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YMMV / Without Warning (1994)

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Considering this is meant to be a homage to War Of The Worlds and the aliens idea of first contact was planetary bombardment, it's not a stretch to imagine that the "peaceful" aliens weren't so peaceful after all.
  • Critical Research Failure: It is stated repeatedly that the aliens are responding to the plaque attached to the Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which contained information about human life on Earth. However, the illustrations of the "plaque" are actually a graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope message. Anyone who has any knowledge of the history of space exploration (or anyone who bothers to look it up) will know that the two look nothing alike. This is particularly insulting, given that this is an important plot point. On top of it all, the message relayed by the aliens is a parroting of one of the voice recordings sent up with the Voyager probes, not Pioneer, though the source is correctly identified.


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