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Ookamikun Wolves, wolves, wolves! from the lupine den
Wolves, wolves, wolves!
Sep 16th 2021 at 12:36:18 AM

I dunno. On Reddit, I always see that meme format as a way to mock people making overdone statements and memes (ironically enough).
So I guess it's twitter and conversely knowyourmeme playing it wrong.

Lone wolf? Hah! "Lone" wolves die out of hunger and loneliness. The wolf needs the pack, and the pack needs the wolf.
lbssb Pokémon Master/Justice League Member from Beacon Academy
Pokémon Master/Justice League Member
Sep 17th 2021 at 1:07:08 PM

A trailer for a new SpongeBob game from THQ Nordic and Purple Lamp Studios.

And yes, your ears do not decieve you...

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jessicadicicco610 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 3rd 2021 at 3:23:12 PM

A bunch of season 12-13 episodes will be airing in Central and Eastern Europe throughout most of November. This also includes the Kwarantined Krab episode that has yet to air in the US, and will be airing in Europe on November 11.

jessicadicicco610 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 19th 2021 at 12:28:04 PM

Here's 2 clips from the Halloween episode of The Patrick Star Show .

Edited by jessicadicicco610 on Oct 19th 2021 at 1:23:47 AM

jessicadicicco610 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Oct 23rd 2021 at 3:20:14 PM

This video came out.

Ultimatum Disasturbator from Swiddentown Relationship Status: I know
Oct 23rd 2021 at 3:26:01 PM

Cool,whats the video about?

Our house it has a crowd
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