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Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Oct 15th 2021 at 9:54:19 PM

The Defiant Wing, The Last Stand

Good. We're going to need it.

-Gale shot a glance at Arthur before putting on her Nightingale helmet-

Let's see if you can keep up, doom boy.

The Defiant Wing, The Night Before

-Gale Knight sits before the light of the forge machinery, passing a tiny square of metal between her hands. We need not be coy, it's a small fraction of the hoard of beskar her captain obtained from that one planetbound clan. And no, she hadn't joined her captain's own burgeoning clan, she just... Took it. While no one else was around to notice-

I offer you this; a stolen sacrament. The sacred and safeguarded metal, stolen. A forge for their creations, used without permission.

-She inserts the ingot into the forge and begins manipulating the controls until it melts down-

Forged not with my blood, but with my power. Forged not for function, but as a form pure.

-She hums as she lets her obscura drip from one hand like ink, flowing into the crucible. Once it has mixed and melded with the metal, she begins casting into a hand-carved mold-

With this, I state that I follow my own way. With this, I trust you will watch over me as I walk that path.

-It cools quickly, and soon enough Gale Knight holds in her hands a singular token of darkened beskar, molded in the shape of a feather-

My way is in your shadows, Nocturnal...

-With her spiritual act complete, she starts cleaning up. Best if the others don't know...-

King's Ransom, A Meat Locker Of Sorts

-The woman in the black dress nodded and quickly slipped a phone from somewhere on the dress (thank the legends for hammerspace pocketry) and snapped a picture of the map-

I'll send it off to Bishop. Do we have an exit strategy?

Lee House, Construction Area

-It doesn't take long to get to the work-in-progress area. There's some walls in a half-painted state and a number of props in various stages of being assembled and what looks like a large incomplete ring of metal within which is a circle of warped reality through which can be seen a darkened stone corridor-

See? This is all... It's Mobius tech isn't it? How the hell did a group of artists get—...

-Gale's words catch in her throat as she spots the leader of this artist's collective trying to hide behind a chair-

Kalos Forest

We found the Soul Seed and revitalized it. Hey, can whoever's carrying it just like... Dunk it into this old sap? Might do him some good.

Wyndon Stadium

-Grae goes down, as expected and after a moment to breathe Gale sent out James-

Finish them off.

-James nods and resumes lining up Snipe Shots-

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Oct 15th 2021 at 10:18:26 PM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

Melony: Didn't we imply that your telepathy won't work against us?

Gordie: Indeed we did! So why go quiet now?

Me: Oh... Just wanted to see how you'd react. HANUMAN, USE FLAME WHEEL, BUT IN CIRCLES AROUND DARMANITAN!!


Gordie: Hahaha! Using a healing move on your opponent?! That's a new one on me! I never thought you'd be so foolish!

Melony: And Flame Wheel again? I thought you'd know better than to use a failed tactic a second time. Oh well... Darmanitan! Get ready to use Flare Blitz!

Evelyn: You'd be surprised as to what fools can accomplish.

Gordie and Melony: What?

-Hanuman surrounds himself in flames and begins wheeling and dealing with the Galarian Darmanitan, surrounding it in a burning ring of fire. Mirai forms a sparkling droplet of water, shimmering in a rainbow of colors, imbued with healing properties between her hands and lobs it at Gordie's Tyranitar. The droplet makes contact with the sandstorm, wetting it down and making the sand stick to Tyranitar.-


Spikemuth Gym

-Ian and Evelyn look over to Braker after cheering for Geddy's overwhelming victory over Marnie's Scrafty.-

Me: Honestly, Mr. Braker...

Evelyn: If we knew the answer to that, we'd tell you by now.

Me: But I just think it's neat.

Hammerlocke Stadium Dressing Room

-Evelyn's voice rings out from her dressing room.-

Evelyn: Hey, Kim! Are you getting dressed or what?

Giant's Cap

-Ian stops hopping on one leg, flapping his arms and doing his best impression of an overly excited Exploud.-

Me: Did it work?

Lee House, Construction Zone

Me: Well, Ms. Knight... Methinks you're about to get your answer.

Evelyn: And soon, we'll get ours...

Kalos Forest

Evelyn and I: Kim... Work your magic.

Piku-chan: <You have the Soul Seed, after all.>

Stormchaser, Aurelia Zone

Aurelia: The Isle of Armor? Where's that?

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Oct 15th 2021 at 10:23:54 PM

Lee House Construction

Kamui and Kendall recoil a bit at the sight of the warped reality, the latter hiding them both in an illusion to keep the staff from seeing them - and anyone else who'd want to be unseen.

"These guys again?" Kendall whispered.

"I thought we cleaned them all up!" Kamui agreed.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Oct 16th 2021 at 12:24:12 AM


As Arctozolt opens the present, pulling the ribbon causes the sides to fall away, revealing the contents to everyone - a cartoonish bomb with a smiley face on it. It goes off, making a loud bang, though its effect is that of cartoon bombs where the worst anyone will get is a funny expression and being covered in ash for a minute.

Xaster: Ooh, sorry Arctozolt, looks like it was a trick present.

Giant's Cap

Cof: Yeah, Ian, it worked.

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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 16th 2021 at 6:07:20 AM

Stormchaser, Medbay

-still beneath blanket, Zayna contemplates her lack of pain-

-restored functionality past the point of liquidation-

-if not for her spine—for this fucking airship—she would feel fit enough to go another round-

Zayna: ~...oh, she'd love to meet you.~

-shrug- ~Probably. Don't pay much attention to the little squirt.~



~If you have one.~

Wyndon Outskirts

Abilene: I won't argue that point, yet—it is a dragon very deliberately disguising itself as an ordinary piece of fruit. If you disguise yourself as a dragon disguising itself as an ordinary piece of fruit, you must expect a goodly portion of observers to say "hey, that's a person dressed like a fruit! Let's ask for love life advice."

-sibling voices-

(-she tried selling apples (common noun) here, once-)

(-never again-)

Lanatus: -trill, crawling back to Abilene's shoulder-

Abilene: -picking them up- Oh, Apple, I have no interest in your secret identity. (This is the part where the villain gives her derogatory speech, in case you were wondering.)

Abilene: -shrug- And yet we proceed with teeth-clenched teamwork for a goal that, yes, is a simple common good that...would be well-served as a baseline. Respective status and anonymity maintained providing that sheer barrier between what would otherwise be a very intimate volunteer effort.

(-yes, she sounds sarcastic-)


Abilene: -Lanatus eyeing the distracted people- ...quickly, before anyone else notices us. We're minor celebrities with radically different personae and I would legitimately hate to corrode yours.

[Venice], July 7th

-Bishop may recognize spoofware going down all across the city-

-no check-in from Suiko yet—she may have fried her communicator doing this-

-it is highly unfortunate that Volcanion have the Ability they do-

Mecha-Volcanion's Water Absorb!

-...and that this thing's builders set out to implement it in their pale imitation-

Mecha-Volcanion: !!!


-its pipes are already full—the force smashes it back into the concrete, dragging cyborg-Magcargo off the wall-

Dr. Ironspine [BRN]: -Aria'd- <Bluh!!!>

-the bubble already containing her gets...more...bubbly-

-and she feels better-

Dr. Ironspine: <...>

The burn was—oh, we put a narrative tag for a reason.

Dr. Ironspine: <That move is weird.>

-speaking of which, those pipes are still full-

Water Absorb…?

-the power of Make Water Explode Through Experiencing Sound hits a minor harmonic, somewhere within-

-the pipes actually burst a little-

⚠Overflow Error!!⚠

Mecha-Volcanion: -groans, mechanized voice crackling-

-and it vents the pressure by launching weighted, superheated nets from its mouth and ports at a bit more than safe maximum operating capacity-

Mecha-Volcanion used Fire Spin!

Dr. Ironspine: <Trapped—!>

-not!Daydre's Vee flows to cushion the blow if not outright evade—takes the Surf and the Aria to fuel movement or armor-

-the sounds of Suiko-based violence far behind are definitely intensifying-

-then it goes quiet-

Wild Area, past


-through, or around?-

Galarian Zapdos: -caws, sneering- <Is that the end of your efforts!>

-technically speaking, they haven't made contact with the shore-

-and there's a whole lake, no matter how many vines she sends-

Galarian Zapdos: <Time's up! I'm through with you, emissary!>

-they pivot and break for the clear, sure to splash Tendril as they do-

Zapdos used U-Turn!

 Chateau d'Avarice 

-what the fuck does that mean-

-very briefly, Molly's holding a cupful of spiders-

Molly: -takes a swig (from that teacup...?), 'cause it's one of those days- don't say.

-well, there's a little flush-

Molly: -toast- Well, to life! And d—


-less a peeling-away and more a shift in perspective—a vase resolving into a pair of faces-

-well, one face-

-her face, violetly friend-shaped and all-

-...and the shifting largely internal—it's not like Paula(??) saw anything different(???), then-

Molly: -sighs- Oh, you know. I was born different, and so all the other kids picked on me.

-she rests a hand on her cheek, sad- Never got any support from my parents. Shipped off to boarding school as soon as I was old enough, where they…took advantage of my impressionability at a vulnerable age.

-she's stroking a Spinarak like a Meowth-

Molly: [[teal:...then I lost my rival], tragically, to murder.

-musing- I might be falling in with the wrong crowd. Might fuck around and step down a road with no way back.

Everyone's trying to trap me, someplace or other.

-her clothes are silk, and royal-hued-

-there's a ring of something that looks very much like—isn't—lead, on each of her middle fingers, with threads trailing out in all directions-

Molly: -smile, sitting pretty- You'll understand if I'm a bit overcautious. Right, Paula?

-she swishes her cupful of whiskey-spiders, somewhere around eye level-

Spinarak: -purrs-

Fight, Flee, or…?

-the tiny, tiny Ariados scatter in all directions, Repelled—some flipping over and curling up on the spot-

-the beefier ones hiss, resist-


-bolstered by the drink, the survivors tunnel right for the source of the complexity-

-a source, any source—to watch, if not to act-




Hecate: -whispers-

"Bug": I know a back way.

"Cloud": < do.>

Suiko: -raises an eyebrow- Well, yes, of course.

"Bug": I don't think it can fit many people—do you think we could scout ahead, us-who-are-here? Find everything we need to find before taking the physical-world entrance with the squad.

No mind to think. No will to break.
Oct 16th 2021 at 8:10:14 AM

Stormchaser - Risky Business

Roxy laughed a bit, Silas shot her a look, "What?"

"Sounds like you did a few years ago. Did you ever solve the case?"


Roxy stared, Silas said nothing... and had a slight grin.

~As for this place being a big deal, well the Stormchaser is alive and possibly a tardis,~ Hacks said.

<I've been watching a lot of old sci-fi, Tardis I understand,> Khan noted.

memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Oct 16th 2021 at 11:44:50 AM

Stormchaser, Medbay

-PEFE!Every reddens slightly-

PEFE!Every: Here you go. I've got tons of these, it's basically how I keep myself alive lately.

-she takes out two juiceboxes, handing one over and drinking from the other-

-she continues doing this until one of the two gets bored, and then she wanders away to do other things with her day-

Wyndon Outskirts

Apple-A-Day: Oh yeah, people ask me for romantic advice all the time. I always have to explain that dressing up as a Pokemon has not made me a hit with the ladies, the fellows, or anybody else particularly.

-they shrug-

But such is the life of a hero.

-they sputter a bit as Abilene gives her speech-

Well um yes on that subject look over there!

-while the narration points elsewhere, Apple-A-Day vanishes-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 16th 2021 at 11:46:03 AM

Wyndon Stadium, September 16th

Diplo: -Doesn't take much damage from the Snipe Shots because, well, Dragon-type-


Diplo: -Sends out an arc of electricity at James-

Wyndon Stadium, September 18th

Duraludon: -Loses a quarter of their health and is confused, but manages to fire off a Max Steelspike-

Wild Area, October 9th

Tendril: -Is splashed- :)

-As Zapdos runs off-

I can't believe this...


We totally got them.

-It's at that moment as Zapdos is running off that a translucent rainbow barrier is suddenly erected in their path. Normally something they could easily evade, but at the speeds they're currently running at...-

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BittersweetNSour Smells like bug meat. Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Smells like bug meat.
Oct 16th 2021 at 12:05:40 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

Paula: (nodding in understanding) Mmm...

-She takes a sip from her cup-

Paula: I know a thing or two about falling in with the wrong crowd. It really fucked me up, but honestly? I'd take it any day over the shit I went through at home.

-She rolls her eyes-

Paula: Maman et Papa had a grand vision for a good girl like I was supposed to be. Behave myself, do what I'm told, get top marks, find a proper gentleman to marry and make the Jaide legacy proud. Fuckin' legacy, can you believe that shit? Expecting the middle child to contribute to their goddamn image.

-She scoffs.-

Paula: Mother Dearest was a bit more pleasant about it, of course. All mother-dearests are. Mother Dearest also had a funny, "oh how tragic" way of talking about my thoughts on other girls, so, y'know. That fucked me up for most of my teenage years.

-Despite the bitter reminiscing, Paula grins.-

Paula: But joke's on them. Now I am the "wrong crowd", and nobody can tell us what to do. I'll deal with my conscience on my own terms, thank you very much. If you need a "wrong crowd" to fall in with, I'm your girl.

-She pauses, focus returning to Molly's gaze, and she softens.-

Paula: Oh, but, I wouldn't want to feel like I'm trapping you, y'know? You're free to come and go as you want. I certainly wouldn't complain about you staying a bit longer, but there's no pressure. I'm just enjoying the company. And the eye candy. Rowr.

-Paula's not choosing to Fight or Flee yet.-

-If the Ariados want to find a singular source of complexity, they'll be going right back to Paula.-

-But that's not necessarily the intent, is it? There's so much to explore.-

-There's a few other threads to hook onto. A couple entities scattered through the house — some just as blank as Robinson, while others have a similar, but weaker presence compared to Paula and Runaway.-

-There's a whole web of them clustered somewhere down the many hallways. Spiders like webs, right?-

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what if horses were persistence predators
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 16th 2021 at 12:13:19 PM

Stormchaser, Silas Zone


Risky: "I never watched much of that show. Apparently they only had space pirates like, once. I like pirates."

-there is no enthusiasm in "i like pirates."-

Stormchaser, Aurelia Zone

Odin: -sighs, pulls up a map of Galar, and points at an island to the side- "Here."

Wyndon Stadium

-Oh that hurt.-

-Emma grits her... Teeth? But goes for another G-Max Smite-


-The Arctozolt is covered in soot-

Arctozolt: ...I feel violated.

-The Little girl laughs and knocks Justice down a point-

Justice: "Oh no... Quick, Ice Beam display!"

-The Arctozolt fires a beam into the air to create an aurora that rains ice crystals down. MC knocks them up a point for that.-

Crown Tundra

-Regidraco is waddling ahead of Daydre on... SOME unfamiliar path-

Regidraco: <Come on, hurry up! It's COLD! Dragons don't like cold!>

Kalos Forest

Grandsappy: -to Kim and Ann- -sniff, sniff- <That smell... Do one of you girls have it?>

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 16th 2021 at 8:03:24 PM

Kalos Forest, August 31st

Ann: -Hands Grandsappy the seed-

Wyndon Stadium, September 18

Duraludon: -Is sent to the red from the move critting and fires off another Max Steelspike-

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Oct 16th 2021 at 8:21:10 PM

Stormchaser - Risky Business

"You may enjoy stuff like Solar Quest, Treasure Planet, and Captain Harlock more, Space Pirates occasionally appear in Solar Quest and are exclusively made of green skinned people," Silas responded, also without enthusiasm in his voice, his face even.

Roxy looked between the two blinking, "Oh sweet Arceus... there's two of them."

Silas looked to Roxy, who grinned deviously, Hacks looked a little worried.

Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 17th 2021 at 5:01:57 PM

Stormchaser, Silas Zone

'Risky: "Oh yeah I like all those."


Wyndon Stadium

-Well now Emma's also in the red-

-She fires off one last G-Max Smite-

Kalos Forest

-Grandsappy eats the seed, and his ghostly face lights up in suprise-

Olivia: <Did that do anything? How do you feel?>

Grandsappy: <It's doin' somethin'! Watch out now!>

-from the woods around them comes oncoming... music?-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 17th 2021 at 5:10:33 PM

Kalos Forest, August 31st

Ann: -Turns her head in the direction of the music-

Wyndon Stadium, September 18th

Duraludon: -Is hit- <...>




-Violently explodes-

Raihan: -Taking a selfie as he recalls Duraludon- Losing in the Finals is pretty rough, but I suppose I'd better take a quick shot to remember it by...

-To Neon-

Well kid, I guess you've won this time, but you've still got one more challenge to go.

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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Oct 18th 2021 at 4:07:18 AM

Wyndon Outskirts

-Abilene makes absolutely no move to look anywhere as Apple-a-Day makes their retreat-

Abilene: -calling after them- I'm blind, dumbass!

Sorbus, her eyes shut: <When questioned, at the very least we can say we didn't see anything.>

-and so it goes-

Wild Area, October 9th

-a tad difficult to make sharp turns on burnt feet and a fluid surface, yes-

Galarian Zapdos: -skraw?!-

-also when one has an ego the size of the sky—in the fraction of a second before impact, they almost instinctually speed up fractionally—-


-and plow right into it like the absolute loudest Pidgey hitting the windshield of an airliner-

It's super effective!

-trailing fire, feet splashing, they pinwheel backward to collapse almost in slow motion-

-a cloud of feathers expanding from the point of impact—painfully scratchy and smelling like smoke-

-an earsplitting, migraine-inducing hOoOoOoOoOnK blaring from them as they go-

-and one excessively protracted injury animation later, they vanish beneath the surface of the Lake, never to be seen again-

Gyarados: ?

-...were it not for a sea serpent or five profoundly interested in eating them-

-further diving sounds ensue, followed by a cloud of silt and violence-

 Chateau d'Avarice 

-Molly listens, a cheek resting on her hand, rapt-






Molly: -entirely tuned-in- Haha. Yeah. Fucked up...


-collective image? family legacy?-


Molly: ......

-could she imagine? feeling fucked-up for liking a girl-

-couldn't be her, tbh-

Molly: Parents. Never knew what to make of 'em.

-but ye gods, none of this is at all relatable at all-

-she's listening and it's [[none]] striking a chord somewhere deep in her brain-

-her thoughts which are untameable and her brain which is huge-


-oh who is she kidding with this-

-what is this nonsense-

-it's like she's having...a Feeling-

Molly: Nobody, huh?

-she tugs a thread leading back to the door and finds it just as Paula says-

-and at Paula's last remark, Molly does go red-

Molly: Oooh, I see. You're a bad crowd—just the worst.

-and Paula's choice is incredibly clear-

-and consequently, neither does Molly-

Molly: -leaning forward, elbows on knees- And here 'I am, top marks, a good girl...kinda uptight.


Molly: -grin- What're you gonna do about it, Paula?

-Ariados love webs-

-they're not exactly slowing in their rate of exploration, but definitely...move a bit less aggressively-

-poking about the way spiders do, rather than humans-

-they go to see the web-

No mind to think. No will to break.
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Oct 18th 2021 at 11:59:14 AM

Wyndon Stadium

-Emma shrinks back down to normal and breathes a sigh of relief—

-Neon also does the latter-

Neon: "That was close... Good match, Raihan."

-At the word of one more challenger-

"Right, I gotta prepare for that!"

...But can I really do this?

-Recalls Emma and heads off the field-

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rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Oct 18th 2021 at 12:04:18 PM

Wild Area, October 9th

Chiyo: -Steps out from her hiding spot, Dactyl floating behind her- Did it work?

-As Zapdos goes flying over their heads and towards the Lake of Outrage-

Here's hoping.

-Everyone then just runs to the shoreline and looks on the following events with what can be best described as a sort of twisted curiosity-

Chiyo: -Looking on- If me helping you have a god go smack into one of my barriers gets me cursed or something, if there is an afterlife for us, I'm haunting you personally Tagg.

-Her tone is only half-serious, though still somewhat tentative-



-To Bug-

How are you gonna manage that?

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OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Oct 18th 2021 at 8:12:28 PM

The Wild Area

(While Ingrid is continuing to walk through the Wild Area and look around for Pokemon, a shadow creeps up from behind her, playfully smirking. After a bit, said Pokemon jumps out of the bushes, revealing herself to be an Aipom. Said Aipom promptly proceeds to run around for a bit, before seeing Ingrid and proceeding to jump on her head. Ingrid doesn't even notice the Aipom at first, but eventually the Aipom tilts her head, and then swings down using her hand-tail in front of Ingrid's face.)

Aipom: <Hello!>

(And then Ingrid flinches back.)

Ingrid: "G-GAH—!"

(She pauses for a few moments, before stepping backwards, while the Aipom jumps down to the ground. Ingrid blinks for a few moments, before eventually...)

Ingrid: "I-I'm sorry... I didn't see you there..."

Aipom: <'Course you didn't! I was trying to sneak up on ya! That's the whole point of it, isn't it?> (she giggles a bit, and then pauses as she stares up at Ingrid's terrified look) <Though... I guess I did scare you... Sorry 'bout that... heheheheh...>

(She laughs sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head with her head-tail, before suddenly getting another idea and pulling out a tennis racket.)

Aipom: <Hey, I know! Wanna play a match? Might as well do something to make up for that scare, amiright?>

(She swings the tennis racket around with excitement.)

Ingrid: "O-oh... sorry... I'm... not really one for tennis, unfortunately..."

(The Aipom stops, frowning and looking down.)

Aipom: <Oh. Well, then, in that case... hmmmm... what to do...>

(She puts away the tennis racket and looks down, whistling to herself a bit and thinking about what she would want to do next.)



GW: huh? did you guys just hear something?

AE: i did... i- i think it's another pokemon...

DQ: mf Really? Thats simply divine! Mind if I // perhaps ' I dont know // battle them? ||




It depends on the Pokemon in question, honestly. You don't know what moves they'll have.


GW: another pokemon? that sounds fun! maybe they have food! maybe they'll be one of our ne*W* friends!




I doubt it.


GW: er...

GW: *W*ell... it's still *W*orth a shot! i'm going out there!






gluttonousWaterloo (GW) left the conversation.






PP: (^o ooh! i'll come out too, chuu~ o^)ϟ

pikaPika (PP) left the conversation.






The Wild Area

(Meanwhile, the Aipom is still pacing the floor, muttering to herself— before seconds later, Ananpi and Bitey emerge from their PokeBalls. Ingrid notices.)

Ingrid: "Oh? Ananpi? Bitey?"

Ananpi: <Hi, Ingrid! We heard something from outside, and we just wanted to—>

(And then he sees the Aipom. Bitey does too. A few blank stares ensue, and then:)

Aipom: <Hey, who are you guys?>

Bitey: (lighting up) <A friend~! Yaaaaaay~!>

(And Bitey promptly runs up to the Aipom and licks her on the face.)

Aipom: <W-whoa!>

Bitey: <Hello there~! I'm Bitey! That's my Trainer Ingrid. What's your name?>

(The Aipom laughs a bit, before eventually stepping away.)

Aipom: <A- a name? Well, to tell you the truth, I don't really... have a name. At least not right now, anyway. But you two seem pretty nice! Can't wait to find out more about you!> (beat) <Who's the Galvantula wearing the Pikachu costume?>

Ananpi: <I'm Ananpi! It's nice to meet you.>

(The Aipom gives a thumbs-up with her hand-tail.)

Aipom: <Well, hey there, Ananpi! Great ta meetcha both.>

Bitey: <You don't have a name? That's too bad...> (beat, then) <Hey! I know! Maybe you could join our team and we could give you one?>

Ingrid: "Oh, that's a wonderful idea, Bitey! I'd be delighted to have another member of the team on board. It's been so long."

Aipom: <Really now? How long's it been, hmmm?>

Ingrid: "Oh, I couldn't possibly start to think of it... it feels like it's been over five years now."

Aipom: <OVER FIVE YEARS?! You haven't caught a single Pokemon for over five years?!>

Ingrid: "W-well, no, I just said that-"

Aipom: <What have ya been doing with your life?! Add me to your team, why dontcha; I'm willin' and ready for a Trainer at this point!>

Ingrid: (beat) "You... you are?"

Aipom: <O' course! Why wouldn't I be? But o' course, if ya wanna get a new Pokemon, you're gonna have to battle me, now, aren't ya?>

(She starts moving her hand-tail in a circular motion as if winding up a baseball pitch, while smirking with confidence at Ingrid. Ingrid, meanwhile, nods.)

Ingrid: "Right."

(She returns Ananpi and Bitey, before looking down at her PokeBalls.)

Ingrid: "The question is... who should I use...?"


Ingrid: "Oh! I know!"

(She takes out a PokeBall.)

Ingrid: "Let's do this, Bjorn!"

(In a flash, Bjorn appears- and immediately goes for Ingrid, giving her a big hug in the process.)

Bjorn: (delighted) <You can understand me?!>

Ingrid: (smiles) "Indeed I can. I got this mysterious armband, and..."

Bjorn: (happily) <Already heard from Bitey and Ananpi! Extremely happy for you! Calls for celebration!>

Ingrid: (giggles a bit) "That's what you sound like? I'm not trying to offend you, it's just... intriguing."

Bjorn: (beat) <...Assume you have never heard of [Mordin Solus].>

Ingrid: "...Who?"

Bjorn: <Scientist salarian. [Mass Effect] series. Will explain further later, for now-> (he notices the Aipom) <Oh! Hello, friend! Name Bjorn. Delighted to meet you!>

Aipom: <Bjorn? Awww! What a cutie pie!> (then, with a smirk on her face) <Let's see what ya got!>

Bjorn: (nods) <Sure to be fun!>


Circhester Stands

(Braker turns his camera over to the Tyranitar. Kim, meanwhile, smirks.)

Kim: "I have a feeling as to where this is going..."

Braker: "As do I."

Walter: <It certainly seems as though they have a strategy all planned out already.>

Spikemuth Gym Battle

(Marnie smiles, and then returns her Scrafty back to his PokeBall before turning to face Kim.)

Marnie: "Well, that was invigorating. Certainly a fantastic battle if I've ever seen one. And congratulations on your Brionne's evolution."

Kim: (returning Geddy) "Thank you, Marnie. Now... who are you going to send up next?"

Marnie: (taking out a PokeBall) "This little fellow! Come on out, Morpeko!"

(She throws the PokeBall, and almost immediately, a cute little Morpeko emerges from it.)

Morpeko: <Hello there!>

(Elton, of course, starts squealing.)

Elton: <OH MY GOODNESS 'E'S ADORABLE! Look a' 'im!> (then, to Kim) <Can I battle against 'im?>

Kim: (smiles) "I don't see why not. Red alert, Elton!"

Elton: (jumping onto the battlefield) <Alright~! Let's get this show on the road, shall we?>

Spikemuth Gym Battle Stands

(From the sidelines, Braker, Walter, and Cuddles react, while Braker focuses his camera on Elton.)

Braker: "I must say, I think Elton made a pretty good decision here."

Walter: <Oh? And why is that, Braker?>

Braker: "Morpeko doesn't evolve, and its Electric typing is neutral on a Fire-type such as Elton. Plus, from what I remember, Cinderace can get Scorching Sands... though I don't think Elton has that move. Even so, though, I know he has a few Fighting-type moves under his belt, and Fighting beats Dark."

Walter: <It does indeed. Well done on your analysis, Braker.>

Braker: "Well, I learned it from you."

(Walter blushes a bit. Cuddles, meanwhile...)

Cuddles: <Awwww~! The Morpeko is so cute! I want to squish its wittle chubby cheeks~!>

Walter: <Yes, it is rather endearing. However... Kim should still be careful of its Ability.>

Cuddles: <Huh...?>

Braker: "You'll see..."

Hammerlocke Dressing Room

(Kim hears Evelyn and looks up from her phone.)

Kim: "O-oh! Yes, I'm..." (beat, she looks back down again) "I'm already dressed. Are you?"

Lee House Construction Room

(Braker, Walter and Cuddles take one look at the Mobius Society's members, and each of them react thusly.)

Braker: "What in the world...?"

Cuddles: <Who are those people?>

Walter: <I'm not really all that sure...>

(Braker turns to face Kendall and Kamui.)

Braker: "Excuse me, but... would you please explain to my Pokemon and I who these people are?"

Kalos Forest

(Kim promptly puts down her own seed, and then the music starts.)

Kim: "Wait... what is that?"

Braker: "It's music."

Kim: "Yes, I know that, but what does it mean...?"

(Cue Ringo emerging from his PokeBall once again.)

Ringo: <'S an enemy! Tha's wha' it is!> (he bravely turns to face them) <Alrigh' then! Show yourselves! I may not know any Electric moves just yet, but I'm still willing to fight you!>

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Oct 18th 2021 at 8:21:16 PM


Jackal shrugged, "Scouting is normal, always case a joint before breaking it," he said, his voice slipping a bit into Coyote's galarian accent. He caught himself part way but those observant enough would notice.


Stormchaser - Risky Business

Roxy stared at Doug, "More that... well Risky is kinda like my husband here."

Hacks nodded, ~Yeah I'm hearing it. Both speak with an incredibly dry monotone.~

Silas shrugged, "Statistically it was bound to happen."

Roxy smirked, "Babe how did you put it?"

"That emoting for other people is easy, but for me it is draining. I don't know why but just... expressing myself is painful and exhausting, it's easier with my closer friends because it doesn't feel like I have to put as much effort in," Silas commented, raising a brow.

<Spoons theory sounds like it,> Khan said, <What about you, Miss Risky?>

Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Oct 18th 2021 at 8:51:07 PM

Lee House, Construction Area, Man It's Wild That This Whole Subplot Happened Back In May

A Normal Mouse. Anomalous artist's collective and it appears, the inheritors of some dangerous Mobius tech.

Franc Harri, A Normal Mouse Founder: Y-you've got nothing on us.

-He pushes up his magenta shades a little and stands up from behind the chair-

Really? Really? Because there's a portal right here.

Franc Harri: That isn't ours.

Oh right, so you're just renting then. From your sponsor.

-Gale glances at the portal again and a flicker of red catches her eye-

And there's the sponsor in question. I'm gonna go confront her.

Franc Harri: I wouldn't go in there if I were you!

Yeah, cause you're trying to cover for Thane while she gets away!

-Gale scowls at Franc before running through the portal to try and grab what she assumes is a figure with red hair-

Franc Harri: No! Because this portal frame isn't even functional, whatever opened it did it from that side!

-Gale stops in her tracks in the stone hallway, looking confused for a moment before the portal simply blinks out of existence leaving the rest of the group in the backstage of Lee House, now bereft of Gale's presence-

Franc Harri: ... I did warn her not to go in there...

Wyndon Stadium

-The Nightingale realizes her mistake far too late and stumbles back a little as James takes the hit-

How? How does he keep just pulling out the exact perfect count— he's using Aura reading isn't he..? He knows my move before I can even make it...

James, Sucker Punch...

-A slip of the kayfabe, desperation mingled under her voice-

Kalos Forest

-Gale has a keytar now. There's this knowing grin on her face-

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It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
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Stormchaser, Silas Zone

Risky: "What's emoting?"


"That was a joke. I made a funny."


Kalos Forest


-The various Trevenant of the woods start singing-

-And dancing-

-Olivia starts dancing too-

-And then Ol' Grandsappy starts singing-

Grandsappy: <Feeling kinda sappy now~ (sappy sappy)>

<It's like I'm super happy now (happy happy)>

<I'm feelin' big and burly and it must have surely been you...>

Trevenant 1: <Oh Sappy keep on singing like the good ol days, oh yeah>

Grandsappy: <Here I go now... Here I go now.... Wow!>

-A sprout sprouts from his stump-

-And he grows and grows into an absolutely massive, much younger-looking Trevenant-

Olivia: <Wow. I was NOT expecting that. Looking good Grandsappy, I'm so happy for you!>

Grandsappy: Yeeeeeah now that's what I'm talkin' about! That little seed was all it took, tightened up my timbers and put the funk back in my trunk. I'm young again! I see no need to keep y'all waiting any longer, unless you wanna go through that ol' song and dance again. Shrubs! Open up for my pals here.>

-a path opens up-

Olivia: <Great! We can make it back to where Parfum Palace was! I'm still worried... But thank you Grandsappy! Glad we could be of service!

Grandsappy: <Thank YOU! Mabye I shouldn't be so hard on you humans... I wass one, once, as a child... Before AZ's great war...>

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Lee House

"Remember when the sky was torn open for a couple years?" Kamui asked rhetorically.

"They're part of the organization to blame," Kendall added.

Kalos Forest

Kendall had his headphones going throughout the musical number.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
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Oct 19th 2021 at 6:26:13 AM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

Melony: Darmanitan, stop that fiery chimp with Icicle Crash!

Gordie: Tyranitar! Blast away at them with Dark Pulse!

Me: Now, Hanuman! Use Dig!

Evelyn: Mirai, use Magical Leaf!

-Melony's Darmanitan unleashes a blue burst of subzero energy into the air, which explodes and starts raining down on the battlefield as icicles. Gordie's Tyranitar unleashes a blast of dark energy rings at Mirai. Hanuman focuses his momentum on the ground and, while still surrounded in flames, burrows under the battlefield to avoid the icicle rain. Mirai twirls around, surrounding herself in rainbow-colored leaves which she launches at Gordie's Tyranitar, slicing through the Dark Pulse and hitting the Armor Pokémon for massive damage.-

Spikemuth Gym, Stands

Me: She has a Morpeko?!

Evelyn: Surprised, huh?

Me: Yeah. Because last time I saw a Morpeko, it was completely different.

Evelyn: Different how?

Me: Well... it was split between its two forms down the middle a la [Two-Face] , with its Full-Belly half on the left and a maniacal version of its Hangry half on the right.

Evelyn: When did you encounter it?

Piku-chan: <It was during Halloween, two years ago.>

Me: Yeah. At a Halloween Party at Macraul Manor. I was dressed as a witch, then.

Hammerlocke Stadium Dressing Room

Me: -from my dressing room- Just about!

Hulbury, [Tesco]

-It's another day in Hulbury at the [Tesco], where people and Pokémon go about their day-to-day grocery shopping. Standing in one of the isles is a person wearing what looks like a blue suit of armor and a pinkish-purple cape or scarf. Standing next to them is a purple Tyrantrum wearing what looks like a long black vest with purple trims, a sleeveless purple shirt, baggy plum pants, and black boots with golden trims. The Tyrantrum also appears to have studded bracelets on its arms and a black belt with a large golden buckle in the shape of a heart. The Tyrantrum looks around the supermarket, then to the armored person with a mixed expression of anger and confusion.-


Kalos Forest, Ol' Grandsappy

-Evelyn smiles as the music fills the air.-

Evelyn: I like where this is going.

Me: Sounds to me like Ol' Grandsappy's strength is returning to him.

-Then Ol' Grandsappy starts singing. Ian and Evelyn start dancing along.-

-And then Ol' Grandsappy grows back.-

Evelyn: It was a pleasure to be of service to you.

Stormchaser, Aurelia and Odin Zone

Aurelia: Thanks. How do I get there?

Lee House

Evelyn: Wow...

Me: Yeah...


Me: Now it all makes sense!

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
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Stormchasr, Aurelia Zone

Odin: I can probably get there by the station in Wedgehurst...

-Starts walking off-

Wyndon Stadium

-Neon walks out onto the field. At first there is no one there-

-Then he hears a voice-

???: "Yo, Neon, my dude!"

Neon: "...Wait, is that-"

-it is then Jared walks out onto the field-

-In addition to his Galar League uniform he is bedecked with various bits of gold bling, including a crown-

Jared: "I've been waiting and waiting for you to catch up to me man! I got here ages ago! Pretty cushy I gotta say."

Neon: "THIS is where you've been? This must be... Never mind. Jared, I'm beating you, becoming Champion, and bringing you back to the J-Team!"

Jared: "That's what I'd like to see! Bring it on!"


Cavendish: <Well that's quite a twist.>

Dakota: <Couldn't he at least have sent a text>

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Wild Area, October 9th

-as it turns out, Chiyo is being cursed-

Lake of Outrage: -sputters-

-cursed thoroughly, vehemently, from the depths of her soul to the tips of her toes-

Lake of Outrage: -ejects a Gyarados, flopping on dry land-

-that bird has a dirty f*cking mouth-

Galarian Zapdos: -finishing their tirade in time for the last Gyarados to go splat (and for narrative focus to return to the scale of dialogue), dragging themself sopping wet up the bank- <—and the unholy—maggot hive that spawned your entire line, you—you pestilent kaleidoscope! Your bones will make my nest, oh yes, and your eyes the tastiest morsels—>

-...for certain values of "done"-

-but yeah nothing more existentially terrifying than a hundred-plus pounds of pure muscle soaking wet staring seething through the source of its ire-

Galarian Zapdos: -as promised, spits (mercifully non-euphemistically) at their feet-

-five whole feet of rage looking down its beak to look up at its pursuers-

Galarian Zapdos: < two out of three.>


"Bug": Like this! c:<

-Suiko gets down on one knee to grant her access—though Castform can float, and the point is moot-

-and "Bug" procures from nowhere...a key-

-in terms of multiversal seep, one might call it a Keyblade-

-the Pokémon-bearing corner of the multiverse would consider it a Wonder Key, and boggle at its other functions-

-the universe in question calls it simply a Key to the Mind-

-and it is very obviously broken-

"Bug": -grin, a dewdrop trickling like sweat- Someone granted me read/write access to my own dang mind! With supervision, of course, but...

-sidelong, inserting it in Suiko's forehead- Spoiler alert, I'm what they call a "Mind of Crystal". Only got read access.

-her Sub-Persona manifests for...some reason, three points of light the acting corners of a triangle around the whole tableau-

"Bug": -grin widening, gears turning- But I was in a unique position to find the loopholes in all the Contracts I was in.

-the click click click of tumblers resolves into a final-sounding CLUNK-

-the lights playing beneath Suiko's skin settle, the hole in her head widening past her edges…-

-into a keyhole-shaped doorway, cut into Mementos-

-through the door is a sign that reads:-

[REDACTED] Academy for the Very Best

"Like no one ever was."

-a sprawling campus is visible beneath a starless night sky-

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