel Knight drinks down an ichor proudly
    • Shovel Knight digs through a treasure chest, scattering treasure everywhere before pulling a large pink gem out.
  • Other:
  • Double Jump: One of the fancy jumps done with the Ornate Plate
  • Spotdodge/Airdodge: A quick use of the Phase Locket.
  • Height: About the same as Mario
  • Weight: The same as Megaman

Palutena Guidance:

Palutena: Watch out Pit! This opponent will be tough!

Pit: What? It's a little knight using a shovel as a weapon, that doesn't sound very powerful

Viridi: That's Shovel Knight and don't underestimate the shovel! It's a tool useful for both combat and gardening so it's great for the environment!

Palutena: It's quite the groundbreaking idea isn't it?

Pit: Sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm the most down-to-earth person here

Viridi: Well, you're certainly the most down-to-earth angel I've ever seen.

Pit: Hey!

Palutena: Way to set yourself up, Pit. Anyway, Shovel Knight has many relics at his disposal to complement his shovel, so be watchful of those. Try not to get grabbed by him, if you do, you're grounded!

Pit:... Seriously?

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Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:10:15 PM

I didn't even think about using the Phase Locket for dodges! Great idea! grin

Moved handles because meh
FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:19:50 PM

Edited with Dash Attack, Throws and Down Smash that I had forgotten.

Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:25:11 PM

ARGH! I forgot the dash attack! And I was thinking of using the Mobile Gear for side-B but that's brilliant! waii

... Why does everyone else have better ideas than me? sad

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powerpuffbats Band Club President from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Band Club President
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:27:03 PM

Out of curiosity, it's fine if I post fake movesets for non-video game characters?

Anyone who dare oppose Lady Satsuki will also have to fight me!
Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
The Fool
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:30:25 PM

Thank you for giving me a lovely template to borrow, Moon.

I've not yet played Shovel Knight- I've been out of both space and funds on my 3DS and am planning to rectify that soon via upgrading to the new model- But your take on the character certainly sounds interesting!

I sure said that!
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:36:09 PM

As I said in the opening posts, bring Shrek, Captain Planet, Abraham Lincol, presidental or Vampire Slayer version, bring yo kids, bring yo wife, 'cause there's a bedroom invader wait what.

But yes, anything goes, even characters other people have posted, as long as one character doesn't flood half the page.

We even welcome any fanart if you have of a characters moveset. Like that lovely animated Chorus Boy thing I saw in the Smash Thread once.

[down]I had to do a Google Search on that one. But hey, everyone is welcome! Now I know one more game character, yay?

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Moved handles because meh
Jondanger23 i know he ate a cheese from the middle of nowhere Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
i know he ate a cheese
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:38:19 PM

Anode Beetle Electrifies the Competition!

Isn't very fast, can't jump very high, is rather heavy, can quintuple jump, very short.

Neutral Special: Shoots a lightning bolt in the direction the Anode Beetle is facing.

Side Special: Summons another Anode Beetle near it and they both create a bolt of electricity in between them.

Up Special: Uses it's wings to hover a bit in the air.

Down Special: Jumps up into the air and shoots lightning at the ground beneath it.

Final Smash: Shoots out a BUNCH of small lightning bolts that bounce off the sides of the stage and the floors for 20 seconds.

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everything i have done so far in my life has probably been a bad idea.
FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 8th 2015 at 1:54:47 PM

Thank you for giving me a lovely template to borrow, Moon. I've not yet played Shovel Knight- I've been out of both space and funds on my 3DS and am planning to rectify that soon via upgrading to the new model- But your take on the character certainly sounds interesting!

You're welcome. I'm too much of a perfectionist to not have my contribution be arranged in a perfectly tidy template.

And you should go play Shovel Knight right this instant. Also, thank you!

powerpuffbats Band Club President from Green Hill Zone Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Band Club President
Apr 8th 2015 at 3:34:46 PM

Batman patrols the streets!

  • neutral B: Batarang
  • Side B: Shock gloves
  • Up B: Grapple
  • Down B: Explosive Gel
  • Final Smash: Has the Batmobile run over his opponents

Palutena's Guidance:

  • Pit: I fighting Batman?
  • Palutena: Right you are, Pit. You know to watch out for his batarangs, right?
  • Pit: Yeah, I know I should be careful when fighting him, he hangs around with Superman.
  • Palutena: Watch out for his Batmobile!
  • Pit: Why?
  • Palutena: Because when he gets the Smash Ball, he'll try to run you down with it!

Anyone who dare oppose Lady Satsuki will also have to fight me!
Elbruno Mummy Woomy from Chile: Not As Dry As Space! Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Mummy Woomy
Apr 8th 2015 at 9:49:19 PM

Genius and firepower combine! Tali'Zorah joins the battle!

  • Generalities:
    • A quarian around the same height as most female characters. Stands on a jumpy combat-ready pose.
    • Leans slightly to the Glass Cannon side of things.
    • Someone gave her the heads-up on Smash and its stance on bullets. She equips Reegar Carbine "shotgun" and the Arc Pistol, both quarian weapons.
  • Jab: A couple of pistol whips.
  • Dash Attack: A running smack with the butt of her shotgun.
  • Tilts:
    • Forward Tilt: Tali strikes forward with the butt of her shotgun.
    • Up Tilt: Tali smacks upwards with her shotgun.
    • Down Tilt: Tali fires a quick burst of the Reegar Carbine. Despite being a "shotgun", it works like an electricity-firing flamethrower. Hits quick multiple times and it has a slight range to it, but does very little knockback.
  • Smashes: Tali works her omni-tool for these.
    • Forward Smash: Tali puts the omni-tool in front of her and summons a shocking electric burst from it. Hits once and can be directed up or down.
    • Up Smash: Tali raises her arm and summons multiple bursts of electricity. Hits multiple times before smashing away.
    • Down Smash: Tali aims her omni-tool to the ground and summons a ground-level electric shock to both directions. Think Robin's down smash sans Levin Sword and with some more knockback to the shock.
    • Flavor stuff: Her charge animations have her quickly "typing" on her omni-tool instead of a more usual charge animation.
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral Aerial: A quick omni-tool electric burst around her.
    • Forward Aerial: A pistol whip in a downwards arc in front of her, kind of like Shulk's. She fires three short-reach shots diagonally-up, forwards and diagonally-down that do minor hitstun to anyone not hit by the pistol whip.
    • Back Aerial: An omni-tool shock behind her. Has some hefty knockback to it along with a bit of start-up.
    • Up Aerial: Fires the Reegar Carbine upwards for a few seconds. Hits multiple times and the last hit has some knockback to it.
    • Down Aerial: An omni-tool shock downwards with a bit of start-up. Opponent does an impression of Asteroid X57 if struck correctly.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral Special: Tali fires her Arc Pistol. She can tap quickly to fire quick but weak shots (slower and more erratic than Fox's Blaster), or she can quickly charge for a direct shot with a bit more punch to it. Charge can't be stored.
    • Forward Special: Tali fires her Reegar Carbine directly in front of her. On the ground, the flamethrower-like effect can be slightly aimed up and down. On the air she fires diagonally-down as she falls.
    • Up Special: Tali dashes omni-tool first in any of 8 directions. Anyone hit in her way is knocked away with one hit. It appears you're trying to invent a mid-air jump move for a character that follows the laws of physics and doesn't spin. Would you like help?
    • Down Special: Sabotage/Shield Drain. Tali summons an effect vaguely similar to Mewtwo's Confusion in front of her. Sabotage activates in most circumstances, causing slight damage and hitstun that increases if the opponent was in the process of preparing an attack; has a chance to cause tripping in the latter. Shield Drain activates against a shielded enemy, and it quickly drains about half their shields and heals Tali slightly. Not sure if broken...
  • Final Smash:
    • Option 1: Tali summons her combat drone Chatika vas Paus ("Go get them Chatika! Good girl!"), a holographic sphere that follows her around like a beeping invulnerable Luma. Tali can move and attack normally, while the drone will quickly cause an Arcthunder-like shock around it when pressing A, and will fire a quick missile with quite some punch to it in the direction Tali's facing when pressing B.
    • Option 2: Tali traps opponents in some manner. Whoever is trapped is sent to the weird Shulk/Duck Hunt dimension, and suddenly have a laser aimed at their direction with a reticle quickly closing in on them. "All ships, open fire!". Opponents get Migrant Fleet'd to the nearest star system.
  • Throws:
    • Pummel: Tali quickly shocks her opponent with her omni-tool.
    • Forward Throw: She smacks her opponent away with the butt of her shotgun.
    • Back Throw: Same as forward but with a quick change of sides with her opponent.
    • Up Throw: Tali flings the oppoent upwards and follows with three quick Arc Pistol shots.
    • Down Throw: She knocks her opponent to the ground and fires a charged Arc Pistol shot at point-blank range.

Palutena's guidance:

Pit: Woah! What's with her legs?
Palutena: That's Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. She's the quarian machinist who helped Commander Shepard to defeat the Reapers.
Pit: Is she a robot or something?
Palutena: Quarian, Pit. She wears that suit to protect herself from the enviroment.
Pit: That doesn't sound really threatening...
Palutena: Don't even try to understimate her. She can shock you away with her omni-tool, and those guns are not just for show either.
Pit: I get it, so I just shield her attacks and go for the K.O.!
Palutena: Did I mention she can also absorb your shields to heal herself?
Pit: Uhh... I should go!

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"Yeah, it's a shame. Here we are in an underground cave with all these lasers, and instead of having a rave we're using it for evil."
Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 9th 2015 at 7:15:48 AM

He always comes back... Springtrap has joined the battle!

  • Alts: A purple one, for sure.
  • Appearance: At first, an 8-bit Springtrap sits on the ground twitching spasmically. Then his graphics turn to modern day and he gets up quickly.
  • Ground Attacks:
    • Neutral A: Punch, punch, stab.
    • Side A: Slash.
    • Up A: Upward slash.
    • Down A: Crouching kick.
    • Dash Attack: Body tackle.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Side Smash: Wind-up punch.
    • Up Smash: Three-hit knife slash.
    • Down Smash: Stomps both feet.
  • Air Attacks:
    • Nair: Kick.
    • Fair: Link's Fair.
    • Uair: Headbutt.
    • Dair: Bounce.
    • Bair: Backflip kick.
  • Special Attacks
    • Neutral Special: Hiss. Temporarily paralyzes the opponent, causing no damage.
    • Side Special: Lunging Punch. Little Mac's Side Special, but without any super armor.
    • Up Special: Spring Jump. Releases the springs on his feet, making a third jump. Damages the opponent in a multi-hit fashion.
    • Down Special: Phantom Form. Turns into Phantom Foxy, Chica, or Mangle, then causes damage. One 10% hit for Foxy, two 5% hits for Chica, and 10 1% hits for Mangle.
  • Grab: Bearhug.
    • Pummel: Knife cut.
    • Throws: He stabs the opponent with a knife then throws him/her with it.
  • Ledge Attack: Grabs at something and punches it.
  • Get-up attack: Spring release.
  • Final Smash: Dismantlement: Springtrap stares at the opponent, paralyzing him/her. He rushes at the opponent then slashes wildly with a knife. For the final strike, he stabs the opponent in the chest, stares at the camera, and removes the knife. The opponent stays paralyzed a few seconds afterward, giving a chance for a combo.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Takes off his head, showing the mummy underneath, then puts it back on.
    • Side Taunt: Cleans his knife while grinning maniacally.
    • Down Taunt: Reclines on the ground and winks at the camera.
  • Victory Poses:
    • Up Victory Pose: Grins for the camera.
    • Side Victory Pose: [1]
    • Down Victory Pose: Is chased away by five ghosts.
    • Losing Pose: Sits on the floor, twitching, once again, while a bunch of ghosts float around him in a circle.
  • Palutena's Conversation
Palutena: Oh my...

Pit: What is it?

Palutena: That horrid man has returned...

Pit: You mean that ugly-looking rabbit?

Palutena: Don't underestimate him, Pit. Underneath that rotting mix of fur and metal, named Springtrap, is the body and mind of a serial killer.

Pit: So, I should be careful not to get too close again, right?

Palutena: He's just as slow as the other two robots you faced. But get out of his way, because his knife will be used on you, without mercy.

Pit: Gulp.

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Do you fear death?
Apr 9th 2015 at 7:36:48 AM

Knowing the nature of the gameplay of Five Nights At Freddys, I think a Ganondorf-like speed would be appropriate.

However, I think I'd change Springtrap's appearance to this: First appears in the collapsed, 8-bit rendition he's left in from the ending, slowly revealing his actual image as the picture dissolves pixel by pixel. Springtrap is revealed to be in the exact same posture, but then quickly gets to his feet.

The idea of Freddy in Smash is stupid, but these were actually kinda fun to read. Wouldn't've occurred to me to give him a knife.

Weirdguy149 The Dead Man from The Flying Dutchman Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
The Dead Man
Apr 9th 2015 at 7:39:49 AM

Ooh, I like that for Springtrap's appearance. I'm thinking Ganondorf-like speed with fast close-range attacks and slow projectiles.

Do you fear death?
Kuroxeng Moved accounts because meh from error 040
Moved accounts because meh
Apr 9th 2015 at 7:40:03 AM

This thread is for fun and for people to get their dumb ideas out of their system.

And to share good ones too, of course.

And yes, all FNAF characters, despite the fact that the actual inclusion of them would be terrible, would be most fitting for a Mighty Glacier playstyle. Except Foxy...

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Moved handles because meh
Apr 9th 2015 at 4:14:51 PM

How about Tabuu?

  • Entrance: A swarm of Shadow Bugs appears, with Tabuu teleporting in and bursting them away.
  • Attributes:
    • Height: Scaled down to approximately Captain Falcon's size, "stands" slightly taller due to posture (floating so that just his toes touch the ground)
    • Weight: Light and floaty, like Mewtwo.
    • Special qualities: Floats while "walking"/"running", can avoid low attacks with the latter
  • Double Jump: A flap of his Off Wings (obviously without the attack)
  • Dodges: His non-exploding teleport
  • Jab: A bunch of hand chops; Tabuu smacks the opponent away at the end of the flurry of chops.
  • Dash Attack: Shark Blade
  • Tilts:
    • Forward Tilt: A slash with his Light Blade.
    • Up Tilt: An upward jab with the Light Blade.
    • Down Tilt: A short kick.
  • Smashes:
    • Forward Smash: Tabuu points, performing his Explosion Line attack in front of him. Range increases as the attack is charged.
    • Up Smash: Tabuu forms a blade out of Shadow Bugs that resembles Duon's blue head, and swings it upward.
    • Down Smash: Tabuu's arms are coated with Shadow Bugs, temporarily forming constructs of Galleom's arms. He slams them into the ground.
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral Aerial: Sparks circle around Tabuu for a couple seconds, functionally similar to Mewtwo's own neutral aerial.
    • Forward Aerial: Tabuu swings a blade similar to that of a Shaydas in front of him.
    • Back Aerial: Tabuu swings a Greap blade in a similar manner to Shulk's back aerial.
    • Up Aerial: Tabuu mimics a Floow's panic, centered around his head.
    • Down Aerial: Tabuu dives at a downward angle with his Light Blade, slamming into the ground... or plummeting if he's off the edge of the stage.
  • Specials:
    • Neutral Special: Fires his Dragon Head Beam, although the beam itself instead acts like a Dark Cannon.
    • Forward Special: Boomerang Shuriken
    • Up Special: Exploding Teleport; can be used to escape being juggled.
    • Down Special: Bullet Rain; Tabuu rises upward to shoot bullets down on top of the enemy. Can be held, and Tabuu fires a large energy orb once the attack is released. The energy orb is instantaneous if the attack is tapped instead of held.
  • Grab: Short version of his Light Chain. Can be used as a tether recovery.
    • Pummel: A few Shadow Bugs swarm the opponent.
    • Forward Throw: Tabuu swings the opponent around on the Light Chain, then tosses them forward.
    • Backward Throw: Tabuu turns around, swinging the Light Chain to slam the opponent into the ground.
    • Up Throw: Turns into Golden Brackets, which rise up and form a cross that sends the enemy flying. Tabuu reverts to humanoid form and is rendered airborne at the end of the attack.
    • Down Throw: Turns into Golden Brackets, lifting the opponent up and slamming them into the ground, exploding on impact before Tabuu reverts to humanoid form.
  • Final Smash: Off Waves. Tabuu temporarily grows to the size he was in his boss battle to perform the attack, then shrinks back down afterward.
  • Taunts:
    • Up Taunt: Off Wings temporarily appear, stretching like Pit's wings.
    • Side Taunt: Points in a commanding manner, a swarm of Shadow Bugs forming a miniature trophy of one of his opponents before breaking down again.
    • Down Taunt: Spins around with a Light Chain, in a pose similar to his Brawl trophy
  • Victory Celebrations:
    • Tabuu is swarmed by Shadow Bugs, which he forces off with a blast similar to the way he deflected Ganondorf's attempted attack in his introductory cutscene.
    • Tabuu's wings curl around him, then spread triumphantly.
    • Tabuu swings his Light Chain around him, then throws it into the ground.
  • Failure: Tabuu simply remains turned away from the victor, arms crossed.

Boxing Ring Title: "The Subspace Emissary"

Home Stage: Great Maze Battlefields. The stages are taken directly from the Dark Doppelganger fights in the Great Maze, randomply choosing a different layout every time. The Omega version turns the stage into Tabuu Destination.

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: Oh, boy, this guy...

Palutena: I remember him. He was the leader of the Subspace Army, Tabuu. He never left his realm in Subspace, at least until now...

Pit: He looks... smaller, though. Weaker. He's not as terrifying now.

Palutena: That doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful, Pit. Even though he's not as powerful outside of his home realm, he has powers of his Subspace Army at his disposal. He's a dangerous foe, and you should always be on your guard. Even now, if he uses his Off Waves, you're toast.

Pit: Right... *gulp*

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FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
feeling blue
Apr 9th 2015 at 8:33:59 PM

I added an entrance and Palutena Guidance for Shovel Knight, I think I truly am done now tongue

Apr 9th 2015 at 9:11:05 PM

I'd try to make Palutena's guidance for Ghirahim and Ridley, but I've never played Uprising. Maybe the ones on the Wii U version might help...

Pulse The Fool from Yadayadaville Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
The Fool
Apr 10th 2015 at 12:35:39 AM

Eh, well, why not kill some time?


Checks the Competition!

Bio: Star of the classic Famicom Disc System game The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Takamaru readies himself for fierce competition with the same tricks he used to save the maidens of his land from the dark curse and evil warlords that once pervaded it!

Jab: Takamaru slashes once, pausing very briefly after this in a ready stance- He can follow up with a flurry of slashes and a flourished ending blow with the power to launch weak opponents, or space it more to only strike twice and leave himself less vulnerable.

Dash Attack: Takamaru lunges forward with his sword. On a successful hit, Takamaru can sheath his blade, revealing that he managed a second strike in the blink of an eye.


Forward Tilt: Takamaru slices unusually fast for a strong attack in a perfectly horizontal slash, allowing him some breathing room. The real value of this move is in its tactical utility rather than in its power.

Up Tilt: Takamaru sweeps overhead with his katana, then stabs very lightly. This attack is the slowest of his strong attacks, and the stab can miss even if the sweep landed, but it can force opponents into the air if he uses it with them standing behind them or if they're already airborne.

Down Tilt: Showing his mastery of another art, Takamaru sweeps not with his blade but his foot, jutting his leg out very quickly and returning to his readied crouching position just as fast. This move has an even better chance than most down strong attacks of tripping a foe.


Forward Smash: Takamaru breaths deep and raises his sword level to his head, then strikes downwards with incredible power. The move has a somewhat long windup to the charging position, but once the charging position is reached it comes out almost instantly. By far his most viable method of launching opponents.

Up Smash: Takamaru throws a spinning dagger overhead, charged with electrical power that greatly extends its reach in a circle. The dagger itself deals more damage, but all parts of the attack trap opponents for a short time inside of it. The launch power is weak for a Smash attack, however, and only occurs at the very end.

Down Smash: Takamaru moves his left hand into his pocket, gripping his blade in his right exclusively in a poised striking position. Upon releasing the attack, he throws three kunai into the ground behind him while stabbing downwards in front of him. The stab can Meteor Smash opponents on ledges or in the air, and the three kunai cover a fairly wide area behind him.


Neutral Aerial: Takamaru somehow throws two sets of four spinning daggers, the first directly ahead of, behind, beneath and above him and the second along the even diagonals of the first. Their range is somewhat poor and it's possible to evade them, on top of them featuring low strength in general, but they can be plenty to get him out of a jam. The kanji for the rook (hisha) and bishop (kakugyo) of Shogi very faintly appear behind him as he performs each set of attacks.

Forward Aerial: Takamaru slashes dramatically in a diagonal cut, packing incredible power behind a slightly poor-reaching move. This attack is noticeably stronger if it lands along the tip of Takamaru's blade, though is always leaves him fairly vulnerable if he should miss.

Back Aerial: Takamaru strikes with his elbow, sending a surprisingly sharp blow to anyone behind him. This attack comes out quickly and has good power and launching potential, but is much shorter-ranged than his other attacks.

Up Aerial: Takamaru throws a fireball overhead, which travels a fair ways but peters out unspectacularly, growing weaker and weaker as it travels.

Down Aerial: Takamaru lobs a fireball beneath him, which explodes after traveling a short ways. It's tricky to land, but an opponent caught in the center of the explosion right as it starts will be Meteor Smashed.


Pummel: Takamaru bashes his opponent's face with the base of his weapon.

Forward Throw: Takamaru throws the opponent only a short ways, then slashes with his blade to finish the attack.

Back Throw: Takamaru falls to his back and uses the opponent's weight against them, tossing them over his head with his legs as in certain martial arts.

Up Throw: Takamaru throws the target upward, tossing a fireball after them that carries them a little further along, dragging other opponents with it as well if they are hit.

Down Throw: Takamaru lets his opponent go and quickly cuts with his sword, then sheaths it. Upon doing so, the opponent falls to the ground on their back and takes the damage of the throw.


Neutral Special- Jutsu: Takamaru focuses, flashing up to four times if allowed. Upon resuming pressing the button again, or dodging out of the charge, Takamaru can throw one of four projectiles- A single shuriken straight ahead, a three-way spread of kunai, a protective shield formed from throwing blades around himself, or a single large fireball. All of the first three deal only minor damage and travel quickly, with the fireball instead dealing a moderate amount of damage and traveling slightly slower.

Forward Special- Iaido: Takamaru throws on his Invisibility Cape and strikes suddenly. He'll vanish and reappear either not far from his starting position if the button prompt is tapped or a fair ways away if it is held. Either way, his attack is finished by the time he returns, his sword clicking into its sheath signalling the damage and launch of his attacks activating.

Up Special- Tengu: Takamaru conjures a tornado and rises up with its aid as it surrounds him. The move cannot deal damage but can push opponents away to some extent as it swirls around Takamaru. The recovery starts mostly horizontal but hits a sharp upturn near the end of its activity.

Down Special- Raiju: Takamaru performs a weak strike with his blade's dull end. Should the move connect, the opponent has a short time left before a bolt of lightning strikes them. The timing is slightly randomized, but always allows enough time for Takamaru to potentially get one more hit in.

Final Smash- Sakura: Takamaru takes a deep breath, then strikes ahead of himself, his sword extended with magic power. On a successful strike, he will throw a great deal of his throwing weapons at the target in several patterns, then end with a single massive stroke from his blade, sheathing it as cherry petals blow through the air and the opponent is launched away.


Up Taunt: Takamaru raises his sword diagonally upwards, as if commanding an army in war to march.

Side Taunt: Takamaru skims a small scroll from his pocket, then returns it.

Down Taunt: Takamaru assumes the seiza position and takes a deep breath, then rights himself.

Victory Celebrations:

Victory 1: Takamaru sheaths his blade and turns his back to the camera, a gentle wind carrying sakura petals by.

Victory 2: Takamaru appears already in the seiza pose on a tatami mat, and simply takes a deep breath.

Victory 3: Takamaru throws a slip of paper into the air and slashes once, then snatches the newly-made paper doll from the air and holds it near the camera.

Other: Takamaru cannot crawl or cling to walls, but he can manage a very short wall jump in normal circumstances.

Home Stage: Murasame Gate

The fight on this stage takes place on the gate surrounding Murasame Castle, as well as the walls around it. The layout forms a raised area with two smaller, lower areas near it, both high enough off the ground for this to act as a "pillar" stage. The stage can load either at day or night- During the day, the background resembles a normal-looking Japanese castle, with blooming cherry trees and other bits of scenic beauty around. If the stage is set at night, the castle appears to be made of bone and a terrible storm rages as an eerie light emanates from the highest floor's windows. Regardless, the changes are purely cosmetic and there are never any actual hazards on this stage. The Omega version subtracts the two smaller portions of the castle walls, leaving only the gate itself to fight on.

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