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Original Power Rangers feature film

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Jul 7th 2015 at 11:07:28 AM

That's part two of the film trilogy.

Aug 11th 2015 at 12:05:07 PM

[up]well this is...different. I wonder if this means Kim will be wearing her Punk attire. [lol]

Ok, who let Light Yagami in here?
Aug 11th 2015 at 1:18:17 PM

It sounds like a natural extension of the original character archetypes. Jason is the all-star athlete, Kimberly the popular girl, Billy the awkward kid, Trini the new girl, Zach the life of the party.

Xopher001 from Estonia Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
Sep 12th 2015 at 10:34:52 AM

Everyone always seems to forget there have been feature films before

Sep 12th 2015 at 10:54:17 AM

[up]I don't think anyone is. The title says original feature film, as opposed to the previous movies, which were all parts of the previous TV shows. (Or the first one was supposed to be, at least, but it's non-canon).

Sep 12th 2015 at 5:17:25 PM

Yeah, the previous films were natural extensions of the TV show and didn't really bother with character introductions. That's one reason behind the Critical Dissonance. Having an original film with actual introductions to the heroes and villains will be something the franchise hasn't ever done before.

Oct 23rd 2015 at 6:31:56 PM

Well, I'd say they've made decent decisions when it comes to the racial make up of the cast. Making the Black Ranger Asian and the Blue Ranger African-American keeps the mix about what it was, but strips away some of the Unfortunate Implications.

Oct 23rd 2015 at 7:33:31 PM

I actually wish they could have made the Pink Ranger a male.

We aren't ready yet?

Oct 23rd 2015 at 8:23:13 PM

All that's left is the Yellow Ranger, which would be interesting because to keep the same racial make-up she would have to be white, and I can't think of any season that had two white female rangers. Maybe she'll be Hispanic, as in the original pilot.

GethKnight from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 24th 2015 at 5:48:58 AM

Or she'll be black, like Aisha Campbell.

Oct 24th 2015 at 7:19:05 AM

She could still be Asian. For all the jokes about the Unfortunate Implications there were at least one or two black actors in the running for Zack's part, iirc. It just seems that the other guy won out.

So in theory we could still end up with an Asian actress as Trini.

Oct 30th 2015 at 11:14:14 AM

Becky Gomez is our yellow ranger. The current news is they're all new characters after the last rewrite.

GethKnight from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 30th 2015 at 11:44:14 AM

I like how the comments section has people debate on the racial make-up of the cast.

Oct 30th 2015 at 1:31:09 PM

Looks like I called it, a Latina for the yellow ranger.

Oct 30th 2015 at 5:56:27 PM

And contrary to the previous reports it is indeed a reboot and they are playing new versions of the original 5 Rangers, not new characters.

TargetmasterJoe Much more than meets the eye! from The City, USA Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
Much more than meets the eye!
Nov 2nd 2015 at 5:52:44 AM

I wonder if they'll get any of the original cast to make cameos...

Status: Evil beware, I have Twitter!
Nov 12th 2015 at 1:19:08 PM

[up]Oh you know JDF is gonna show up. [lol]

Ok, who let Light Yagami in here?

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