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YMMV / Water (1985)

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  • Awesome Music: Unsurprising as it was directed by George Harrison. And if you like reggae music, there's plenty.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: BBC television presenter Paul Heiney played the mercenary commander, as part of the "In at the Deep End" series.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Sir Malcolm Leveridge is having to explain to the Right Honourable Margaret Thatcher how he let an American oil company get the sole rights to Cascara's mineral water. The prime minister is opening her mail at the time.
      Sir Malcolm: "And we do regret the somewhat disappointing revenue."
      Thatcher: "How much?"
      Sir Malcolm: " cent per every hundred barrels..."
      (flung letter opener drills into the wall next to his head)
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    • The DJ's entirely deadpan description of the attempt to take over the radio station, followed by Delgado and Garfield being arrested
  • National Stereotypes: Bungling British bureaucrats, gung-ho Americans, and French mercenaries with carte du jour rations.

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