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  • Complete Monster: Colonel Spacek is the director of the War Dog program and by extension the commander of the War Dogs. Obsessed with creating Super Soldiers, Spacek conscripted several of the soldiers who served under him during The Vietnam War into his project, resulting in dozens of men going missing and then declared KIA by the army. Brainwashing his soldiers with drugs and turning them into mindless killing machines, Spacek unleashes them on a gas station as an "exercise", killing even children. Sending the War Dogs to assassinate those who might expose them, they kill numerous civilians and police officers in their path. When Charles invades Spacek's base to rescue his brother who had been converted into a War Dog, Ricky, Spacek tortures him with hooks and forces Charles to fight with him. Even after his death, Spacek's influence still drove Ricky to slit the throat of a family friend and almost kill his sister-in-law before being gunned down by the police.

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