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YMMV / Vassalord

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  • Crazy Awesome: 86. A drugged up Cloud Cuckoolander who triples as a Scarily Competent Tracker, a One-Man Army and a former member of an Italy-based Chinese Mafia. Bless you, Chrono-sensei!!
  • Evil Is Sexy
  • Foe Yay: Barry to Rayflo. And only Barry to Rayflo. Not the other way around.
  • Ho Yay: The manga runs on this stuff. (And Les Yay, for Rayfell and Cheryl.)
  • Mind Game Ship: Barry and Rayflo, though Rayflo wants no part of it.
    • Rayfell and Charley have a bit of this going. Charley also wants no part of it.
  • Moe: How can you not find Cheryl and Raymond to be moe??
    • The Rayflo clones end up as this as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Barry's simultaneous evisceration and rape of Rayflo. Part of it Barry's sitting there licking a piece of Raylfo's spine that he removed before he puts it back by shoving it back into the gaping hole in Rayflo's chest. While still en flagrante.
    • What Father Kazan turns into, and the ensuing fight.
    • In Chapter 15, we get a lovely scene of Barry getting decapitated and then said decapitated head blinks a few pages later. Then, it gets up.
      • Taken even further in Chapter 18, when Barry's bloody, decapitated head gets up and starts talking while the rest of him walks over to reattach it. Also Charley rips Barry's body a new one only for Barry to regenerate himself multiple times, taking the Squick factor Up to Eleven.
  • Squick / Body Horror: Everything Barry does. Not that anything he does is in any way nice.


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