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todbot1 from Tazmily Village Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:37:23 PM

Alright then.

-Creates a shield of ice in front of her and launches forward, towards the Hydra's presumably still-open mouth-

[down] Unless they travel at the speed of light, I'll probably be alright. Heck, I've been fast enough to dodge them mostly so I figure I'm fast enough for what I'm trying to do.

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Oct 15th 2014 at 11:38:44 PM

[up] Uh, the runes from behind, remember? Those are attacking you too. Also, they're fricken laser beams, and they're right next to you. You need to react to them in that post.

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MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:42:00 PM

That's it! The barrier should be down! You should be clear to teleport out, Nanoha and Fate!



Something black shatters in the air around them, and Mid-Childan Instant Runes form around Nanoha and Fate, taking them away.

And then Amy gets nailed by the short-circuit version of Explosive Instrumentation.

"Amy! Report!"

"Something's hijacking our barrier breaking signal, it's... like... it's using it to break another interdimensional barrier, to form a portal into the Arena! It shouldn't harm us or our ship, but it might-"

-Aboard the Arthra, the lights go out-

"...temporarily drain our power."

Suddenly, without warning, there is another blast of breaking shards from out of nowhere, these ones coloured pink.

There is a flash of blue light at the centre of the "damage" to the invisible wall, and a glowing blue figure... rides out on a skateboard?!

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questor The Protagonist
The Protagonist
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:45:55 PM

...Is that who I think it is?

   Foolish donkey, you would not be able to resist me if I wished your annihilation.   
MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:47:18 PM

Not quite. That would be ridiculous.

Although, now I think about it, having her help her would actually be a great way to even the odds, thanks!!

Oct 15th 2014 at 11:49:06 PM

The entity lets out a disappointed snarl as the two leave. {"Hrmph, fine. If you don't want to stay then I hope you don't come back."} It then warps the dome of black runes over to the fairy. Except it creates a bottom half to the dome, making sure the fairy is trapped in a bubble of runes. Though her tackle would smack against the inside of the dome instead of into the Hydra's open mouth...which would result in her getting zapped back.

Then the Entity senses another being. One at equal levels of power to it. Something that, if it was in its true form here, would prove to be an amusing encounter. Though with only the parasite as its mortal shell, it had no way to truly fight her at full power. {"Oh?"} Only for that power to fade, replaced by a weaker one instead. That slightly annoys the entity, but relieves it at the same time. It didn't want this fun to be stopped so soon!

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MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:52:19 PM

You're insane, Isaki!

But, if you insist...

Pink energy flows into Isaki's hands, forming a bow topped with a pink jewel, and a tendril of pink flows into her earring soul-gem, and from there into her aura.

Wow! Hell yeah, I feel that power! Thanks, Madoka! Guess you're not so bad after all!

Against a power like that... it's the least I can do. Isaki... Good luck.

You forgot "have fun", but thanks!

Madoka shakes her head. Only she could think of this as "fun"...

Also, did you see the spoiler-text-wall I wrote last page, Questor? It's kinda-probably most relevant to you...

[down]She doesn't exist. She was only ever a product of Nanoha's traumatized imagination. There is no Metatron-corrupted Nanoha. Yet.

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questor The Protagonist
The Protagonist
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:54:07 PM

Nah, I was thinking about the other Nanoha. The one living with the crystals

   Foolish donkey, you would not be able to resist me if I wished your annihilation.   
todbot1 from Tazmily Village Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Oct 15th 2014 at 11:56:18 PM

-Predictably, Cirno slams right into the dome and is zapped back, directly into the beams following closely behind-

-Just kinda floats there-

Well, that pretty much took me out of the fight. So much for that plan. I swear, none of my characters ever get a fitting conclusion :p

Oct 15th 2014 at 11:58:40 PM

{"So another girl comes to play."} The entity snaps its fingers, causing the heads of the Hydra to twitch and spasm. {"I hope you enjoy bad endings, girl."} The heads of the hydra then explode from raw magical power, with six heads growing back in their place. The entity then detonates those six heads...leaving the Hydra empowered with twelve. {"Hopefully you actually try to kill this parasite."} The Hydra heads turn towards the magical girl, and release a volley of energy beams her way.

[up] To be fair, you were fighting against an Eldritch abomination's plaything. Not much you can do there.

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todbot1 from Tazmily Village Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:01:21 AM

I suppose you're right. Just a little disappointing since I have to leave like now, and this fight will probably not even be a thing by the time I'm back.

Wouldn't have even minded dying in the attempt, honestly. Just wanted to finish it. :p

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MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:02:45 AM

The girl weaves between laser blasts, switching her board out for her more-accustomed skates, needing every dose of mobility she can get. Fortunately, with her empowered aura, she's moving fast enough to dodge even the spray of Hydra fire.

Feeling Madoka's power replacing all the energy she uses, she holds nothing back from her aura and her speed as she draws her new bow, pointing it at FM. The arrow which forms is a blue-feathered pink construct.

"We'll see, creep. Let the games begin!" -she smiles, broadly and genuinely-

And she releases the arrow, a bolt of blue-streaked pink energy which flies straight and true on a direct course for FM's head, aiming not to kill, but to blast the corruption right out of him.

And her stolen theme music plays.

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Oct 16th 2014 at 12:07:37 AM

{"Oh?"} The Entity...lets the arrow smack into FM's skull. Only to feel itself shaken by the attack, and its hold on the necromancer weaken. "{What?!? That was supposed to be rewritten!}" Audibly surprised, and slightly pissed off, the entity points a finger at the magical girl. "{Hydra Beam.}" The twelve heads open their mouths wide, unleashing beams from their mouths that quickly burst into an array of smaller beams. These smaller ones capable of following their target around until they hit something.

On another note, the entity decides to quickly tighten the dome of black runes around the fairy. Crushing her into a mass of bone and flesh. Which it then tosses away, wanting to focus more on this new combatant.

There, fairy dead.

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MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:13:01 AM

She attempts her same beam-dodging tricks... only for the beams to scatter into a rain of Danmaku. Her enhanced aura is able to barely repel most of it, but dozens of gashes slash across her skin and clothes. However, rather than bleeding, they fill with pink energy instead.

Don't worry. I've got you, for as long as it takes to send this creepy thing packing. I can hold the link that long.

Nevertheless, she is still thrown off her skates, skidding and bouncing to a vulnerable halt.

"Fuck! That's the first time I've stacked in... like, months!"

Madokami sweatdrops. This is my champion?

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Oct 16th 2014 at 12:18:08 AM

Once she was down, the Entity had all the Hydra heads slam themselves close to each other. {"Haha...HAHAHA!}" Then the heads opened their mouths, releasing sparks of energy into the air. These sparks of energy slowly gathered into a ball before the heads, and a drop of the Entities power caused the entire orb to turn pitch black. "{A contest between gods and their puppets! Now this is amazing!}" What followed, is the orb bursting into a beam large enough and powerful enough to be able to cut through a large spacecraft. Said beam is smashing through the air towards the magical girl.

Okay, someone needs to get started on putting this into the Enter the Arena pages [awesome] section.

MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:20:47 AM

Isaki gets up, and immediately sees the beam heading her way. There's only one answer, and she raises her cupped hands above her head and draws all of her own and Madokami's power that she can from her enhanced Soul Gem to cast her most powerful attack:

"Tamashii Gekido!"

A raging beam of blue-and-pink magic exits her hands, flying out to clash with the black beam from the entity-corrupted FM.

She answers the entity's delighted laugh with her own, her eyes and Soul Gem shining as the blast wings its way out, pink and black and blue dancing in the gem.

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Oct 16th 2014 at 12:25:58 AM

The beams clash, with negative and positive energy from each smashing into each other. For a few moments the beams would be on equal terms, unable to overwhelm the other yet not being weak enough to go down. Until the two beams ran out of their fired energy, dying down to nothing. "{Ha...hahaha...If this Parasite has such amusing creatures to face...Perhaps I should make permanent residence within it.}" The entity then aimed both of FM's palms at Isaka. "{FACE OBLIVION!}" What could be described as a tidal wave sized Vacuum force was fired from his palms. "{W...what? That isn't what I wanted to use...?!}"

MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:30:15 AM

Isaki's boots transform back into her rollerblades, and she darts off the mark, blazing with incredible speed granted by her pink-on-blue aura, out of the way of the vacuum force.... but the edge of it still catches her...

So she bends her knees... and turns the force of the attack into an epic jump, skyrocketing into the air, giving a gleeful laugh and cheerful wave, as though to a crowd of adoring fans...

If it's a tidal-wave of vacuum force... what else could you expect of her but to ride it?!

"Sorry pal. Already been there. Really not that scary with Madoka waiting for me." ;)

Once she lands and burns off some of her excess momentum, she spins around, riding backwards at incredible speed, and fires off a weaker and unnamed version of the Tamashii Gekido at Entity!FM.

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Oct 16th 2014 at 12:34:59 AM

"{Shit.}" FM is then struck by the attack with full force. Which the entity, unlike the battle FM had with Kyoko, couldn't translate into lethal damage. {You'll PAY for that one girl!} Once FM's body landed somewhere and got back up, the Hydra heads attached to it would start spamming their beam attack at Isaki again. While they did that, the Entity began pouring more mana into FM's body...causing scales to form over the necromancers robes and skin. {...I will admit that I didn't see you riding my attack coming though. That was appropriately useful in the situation and looked quite good. Too bad I still have to kill you.}

[down] Normal. I'm not a complete monster who forces you to face a danmaku swarm every time I attack you.

edited 16th Oct '14 12:39:37 AM by FracturedMancer

MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:38:25 AM

[up]I actually had a plan which kinda could have dealt with a danmaku spam, but thanks. She doesn't have any defences besides aura (which normally chews mana like hell) and blades, so if she can't evade...

Isaki weaves between the beams again with incredible skill and speed, enhanced by her nigh-unlimited pink-on-blue aura. Only once is she grazed, and the aura takes the hit, though it slows her down slightly as the aura recharges from the damage. Her smile never falters.

She slings the bow across her back, and instead forms a pair of blades around her hands, the right one pink, left one blue, and blazes straight at the Fractured Mancer with a fierce chuckle.

"You know, we got a lot in common. I'm having a great time out here! Why you gotta be such an ass?" -is she being serious, trying to distract/confuse the hell out of the entity, or a little bit of both?-

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Oct 16th 2014 at 12:47:48 AM

The hydra heads then pull back into FM's body, as a sudden surge of power bursts out of him and into the air. One that could be powerful enough to knock Isaki stumble back. {Interesting. The spell this parasite has fuses him and his Hydra into a completely new entity.} Black sparks of mana are forming in the air around the transformed FM. Not only that, but purple mist is beginning to come out of FM's back as well. {Poisonous breath, greatly enhanced regeneration and physical strength, and even bypasses my attempts at corrupting it. This form...may be a problem.}

Then the transformed FM leaps at Isaki, sending an empowered fist forward. An empowered fist that is followed behind by swirling acidic mist. Following this punch would then be a spinning kick, still in mid-air, and ended with a punch with the other fist. {Still, this form is strong enough to channel more of my power without breaking!}

MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 12:53:08 AM

Isaki leaps at the FM, her aura resisting the knockback wave, and eventually breaking through as the wave fades. She catches the first fist on her blades, then as soon as that contact is broken, slashes at FM's torso with her blades, hopefully exchanging blows as she is knocked tumbling back by the next kick and punch.

The blades, the pink one especially, are laced with the same anti-corruptive energy as the arrow. She's not aiming to kill or even hurt FM, and Madokami even less so; they're aiming to burn the corruption out.

edited 16th Oct '14 12:54:41 AM by MicoolTNT

Oct 16th 2014 at 12:59:30 AM

After the attack, and getting slashed in the chest during the combo, the Entity lets out an angry groan. It was barely holding connection unto FM by this point, and another strike from that pink blade would be the end of its fun. {Party crashers! Thats what you two are!} With that strange battle cry, the entity transforms both of FM's arms into the Biomerge cannon. Which it uses to fire two giant beams of black energy...which split into several beams of black energy, only for THOSE beams to split into smaller lasers. To say the least, anyone else on the receiving end of this attack would become swiss cheese. {GRAAAAAH!}

Okay, I may have been fibbing a little. It's every other attack that I use danmaku spam against you. No hard feelings right mate? Sides, this is probably the final attack the entity has.

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MicoolTNT A Wandering Soul from 'straya, m8 Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
A Wandering Soul
Oct 16th 2014 at 1:10:46 AM

"You know, we could have had so much fun... but you had to be an ass, possess an innocent, and then try to kill more innocents... My patron doesn't like that..."

And then DANMAKU and her eyes widen, and even Isaki isn't smiling any more. For the first time since before she came to Madoka's heaven, she felt... fear. She draws all the energy she can out of her Soul Gem, her own link limiting the amount of Madokami's power she can draw upon, and places her hands together in prayer. A bubble of pink and blue energy forms around her.

The Danmaku falls upon her, and... it's not enough. First the shield brightens with a screeching noise, and then it shatters, leaving only her aura protecting her. Even before the danmaku strikes her she screams, pain, spiritual pain she can't block with the usual trick of the Puella Magi, the truest pain she's felt since becoming a Puella Magi... and then the unrelenting bombardment tears through her aura too, and starts striking skin, and when she screams again, she doesn't scream alone, the terrible noise echoes through the whole arena, through the very fabric of reality itself...



Backlash... from the link... but I can hold it... finish this... now...

The storm finally peters out... she should be dead. She really should be dead. Her aura reduced the damage to Paper Cutting, but there's still way too many cuts.

Fortunately, each and every one of them is sealed with pink energy. For now.

She stands up defiantly, and for once she's deadly serious.

"You hurt her. You hurt Madoka. I could laugh off anything else. I could take any pain for myself. But no matter what we all say about her, we love her more than anything and anyone else. She saved us. She gave us the lives we now lead, for all that they get boring sometimes."

"For that... I will end you."

She draws the bow, pulling back its string and charging up a spear of pure light.

She aims it, straight at the abomination FM has become.

And she releases it.

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Oct 16th 2014 at 1:17:05 AM

The entity grins, its legs tensing as it prepares to leap out of the arrows path. {So what?} Only...before it could move, the muscles in its legs transmuted to bone. Causing the Entity to look down in surprise and confusion. {How?!?} Before the arrow hit, it heard the voice of the FM say one thing.


Then it was burned out of FM's body by the arrows power. Taking along with it most of the recent corruption FM had undergone. FM's body returned to its normal human state, and its legs morphed back to ordinary flesh and bone. Allowing him to fall over, tired, in pain, but in control once again. The first thing FM manages to say though? "A...are you two....okay?"

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